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After ZYRO, OKEx Lists RIO as Second Jumpstart Mining Project

Mining 2020/09/17 20:18 by Guest Author

OKEx, one of the popular crypto exchange platforms recently introduced staking capability to its blockchain project accelerator platform OKEx Jumpstart. The platform kicked off about a week ago by listing ZYRO as the first mining project, which is now followed by Realio Network’s RIO token.

The OKEx Jumpstart Mining of RIO officially went live on September 15, at 12 PM UTC, with spot trading of the token enabled the following day at 9 AM UTC. OKB token holders can start staking the OKB to mine RIO for 14 days from the date of launch by complying with the 2000 OKB individual staking limit and a KYC level 2 certification requirement.

Realio Network offers a distributed ledger network for regulatory compliance in decentralized ecosystems. It is predominantly used by private equity issuers, fund managers, and technology providers, providing a wider range of channels for high-quality institutional investment products capable of creating long-term income and wealth.

On this occasion, the CEO of OKEx Jay Hao said, “Realio greatly bridges the gap between the crypto world and the real world. By tokenizing physical assets, Realio is broadening the boundaries of crypto to a much larger audience. We are excited to see such projects emerge and make OKEx Jumpstart Mining their platform of choice.”

The Realio Network ecosystem has over $300 million in tokenized assets. The platform has opted for a token issuance model that doesn’t involve a private sale or pre-mining as seen with other projects. The initial RIO token distribution design ensures equal participation of users in the ecosystem, without giving an edge for a certain pool of investors or crypto enthusiasts.

Regarding the OKEx Jumpstart Mining program, Mr. Hao said, “The success of the previous round of Jumpstart Mining has made us even more confident about supporting high-quality projects in this new way. These emerging projects are leading the development direction of the industry, particularly in the area of DeFi right now. As a veteran player, OKEx is committed to supporting these innovative projects to promote the further progress of the space.”

ZYRO mining on OKEx Jumpstart has received a positive reception from the community. The total amount of OKB staked to mine ZYRO is currently upwards of 115 million. The massive amount of staking can also be attributed to the capital flexibility offered by the program, as there is no lock-in period for stakes, and yields are calculated by the minute, leaving them free to withdraw at any time, if the need arises.

In the latest round, OKB holders can mine a maximum of 3750000 RIO tokens over the 14-day period. A detailed set for rules for mining RIO is made available here.

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