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Allpips Trading Platform Introduction

Crypto 2021/07/16 16:36 by PR DESK
Allpips Trading Platform Introduction

The platform is designed for trading stocks, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and currency pairs.

As for the operational platforms, Allpips can be accessed through the browser since it`s a web platform. We definitely call it an advantage since it doesn’t matter anymore if you have iOS or Android, you just need an Internet connection to access the online trading platform.

As a result, it allows traders to develop strategies and formulate a structured approach to help ensure profits. In addition to tracking the results of various positions, traders can track mistakes and test new strategies, which will ultimately improve trading results.

Making everyone a better trader is Allpips` mission and vision. 

Users can analyze trading results to improve their performance in the future. Overview reports allow traders to see their daily and cumulative profits and losses, and volume. It is designed to allow them to trace patterns or trends. A detailed report with statistics can also be generated here. So it enables traders to analyze the results of their trades and make the right decisions. Thanks to the available statistics, traders have the ability to calculate results based on price, volume, market movement, trading instrument behavior, and other metrics.

One of the main advantages of the Allpips web platform is the informative charts, which are placed on the full screen. It is particularly beneficial since some traders are placing orders by looking at the chart, especially when scalping. 

Using the Allpips platform, one can add different drawings (line, rectangle, vertical and horizontal lines) and objects (grid, candle chart, events list) to the chart of an underlined instrument. You can follow changes in price with the help of a candlestick, bar, or line chart, whichever you prefer for the technical analysis.

Another advantageous feature we can outline is the Compare with the other instrument option. It can be quite helpful for both novice traders who are just starting to learn the correlation between different financial instruments and seasoned traders trying to forecast the behavior of the stocks or indices after the elections. 

The next peculiarity we would like to draw your attention to is the Ruler function. It helps you to highlight the needed period. In such a way, you can see the movement of the price within the outlined time. 

Among the offered indicators are the most popular ones – MACD and Moving Average. We should say that the interface of the platform is pretty intuitive and is not overwhelmed with not-needed tools and excessive information. That can be another advantage for beginners who are often distracted by dozens of functions they simply do not need. 

Taking into consideration that the company is run by experts with an overall experience of 20 years, we can say for certain that Allpips is the decent trading platform that will meet the needs of any trader.

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