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‘Bitcoin Looking Strong’ — Poised For A Breakout Bull Run Into The New Year, Says Tyler Winklevoss

Altcoins 2020/10/15 12:59 by Nick James
'Bitcoin Looking Strong' — Poised For A Breakout Bull Run Into The New Year, Says Tyler Winklevoss

The last few days have been good for Bitcoin. The top crypto has managed to break above the $11k mark and is now consolidating the gain as it eyes the next hurdle at around $11,500. At the moment, Bitcoin is trading at around $11,330 a piece. From all indications, the crypto looks set for some more upward movement.

In fact, the current market dynamic seems to be getting the attention of some popular players like the Winklevoss twins. In a recent twitter post, Tyler Winklevoss expressed optimism that Bitcoin could be readying up for the next big jump.

Looking Strong

According to Tyler, Bitcoin looks strong right now. He went on to add that the top coin is poised for a breakout bull run into the next year. For one, this year has been highly touted as the year that Bitcoin could mount a serious parabolic upsurge, and that’s especially after the network reward halving that occurred back in May.

'Bitcoin Looks Strong' — Poised For A Breakout Bull Run Into The New Year, Says Tyler WinklevossBTCUSD Chart By TradingView

Also, the continued printing of fiat currencies by governments has shifted the gaze towards Bitcoin as a favorite safe haven. Even large investment funds like Grayscale are buying Bitcoin in large numbers. Basically, this can only mean one thing: Bitcoin is headed upwards very soon.

Time To Dive In?

More often than not, such heavy input from popular crypto players serves as a tip for people to buy-in. Tyler and his brother own the Gemini crypto exchange, meaning that he knows his stuff when it comes to the crypto market and future expectations.

Notably, Tyler isn’t the only high-ranking person in the crypto industry to express great optimism for the future of Bitcoin. There have been numerous posts and reports by some of the respected people and institutions all in support of Bitcoin. At this point, it can be squared that Bitcoin’s next big moment isn’t a matter of if, but when. 

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