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Citrus on the way! – A token destined to achieve maximum value

Altcoins 2021/07/06 12:46 by PR DESK
Citrus on the way! - A token destined to achieve maximum value

Citrus Token is the most happening crypto token soon to launch at just 0.50 USD. This token is soon going to rule the crypto market as it has many USPs to offer you. With a total supply of only 380 million, this token offers you the most advanced ecosystem. This crypto token will make a private sale on 11th July 2021 and bring revolution to AI gaming. 

What is Citrus Token?

Citrus Token, the name may be new to the crypto market, but soon it’s going to make an impeccable impact on the upcoming crypto market. It is the most promising Crypto. The Citrus token, as a blockchain, aims to reach out to all the existing crypto collectors and peers. Citrus is also going to leverage the blockchain system with a revolutionary project launch. Citrus also finds an extensive range of projects developed by exceptional thinkers that will bring revolutionary changes to the global transaction. In short, this is the best token to invest in 2021.

Token Distribution:

If we talk about token allocation and distribution, this token is shared among many factors. The main factor is future locking, which covers approximately 43% of the whole supply, and private sale hold 14.%. Other pending supplies shared in Team and Adviser (5%), Initial Dex Offering (14%), Innovation Projects (11.5%), Marketing (3%), Bounty and Airdrop (4.5%), and Advance Eco System (5%). 


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The Citrus Token is on its way to dominating the crypto market. This is because; Citrus is circulating only a limited number of tokens to the market. In the private sales will circulate 14%. This will increase Citrus’s market cap and make it the most desirable cryptocurrency token to possess.

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Future vision

Besides, this crypto Token brings some revolutions to the blockchain industry by decentralizing gaming. Citrus brings you decentralized games that are not in control of any regulatory body. These games are highly immersive games, including technology like AI, AR, and VR. The decentralization of games will bring trends and innovation to the blockchain and the gaming industry.

Further, that’s not the end yet! Citrus brings you decentralized apps also. These applications are the most revolutionary apps detached from any regulations; these apps enrich the internet. The most salutary perks that Citrus’ offers you are the Crypto exchange platform and wallet. That implies that you can possess Citrus and other major crypto tokens by exchanging the fiat currency at the Citrus exchange platform. Citrus offers you an exchange platform that is fast and makes the transaction complete within a snap. 

The Multifaceted exchange platform allows investors and traders to participate and trade crypto seamlessly. The wallet that Citrus offers is also highly secured. It comes insured against any attacks. Citrus also delivers many utility apps. It comes up with a plethora of utility apps to solve the users’ daily life and business problems. Moreover, Citrus is the new face of the blockchain system. 

The buyers of the token are going to avail huge bonuses on private sales. The platform is offering a 10% bonus on the first week, a 7% bonus on the second week, and a 5% bonus on third week!

USP Return

Citrus comes with many highlights, below we mention some of the major USPs; please have a look into it

  • Blockchain Games

Citrus is a gaming token that is mined to fund blockchain gaming and introduce high-tech multiplayer online battle arena games.

  • Legitimate Team.

The citrus team is fully legitimate that is working to provide blockchain solutions to the world.

  • Audited Code

Citrus token code is 100% audited so that you can assure fair token distribution.

  • Affix System

With Affix System, you can assure a low risk and reliable investment. 

  • Practical Usecase 

Citrus tokens offer high-speed transactions with low costs all over the world. That implies you can receive or send Citrus with a faster turnaround time 

  • Philanthropy

Citrus distributes 5% of their total supply in the private sale and IDO to NGOs and Covid Relief programs.


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About Citrus

Citrus is a highly advanced Binance Smart chain token that aims to revolutionize the blockchain system. Besides, blockchain Citrus invests in project development and app development that eases the life of users. Citrus with positive reinforcement aims to bring ease in the global transaction as well.


In short, this is all about Citrus token and its major USPs. This Binance smart chain token offers you an abundance of benefits. If you want to possess the most worthy token, you can invest in Citrus to get a huge ROI in the future.

Website – https://citrus.tech/

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