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Concordium Unveils Industry-Leading Partnership Programme For Global Developers

Other 2021/07/20 20:10 by PR DESK
Concordium Unveils Industry-Leading Partnership Programme For Global Developers

Concordium public blockchain has today announced a top-industry partnership program for worldwide developers. The Concordium Free & Open Grants Programme will be part of Concordium’s present commitment to building a reliable, and sustainable blockchain industry.

With the program, any developer or tech project will have the opportunity to work alongside Concordium’s Executive and Steering Committee. The group includes some of the most renowned persons in the industry such as ETH Zurich Prof. Ueli Mahrer and Prof. Hans Gersbach. Concordium’s CTO and Father of the Pedersen Commitment, Dr. Torben Pedersen, Former Skype COO, and Mangrove Capital Partner Michael Jackson will also be available. In this way, the collaboration will unveil so much of the hidden potential of blockchain tech.

Concordium prides itself on its transparent, secure, regulatable, and sustainable blockchain and digital currency. The Swiss-based platform is unique for doing away with the issues of anonymity and mistrust, which have cast darkness onto the crypto industry. The network allows user identification and tracking of transactions, both of which improve user trust and comply with regulatory requirements. In all this, Concordium upholds user privacy with utmost priority.

Launched on Mainnet in June, Concordium paved the way for developers to access its platform. Additionally, its recent undertaking will provide developers financial support of up to $20,000 in initial grants and $75,000 in follow-up grants.

Lone Fønss Schrøder, the company’s CEO said,

“We are not just a company; we are part of a community…We know we can’t help this industry maximize its potential alone. That’s why we are supporting developers and asking them to join us.”

Additionally, CTO Pedersen stated that the latest initiative is one among many others the company has done to “strengthen the science and development behind blockchain and technology in general.”

Lone Fønss Schrøder also spoke saying crypto innovations are urgent so that broader adoption of blockchain tech and its benefits are not delayed.

Founded by a non-profit Swiss foundation in 2018, Concordium desire to redefine crypto values was backed by respected industry veterans and scholars. Earlier this year, the company raised more than $41M through private and strategic sales, giving it a $4.45B valuation.

As for the latest grant, any developer of a tech project can make an application if interest in Concordium and/or Rustlang ecosystems. All finances will be disbursed in euros, USD, and Concordium’s cryptocurrency GTU, and will be transparently tracked on GitHub.

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