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Crypto Exchange Vautoro Launches Support for Silver

Crypto 2020/12/30 15:33 by BitcoinPrbuzz
Crypto Exchange Vautoro Launches Support for Silver

Foremost cryptocurrency and gold exchange Vaultoro has announced the addition of silver to its precious metals. The exchange which allows traders to store their trading profits in precious metals has so far supported gold. In a bid to give its customers more options, it is adding silver to provide more options.

While Bitcoin and gold have been popular and made some significant progress in 2020, silver is still considered to be undervalued. It is also expected to gain more attention in the coming year, making it necessary to explore it as an option for storing traders’ profits. 

“Silver has a great opportunity as it has fantastic antibacterial and antiviral properties. As we all know, 2020 has shown why this is important. This makes silver one of the best assets to diversify into when investing in rare physical assets,” Vaultoro CEO Joshua Scigala explained.

Vaultoro is a revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange that helps traders to withdraw profits from their trades and save them in the form of physical gold. This saves them from having their bank accounts frozen as some countries do not allow cryptocurrency proceeds to be deposited in banks. Traders can now trade and make a profit that they can keep in the form of gold or silver which will appreciate over time.

Customers can now buy, sell, and secure their silver bullion. Trading pairs already available since 17 December are SILVER / BTC and SILVER / DASH while SILVER /GOLD and SILVER / ETH is to be added soon. 

To celebrate this addition of silver to the exchange, Vaultoro is airdropping 5kg of silver in total to its customers who will each get 5g. The free silver will be safely stored in the Brinks Zurich tax-free zone vaulting facility. This is one of the world’s most secure vaulting facilities and silver will be stored in the names of owners as their legal properties. Participants must log in by 7th January 2020 to qualify.

Storage fees on Vaultoro are very low because of the massive amounts of gold they store for customers in their gold. Fees are therefore shared among the several customers which makes it much less. The exchange also pays traders a negative trading fee for adding liquidity to the exchange when they place an order as market makers.

For more information about Vaultoro, please visithttps://vaultoro.com/

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