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Crypto Hot Trends and Opportunities for 2020, Messari Research

Crypto 2019/12/17 11:30 by Christine Vasileva
crypto hot trends 2020, messari research

The crypto sector has gone through a turbulent year, with significant developments in the background. Despite the setbacks, there are expectations for significant trends that will shape the moods, attitudes, and decision-making in 2020.

Report Lists Growth Vectors and Failing Crypto Trends

The year 2020 comes with various predictions as the Bitcoin (BTC) market is about to choose a direction. Messari has posted a report with 120 trends and opportunities in the crypto sector, expected to appear and expand in the coming year.

Ryan Selkis, a prominent crypto personality under the handle @twobitidiot, has built on his earlier opinion report, 95 Theses on Crypto. Now, he has come up with another vision piece with expectations ranging from narratives to underlying technologies.

This is NOT an objective analysis, but a collection of my / our strong convictions for the decade ahead. It’s based primarily on my nearly seven years studying this industry closely and working in it full time

The stance of the report is supportive of the ethos of crypto assets, and will not follow the careful thread of “blockchain not Bitcoin”, added Selkis.

When it comes to influential personalities, the opinions of Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, CEO of Binance, and those of Jack Dorsey, @jack, will continue to sway the moods and set the pace as the leading voices. But other influential persons may add to the narrative, as economists, influencers, or crypto project founders.

Bitcoin Ethos to Remain at the Centre for Price, Project Growth

Selkis is still in support of a narrative seeing Bitcoin as central for multiple tasks, ranging from hyperbitcoinization, to a role as digital gold. Regulation is also extremely important to avoid fraud, he added, with multiple avenues of growth for rules.

If we want to be better than the incumbents, then token teams: start disclosing insider sales; exchanges, clean up your wash trades; wallets, learn how to integrate with tax software systems and help your customers minimize their liabilities and pay only to Caesar that which is actually Caesar’s

Previous trends in crypto have been altered by Selkis. He is now especially critical of XRP, calling it a project that’s “too-big-to-jail”. At the same time, Tether (USDT) was a surprise, in that it continued to keep its dollar peg, while the project remained solvent. EOS on the other hand, was deemed as being “broken and ran by a cartel”.

In 2020, BTC will lead again as the best performing asset, while altcoins will only follow if BTC price remains stable. Smaller coins and tokens will continue to dump into oblivion, while other underwhelming trends will include tokenized securities, which still lag behind.

On a wider scale, the crypto sector may give rise to a serious Web 3.0 movement, with decentralized hardware and the willingness to build a new infrastructure less reliant on surveillance and centralization.

What do you think about trends in crypto in the coming year? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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