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Decentralized Asset Management Protocol dHedge’s DHT Token Now Listed on OKEx

Altcoins 2020/09/19 19:54 by Guest Author

OKEx, the popular crypto exchange and trading platform has announced the listing of dHedge’s DHT token. It was made available for spot trading on September 17, 2020, as DHT/USDT and DHT/ETH trading pairs. The latest listing is accompanied by a campaign that allows traders on OKEx to earn a share in the $10,000 worth of rewards by making DTH deposits before 10 AM UTC on September 21.

dHedge is a Synthetix based decentralized asset management protocol that provides noncustodial mimetic trading for synthetics on Ethereum. It allows users to securely access any asset class without having to rescind their private keys or pay intermediaries. Backed by some of the prominent DeFi investment funds like Maple Leaf Capital and Blocktower, the platform allows users to create their own fund, invest in funds created by other participants, or follow other traders.

On the new listing, CEO of Jay Hao said, “dHedge is yet another shining example of the continued innovation to come out of the DeFi economy. We are just scratching the surface of what will be possible in the near future as protocols like these effectively decentralize traditional asset management services, democratizing access to investment, and creating a level playing field for all.”

By using the Synthetix synthetic asset issuance protocol, dHedge supports the creation of a wide range of digital assets including BTC, ETH, gold, silver, and equity indices. Users can make use of these assets to build their own funds and manage investments either manually or through an automation algorithm capable of investing on their behalf using a predetermined strategy. Apart from offering a flexible solution to create strategies using fundamentals, technical and algorithms, dHedge offers a non-custodial proposition and sophisticated infrastructure for open and secure asset management.

“We are pleased to continue to support the positive steps that are being taken in the DeFi space and applaud the very high-value proposition that dHedge offers everyday investors,” further added Mr. Hao.

With DHT listing going live on OKEx, the value of dHedge token witnessed a significant upsurge. On the very first day itself, the price of 1 DHT increased from 0.25 USDT to 3.4813 USDT, registering a 1292.52% increase. Users on OKEx can start withdrawing DHT from 9:00 AM UTC onwards on September 20, 2020.


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