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How Brave Browser Gained Over a million New Users in a Month

Other 2020/04/06 16:50 by Lydia Yeboah Frempong
How Brave Browser Gained Over a million New Users in a Month

The top web browser, Brave browser, has had a lot of good news over the months. According to the annual stats report, the privacy-oriented browser in 2019 had its monthly active users double to 10.4million from the 5.5 million monthly active users recorded in 2018. Many factors attract people to the Brave browser. Therefore this article spells out how the Brave browser gained one million new users in just a month.

Brave entices users of its browser with crypto. It has already given its publishers crypto for their shared content on the browser. Brave has also launched a crypto tip on social media, which by using BAT, you can tip on most major social media platforms. Brave furthermore attracts its users with features such as allowing users to automatically redirect to view archives version of pages that were taken off from the web.

Unlike other browsers that are known for data law breaches, the privacy-focused browser has managed to gain the trust of millions across the world, as it registers as one of the best privacy browsers. Brave has stood and prioritized the solitude of its users.

Not being so happy about how Google was imprudently gathering and letting out personal data of users, Brave technically stood on the General Data Protection Regulation’s law Article 5(1)b to protest to the GDPR on March 16th.

Johnny Ryan, who is Brave’s chief policy and industry relations office, further lamented how Google’s policies create a free for all data gateway for the public, which allows easy mishandling of users’ data.

Brave through these developments has enhanced its reputation, which aids in winning more users. However, Brave’s achievements go beyond just adding new users but have also managed to multiply its verified publishers who share their content by more than 12 times.

All verified publishers receive Basic Attention Token (BAT) for the materials they share on the browser. Looking at the stats from a report published in December last year, the number of Brave’s publishers increased from 28,000 at the beginning of 2019 to 341,880 at the end of 2019. This is very inspiring, and as Brave continues to take Bright steps so will it stay amassing more users.

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