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Ideaology’s IDEA Token – Your Ticket to Active IDEA

Altcoins 2020/11/19 11:00 by Guest Author

The term “ecosystem” flies on the radar within the blockchain and business development industries nowadays. There must be a great need for a productive, digital, and self-sustaining environment with all the essential ingredients for investing, business development, and career growth. Ideaology saw the need for such a platform and developed the Active IDEA platform.

A revolutionary platform backed by blockchain technology with an entirely unique ecosystem for online professionals to invest, develop their business ideas through crowdfunding, or finding a team from a pool of online professionals within one productive platform. How is this all possible? Through IDEA token.

The IDEA token is an ERC-20 token. It serves as a utility and payment token at the same time, allowing its users to be a part of the Active IDEA community. IDEA token is what will make the whole ecosystem within the platform run smoothly.

With the IDEA token you can enjoy these benefits within the Active IDEA platform:

The HODL Factor

For the users who are holding $100 worth of IDEA, tokens can enjoy 50% off on all platform fees! In addition, they can participate in the platform’s voting system and to help decide projects the community can work on.

A Completely Decentralized Marketplace

Users can use the IDEA token to buy, sell, or trade their creative and digital business solutions, NFTs, and even dApps!

The IDEA Wallet

Being an Active IDEA user comes with your very own IDEA wallet! You can access your free wallet to hold tokens, receive tokens into your wallet, or send it to a partner’s external wallet. You can also convert other cryptos into IDEA tokens and vice versa!

Crowdfunding Opportunities

Start-up projects can be funded through crowdfunding using your IDEA tokens. The whole Active IDEA community can help you launch your business idea into reality!

Trusted Crypto Exchange Partners

With the Ideaology team’s efforts, the platform continues to establish a partnership with the best crypto exchanges and wallets in the industry today!

The Active IDEA platform aims to develop a unique digital place where users can openly collaborate in several parts of business development into one convenient ecosystem – a freelancer platform, a digital marketplace, a crowdfunding launch pad, and an investor base. With the help of the IDEA token, you can be all of this and control your finances in one platform.

Where Can You Get IDEA Tokens?

There will be an IDEA token offering on December 1st, 2020. We have recently established an IEO and coin listing partnership with the Estonia-based crypto P2PB2B Exchange. Our IEO will enable us to reach more active crypto investors that are willing to be part of our IDEA vision at Ideaology.

“We aim to be the largest blockchain ecosystem in 2021 and beyond. Ideaology is keen to provide opportunities for freelancers, startup founders, and investors through the Active IDEA platform. It’s the vision that fuels our mission.”, said Amar Kovacevic, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Ideaology.

The team at Ideaology is currently working hard with sheer optimism that the Active IDEA platform will be the biggest blockchain of 2021. With the help of a motivated community, we can create, sustain, and grow a platform where users can freely exercise the spirit of “collabvesting”. All of this possible through the IDEA token.

So if you are looking for a project you can pour your effort on, want to start developing your own business idea, searching for backers to start a crowdfunding opportunity, or an online professional looking to offer your business solutions and services, take advantage of the presale and establish your place in Ideaology’s Active IDEA now!

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