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LinkFlow Launches New Digital Asset-based Platform to Provide Seamless Connectivity to Crypto Clients

Crypto 2021/03/13 15:39 by PR DESK
LinkFlow Launches New Digital Asset-based Platform to Provide Seamless Connectivity to Crypto Clients

After identifying a billion-dollar opportunity, LinkFlow has taken an extra mile to venture into the crypto industry. Notably, LinkFlow has launched a new digital asset-based platform to provide crypto services to institutional and high net worth investors.

According to a press release from the company, digital asset holders can now make better use of their coins on the LinkFlow platform. One of the ways users can put their digital assets to good use on LinkFlow’s newly-launched platform includes ‘Earn’.

Notably, users deposit their digital assets in the LinkFlow platform to be managed by professionals for not only sustained growth but also sure profits. Precisely, all the deposits are either stored through Linkflow Prime Brokerage and Algo-Trade strategies to maximize profits.

“Earn offers a fixed interest rate for Stable Tokens such as USDT or USDC transferred and locked into a liquidity pool,”.

For the sake of transparency, LinkFlow has put in place measures to ensure users’ funds are not only safe but also accessible promptly. Notably, all the digital assets deposited on the newly launched LinkFlow platform are managed through a smart contract and recorded safely on the blockchain. Trust is key for market growth especially in the crypto industry that has been marred with both simple and sophisticated scams.

According to the press release, users can now access the liquidity pool to become liquidity providers through the Linkflow web-interface. The company noted that once a crypto user deposits their assets into the LinkFlow platform using external wallets like MetaMask or even MEW, then they can tap on all benefits associated with the Earn program.

LinkFlow has designed a new token system, the LF tokens, to assign users in accordance with their deposits in the liquidity pool. An example of the LF token is the LFUSDC, which will be distributed to USDC clients on the liquidity pool.

LinkFlow has also expanded its brokerage service to reach the crypto industry, particularly for institutional and high net worth investors.

“Linkflow has expanded its Prime Brokerage service to the crypto market in order to provide traditional financial market services as well as unique Prime Brokerage services to reduce counterparty risks and lead proactive asset management for its users,”.

LinkFlow seeks to leverage on the booming crypto industry that has seen most digital assets led by Bitcoin, rally astronomically in the past few months.

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