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Monero Developers Complete the RandomX Upgrade

Altcoins 2019/12/01 21:00 by JP Buntinx
TheMerkle Monero Developments 2018

The Monero developers have successfully completed another network upgrade. This particular update is of keen interest, as it effectively introduces RandomX as a new algorithm.

Some crypto enthusiasts may recall how the Monero community was funding a new project.

Monero Keeps Forging Ahead

The money would be used to have an independent of the RandomX protocol take place and collect valuable feedback from it.

It now appears that process has been completed successfully and yielded satisfactory results to boot. 

The algorithm has not just been audited, it is now also an official part of Monero the cryptocurrency.

As part of this new algorithm, the altcoin remains ASIC resistant, something many other coins have given up on completely. 

This will also introduce some core changes for XMR miners, although they should not run into any unforeseen problems.

The Reddit community seems to be somewhat divided over this feat, albeit most remain positive. 

Particularly the lack of generating hype for RandomX is well-received, as it is crucial for developers to simply deliver, rather than create major buzz over nothing. 

Other than that, there are always some enthusiasts eager to point out how Monero “needs to improve”.

Similar to other cryptocurrencies, this project is always evolving, thus crucial changes and improvements will be made when and where necessary. 

This particular development does highlight the need for privacy and even anonymity features when dealing with finances.

That applies as much to cryptocurrencies as it does to anything else.

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