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Multichain Crypto Traders Crypto Gets Listed on Graviex Exchange

Crypto 2019/11/29 19:32 by BitcoinPrbuzz
Multichain Crypto Traders Crypto Gets Listed on Graviex Exchange

Traders’ Token, a leading crypto, and blockchain ecosystem has announced the listing of its native altcoin on Graviex exchange, with more listings to follow shortly.

Traders Token is a robust multi-chain crypto project that’s focused on offering users portfolio-backed investment opportunities. The platform has achieved a significant feat in its journey by getting the Traders Token listed on Graviex exchange.

Thanks to its multichain feature, Traders’ Token functions on several crypto networks, taking advantage of each network’s unique capabilities.

Due to the volatility that comes with cryptos, traders are constantly trading various types of cryptos in a bid to take advantage of price movements.

Against that backdrop, Traders Token has also launched its own token for established blockchains, including TRDS Ethereum and TRDS Tron. The team plans to get the tokens listed on more exchanges as time goes on.

The Traders’ Token blockchain project is also looking to launch its proof-of-stake (POS) blockchain network and the team may also organize a token burn using smart contracts, in order to boost the value of its tokens, just the same way Stellar did recently.

What’s more, the multichain crypto ecosystem firmly believes that cryptos will revolutionize the world economy in the near future, as there will be more public participation in numerous crypto projects, bringing about a better and safer financial ecosystem.

To make this dream a reality, the Traders Token team is working hard to make a transparent, professional offering that will significantly boost investor confidence and reduce risks associated with crypto-based projects and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Website: https://traderstoken.org

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