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OpenOcean Announces the Aggregation Of Polygon to Expand its Trading Universe

Crypto 2021/07/09 17:38 by PR DESK
OpenOcean Announces the Aggregation Of Polygon to Expand its Trading Universe

OpenOcean, a pioneering DeFi & CeFi full aggregator that supports interoperability across multiple networks, is happy to announce the aggregation of Polygon, which will help expand its trading universe and offer users the best prices.

The OpenOcean Community largely influenced the choice to aggregate Polygon. According to OpenOcean, 48.7% of its community, made up of over 44k users, voted for Polygon. 

Notably, OpenOcean and Polygon share a common objective of fully enabling DeFi users to own their digital assets. Trade frictionless, move their assets and incur a low cost of transactions. OpenOcean’s aggregation protocol sources liquidity and optimizes trade on DeFi and CeFi across major public chains. 

By aggregating Polygon, OpenOcean will allow traders to source liquidity and trade assets from Polygon exchanges at the best price at a significantly low slippage. 

While making the announcement, OpenOcean co-founder Cindy said:

“We have come to learn that our DeFi users and traders have a strong preference for us to aggregate more open and powerful Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks that offer cheaper and faster transactions.”

To get started, users can connect to the Polygon network with the MetaMask, then trade on Polygon via OpenOcean’s Classic or the Pro version. The classic version will reportedly provide more mainstream ecosystem tokens unique to Polygon DEXes and features. This will be a familiar interface designed with beginner traders in mind.

After integrating Polygon, OpenOcean plans to start trade mining for two weeks. The protocol also intends to offer. There will be 100,000 of its native token OOE as a reward to those users who will make transactions on Polygon through OpenOcean in the two weeks. 

In addition, OpenOcean is planning to release cross-chain aggregations in the coming days. The cross-chain aggregation will enable users to trade and transfer assets across different chains and pairs.

Polygon is a well-structured and easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. The platform has various unique features that set it apart, including the Polygon SDK, a modular, Standalone Chains like Polygon POS and a flexible framework that supports building and connecting Secured Chains like Plasma, Optimistic Rollups. The platform is also designed for flexibility and independence.  Currently, Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen increased adoption with over 400 Dapps, about 350M txns and around 1.5M unique users.  

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