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Supply Chain and Logistics Management Solution WTIA Launches WLOG Trading on ProBit Exchange

Crypto 2020/12/30 11:36 by PR DESK
Supply Chain and Logistics Management Solution WTIA Launches WLOG Trading on ProBit Exchange

The WTIA has listed its token WLOG on ProBit Exchange on December 29 with KRW and USDT markets for trading.

The WLOG platform is a product of the WTIA network, linking leading projects with real-world business applications. The WLOG platform remediates bottlenecks that have become synonymous with the current logistics industry.

Any time an order is agreed upon, this prompts the creation of a smart contract on the WTIA blockchain. WLOG tokens serve as the payment currency and are locked to proceed with production and shipping with all completed purchases logged on the blockchain.

Grounded in its inclusive API first methodology, the WTIA blockchain offers leading security infrastructure including MFA, KYC, AES Encryption, and myriad more innovative security solutions

The blockchain enables accelerated transaction confirmation times with lower transaction costs relative to leading coins. Average transaction times for Bitcoin are 78 minutes at US$1.62 while the WTIA blockchain is capable of completing transactions in just 1 second at US$0.01.

The vastly improved transaction speed is accomplished via the PoW/pBFT (Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance) protocol, which in the proposed permissioned hybridization blockchain model, shifts reliance from PoW to the endorsement protocol whereby a collection of publicly available keys referred to as peers validate and append the blockchain.


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