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TTM Bank Launches Global Crypto Card

Crypto 2020/12/30 12:09 by Guest Author

Registered in Estonia, financial company TTM Bank has issued the Prepaid Crypto Card, which can be used to pay wherever VISA payment system cards are accepted.

TTM Bank Prepaid Crypto Card supports four cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, and TRX. The card can be used for purchases in both offline and online stores. When depositing, cryptocurrencies credited to the card account are converted into euro at the internally generated rate of TTM Bank. The holders of the TTM Bank Crypto Card can withdraw fiat money from ATMs all over the world.

Users can order a stylish elegant black plastic card or its virtual version.

“The main advantage of cryptocurrencies is that the assets belong only to their owner. And we, in turn, have created a card that allows its holder not only to fully control their own funds, but also serves as a link between the digital market and the classical financial system. The TTM Bank card is replenished with cryptocurrency, which is instantly converted into euros when deposited, allowing holders to use the card for purchases in any stores, restaurants, hotels, and online shops. The TTM Bank card is not a cryptowallet for storing cryptocurrencies, but a convenient and reliable tool for everyday purchases, a long-desired product among cryptocurrency holders,” says the TTM Bank co-founder Vladislav Utushkin.

More than 40,000 people have already started to actively use TTM Bank cards.

The card is a product of the virtual bank TTM Bank, which is the trade name of btc2wire company registered in Estonia. Distribution, delivery and management of card accounts is carried out by the company’s partner, financial services operator UAB Walletto, registered in Lithuania and a member of the VISA payment network. Deposited funds in fiat currency are stored in a licensed bank.

More information on the official TTM Bank’s webpage.

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