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Bitcoin 21/07/21 00:00 by Reynaldo Marquez
After 3 Months In The Red, Why Bitcoin Is The Crypto Market’s Best Performer
Bitcoin broke below its support zones and trades around its yearly open after another massive selloff. At the time of writing, the first cryptocurrency by market cap trades at $29,605 with an 11.2% lo...
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Altcoins 13/07/21 16:21 by David Kariuki
Elon Musk-Backed Dogecoin Spearheads $30 Billion Meme-Coin Market
Dogecoin, which shocked many after attaining a market capitalization of over $50 billion equaling with Barclays Bank, is still maintaining its position as a pilot to many other meme coins which toget...
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Crypto 08/07/21 00:08 by Adrian Klent
Venture Capitalists Throw $17 Billion Into Crypto And Are Gearing Up To Multiply The Figure
Within the past six months of 2021, cryptocurrencies have already seen a massive investment of funds from venture capitalists. In 2021, a record-breaking $17 billion has already been poured into c...
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Bitcoin 28/06/21 20:48 by Reynaldo Marquez
Bitcoin Weekly Support Holds By A Thread, What Comes Next?
For the past 2 months, Bitcoin has undergone a significant downtrend. The price of the first cryptocurrency by market cap has dropped from an all-time high of $64,000 to its current levels at $34,100....
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Crypto 21/06/21 21:10 by Cameron Bailey
Real Estate Mogul Has $100 Million Plan For Blockchain Based Social Media Protocol
Billionaire and real estate mogul, Frank McCourt has recently been working on a new blockchain venture titled Project Liberty. It’s ambitious goal, to bring together the power of the blockchain ...
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Crypto 15/06/21 20:14 by NewsBTC
Looking Ahead: What Should EU Regulations for Cryptocurrency Sector Look Like?
There is always a choice. The cryptocurrency industry has been built by the community of freedom-loving, tech-savvy people who wanted to make a tremendous impact on payments since the inception of the...
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Altcoins 10/06/21 19:34 by David Kariuki
Polygon Goes Next Level; Trumpets $10.5 Million Fund to Bring 1 Million Users to Polygon and Ethereum
Polygon and 0x project will spend $10.5 million to develop an API platform and infrastructure that will help onboard 1 million users to the Polygon and Ethereum networks. The funding will go towar...
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Bitcoin 10/06/21 16:40 by Bernice Nyambura
Bloomberg Strategist On Why Bitcoin Moving Past $40k Appears More Likely Than Crashing to $20k
On June 8, Bitcoin suffered yet another terrible run that particularly and severely liquidated the last batch of bullish investors, after plunging 8% to trade at around $33,200, on top of a 40% drop ...
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Altcoins 03/06/21 21:57 by Reynaldo Marquez
Stellar Network To Power New Savings API Launched By Wyre
Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) CEO, Denelle Dixon, celebrated the result of a partnership with the payment infrastructure Wyre. This company has released a new Savings API for FinTechs to have a...
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Altcoins 31/05/21 19:18 by Lou Kavan Flavius
Top Ethereum Decentralized Exchange Aggregator, 0x, Launches On Polygon
0x, an Ethereum-based open protocol has found a home on the Polygon blockchain with a view to scaling its DEX services. The announcement was made this Monday, with the DeFi project having revealed it...
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Bitcoin 19/05/21 21:54 by Tony Spilotro
Lack Of “Capitulation” Volume Suggests Bitcoin Is Doomed To More Downside
Bitcoin price along with the rest of the crypto market plummeted today in a shakeout of epic proportions. The highly speculative asset class dropped by as much as 50% from highs, some plunging that mu...
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Bitcoin 15/05/21 12:15 by eduardoprospero
This Crypto Fund Manager Claims Bitcoin Drop Was “Capitulation”
It’s widely believed that even experts can only identify capitulation after it’s already happened. The thing is, in regulated markets, unscrupulous Billionaires/ Bond villains have the dec...
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Altcoins 09/05/21 20:15 by Reynaldo Marquez
How Hackers Looted 2600 ETH In Rari Capital Cross-Chain Exploit
Ethereum (ETH) based yield aggregator Rari Capital was attacked this weekend by a group of bad actors. As a result, 2,600 in this cryptocurrency were stolen from the Rari Capital Ethereum Pool, as a p...
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Bitcoin 08/05/21 01:00 by Anifowoshe Ibrahim
12K BTC Removed From Coinbase, Are Whales Relenting?
Coinbase, the largest exchange in the United States, has been the site of several big Bitcoin buy-ins this year. Recent reports show sudden transfers of more than 10,000 BTC to private wallets are not...
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Crypto 27/04/21 16:29 by PR DESK
Public Mint and Unmarshal form Partnership to provide advanced blockchain data to developers building multichain apps
Public Mint and Unmarshal recently partnered up to integrate the Public Mint blockchain on Unmarshal’s platform.  According to the report, the partnership will give developers access to adv...
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Other 23/04/21 23:41 by Guest Author
How APIS Technology is Building an Enhanced User-end and Developer Experience
The overall experience participants derive from a product is fundamental to the adoption and ultimate success of the product. In fact, user experience (UX) which includes a person’s perceptions...
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Altcoins 15/04/21 22:00 by Reynaldo Marquez
How DeFi Season Could Send YFI To $270,000 Per Token
When Andre Cronje released Yearn Finance (YFI), the DeFi fever was brewing. Two events converge and launched the sector into full madness: Uniswap’s UNI airdrop and governance token YFI breaking...
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Crypto 12/04/21 10:58 by Olivia Brooke
What Crypto Asset Class At $2 Trillion Says About The Market
Crypto assets have continued to flex their dominance as the total market valuation spirals up to new highs. According to data from CoinMarketCap, the overall crypto market capitalization has thumped ...
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Bitcoin 07/04/21 18:00 by Samuel Wan
Palihapitiya Replies to Munger’s Bitcoin is a “Scum Ball Activity” Assessment
The Founder of Social Capital, Chamath Palihapitiya said Buffett, Munger, and Gates are wrong about their negative assessment of Bitcoin. Like Buffett and Munger, the Canadian venture capitalist is al...
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Other 20/03/21 19:57 by Reynaldo Marquez
This FATF guidance could “wreak havoc” on Uniswap operators
International body Financial Action Task Fork (FATF) has issued new guidance for decentralized applications (DApps). Its implications could directly affect the DeFi sector and could have consequences ...
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Other 03/03/21 16:46 by Guest Author
Bridge Oracle Soon to Launch Mainnet
Bridge Oracle will soon be launching services on its mainnet that will permit users to implement real-world DApps on the Tron network with the help of Bridge Oracle. Bridge Oracle is pleased to announ...
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Crypto 09/02/21 12:09 by Guest Author
How CryptoAPI by PixelPlex Allows You to Get the Most from Your Decentralized Infrastructure
Since 2013, PixelPlex — an experienced blockchain company— has been providing full-stack blockchain development services. It’s been assisting both giant businesses and startups in unleashing th...
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Bitcoin 03/02/21 16:37 by Bernice Nyambura
Visa to Launch Bridging Software for Banks to Integrate Bitcoin Trading Services
Visa has fully embraced Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with its new announcement to launch a Visa Crypto API software program for banks to support the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies such ...
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Bitcoin 14/01/21 11:11 by Brenda Ngari
Bitcoin Has Apparently Sucked Away Only 2% Of Gold’s Market Capitalization So Far
Bitcoin has been on a parabolic bull run since late 2020. As the flagship crypto’s price hit all-time highs after all-time highs, bitcoin’s market cap has also been climbing the leaderboards. Bit...
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Bitcoin 02/01/21 22:24 by Nick Chong
Bitcoin Plunges 8% to $30,500 Amid Rapid Weekend Price Action
After peaking at $33,350 earlier today, Bitcoin plunged as low as $30,000 on leading exchanges just minutes ago. Yet in spite of this rapid sell-off, buyers have stepped in to buy the dip. BTC now tra...
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Altcoins 02/01/21 07:50 by Nick Chong
Dogecoin Price Shoots 50% Higher as Bitcoin Nears $30,000
Dogecoin is up 50% in the past 24 hours, making it the best-performing crypto asset of the top 100 by market capitalization. DOGE is seeing strong volume figures on this rally: per CoinGecko, there ha...
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Altcoins 29/12/20 11:00 by Nick Chong
XRP Loses Even More Exchange Support as Uncertainty Continues
XRP has continued to crash in the face of news that it will be listed from a new round of leading crypto asset exchanges. The altcoin is now down by over 20 percent in the past 24 hours, reaching mult...
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Bitcoin 11/12/20 02:29 by Nick Chong
Bitcoin Slips Back Under $18,000 as Selling Pressure Picks Up Again
Bitcoin is slipping lower despite the rally earlier today. BTC is down another 2% since the trading session began an hour ago, pushing under $18,000 yet again. The price of the leading cryptocurrency ...
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Bitcoin 27/11/20 10:26 by Ponvang Bulus
Dan Tapiero: Influx of Institutional Money Could Push Bitcoin Price to $500,000 in 5 Years
A renowned gold investor and Bitcoin bull Dan Tapiero has made the case for a $500,000 Bitcoin price in 5 years. Speaking during a podcast with Anthony Pompliano, Tapiero said that $15 trillion could...
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Bitcoin 22/11/20 06:00 by Nick Chong
Bitcoin Has a Higher Market Cap Than All Public Companies But 17
Bitcoin has seen a strong surge over recent weeks amid a muted background for the stock market. The price of the leading cryptocurrency has rocketed higher by approximately 70% in the past five weeks ...
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