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Altcoins 23/06/21 01:50 by Best Owie
Cardano Founder: Ethereum Will Overtake Bitcoin
Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has predicted a quick victory of Ethereum over Bitcoin. Charles Hoskinson talked about cryptocurrencies and why he believes ethereum is poised to overtake bitcoin in...
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Altcoins 03/06/21 19:36 by Erie Maxwell
JPMorgan Head Hunting Crypto-Savvy Employees With Experience In The Bitcoin And Ethereum Markets
JPMorgan Chase & Co has announced job posts calling for crypto-savvy employees and those with experience in Bitcoin and Ethereum. The job postings all reveal the bank’s intentions to include di...
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Other 21/05/21 14:21 by NewsBTC
Angelo Galasso Teams Up With Doc Lee to Bring in NFTs
The renowned luxury brand Angelo Galasso now has a dedicated NFT section. This segment came out as a result of the collaboration between the fashion brand and Doc Lee or Lee Robinson, a master creator...
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Other 25/03/21 12:08 by PR DESK
Linkflow Finance Strategically Partners With Soteria and Titan
LinkFlow Finance has announced two strategic partnerships with different crypto firms to further its quest in decentralized finance. One of the partnerships is with Soteria, a blockchain-based mutual...
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Crypto 15/07/20 04:00 by Cole Petersen
These Crypto Exchanges are Seeing Massive Inflows of Illicit Funding, Claims Report
It’s no secret that the anonymous and entirely digital crypto market is rife with scams, fraud, and crime. Although this only accounts for a small portion of the market as a whole, it is still a tho...
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Bitcoin 21/05/20 01:27 by Tony Spilotro
Who Is Satoshi? Rounding Up The Usual Suspects After Today’s 50 Bitcoin Transaction
This morning, a 50 BTC transaction with a UTXO from February 2009 was made, sending the Bitcoin community into a storm of speculation. Was it Satoshi who was moving the coins, or someone close to the ...
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