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Other 11/07/21 18:28 by Tharmaraj Rajandran
What Is The Avalanche (AVAX) Ecosystem And Why Should You Take Notice?
With the ever-increasing popularity of cryptocurrency and blockchain, there are also more and more ecosystems, infrastructures, and systems being developed to find their own niches in the universe of...
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Other 01/07/21 21:02 by PR DESK
BENQI Partners KUU To Power BENQI’s On-Chain liquidations
In a bid to support BENQI in facilitating its on-chain liquidations towards maximizing profit, the company has joined efforts with KUU, a decentralized liquidity underwriter for the Avalanche DeFi ec...
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Other 18/05/21 20:02 by PR DESK
BENQI to Integrate Chainlink Price Feeds to Secure its Protocol
BENQI, an algorithmic Liquidity Market protocol on Avalanche, has announced it will be integrating with Chainlink Price Feeds to increase security against flash loan attacks. BENQI protocol has hi...
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Other 27/04/21 19:14 by PR DESK
BENQI Operations On Track After Receiving $6 Million In Funding
BENQI recently announced it had completed its funding round, raising $6 million from external investors and advisors. BENQI is a decentralized non-custodian liquidity protocol that is based on Ava...
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Other 27/04/21 17:50 by NewsBTC
Avalanche-Based Liquidity Protocol BENQi Receives 6 Million Dollars in Funding
BENQI, a non-custodial liquidity market protocol built on Avalanche, announced the completion of its $6 million strategic fundraising round, led by Ascensive Asset. The list of other strategic investo...
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Altcoins 02/04/21 22:58 by Reynaldo Marquez
How Avalanche’s bridge to ETH and BTC could take over DeFi
Conceived as a blockchain ecosystem to launch DeFi and DApss and supported by a 3rd generation consensus protocol, Avalanche has recorded one of its best weeks since its launch. The fundamentals of it...
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Other 02/02/21 16:00 by Guest Author
DeFi Grows to an Avalanche with Zero Exchange
Decentralized Exchanges have had an interesting and brief history. EtherDelta, Uniswap, 1inch, SushiSwap and now Zero Exchange. And this DeFi wave keeps growing, EtherDelta at its peak had 241 differe...
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Altcoins 25/09/20 15:00 by Yashu Gola
Here’s Why Ethereum Rival Avalanche May Be a Bull in Making
Avalanche started trading on Binance with a bang. The latest Ethereum rival saw its native token, AVAX, rising by more than 1300 percent in its first hour of trading on September 22. A jump from $0.85...
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