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Crypto 17/06/21 12:58 by NewsBTC
What Do Kusama, Polkadot and Your Spare Crypto Holdings Have in Common?
What do Kusama, Polkadot and your spare cryptoasset holdings have in common? Parachain Slot Auctions, that’s what. Kusama and Polkadot which are built on the same architecture, one designed for ...
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Altcoins 16/06/21 17:59 by Livine Sanchez
Moonriver Crowdloan Aims To Bring Ethereum DApps And Services To Kusama
The ongoing evolution of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is accelerating. Polkadot, one of the most anticipated projects in the industry, will soon introduce its parachains to the public. ...
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Other 26/05/21 16:00 by NewsBTC
Where is Moonbeam going? Situation Overview
Moonbeam is a blockchain project built back in January 2020 as a way to tackle cross-chain interoperability challenges, it is an Ethereum compatible smart contract parachain on Polkadot. For those who...
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Other 12/05/21 20:08 by NewsBTC
DOTOracle – Rendering Decentralized Solutions to Polkadot and its Ecosystem
With a jump of more than 350% in its price this year, Ethereum has outperformed major cryptocurrencies, bolstered by the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, like liquidity aggregators and ...
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Crypto 08/02/21 17:32 by BitcoinPrbuzz
MVP Workshop Partners With Moonbeam to Further Explore Blockchain and Web 3 Technology
MVP workshop, a blockchain product research and development firm has strategically partnered with the Moonbeam platform to further explore the blockchain and web 3 technologies. According to a joint ...
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Other 12/11/20 17:49 by Thomas Delahunty
BeamX Promises to Bring Privacy Capabilities to DeFi
Beam, the crypto project utilizing Mimblewimble privacy tech, has announced the imminent launch of a confidential defi network called BeamX. Almost two years on from its mainnet launch, the privacy co...
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Mining 08/12/19 19:35 by Kai Sedgwick
Beam, BCH and Zcash Will Join BTC in Halving Their Mining Rewards
There’s been a lot of noise about Bitcoin’s halving, set to occur in May, and the effect this will have on price as BTC’s mining reward is slashed. It’s not the only PoW coin g...
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Other 18/11/19 22:30 by Kai Sedgwick
Researcher Breaks Mimblewimble, Deanonymizing 96% of Grin Transactions
The Mimblewimble privacy technology used by cryptocurrencies such as Beam and Grin is broken. That’s the claim of researcher Ivan Bogatyy who has published a report documenting his findings. In ...
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