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Mining 20/07/21 07:56 by Eduardo PrĂłspero
Bitcoin Mining Museum Opens Its Doors In Venezuela. Is It The First-Ever?
The Caribbean nation of Venezuela keeps registering firsts on the book. They have arguably the first-ever CBDC, the infamous Petro, and now this. The first-ever Bitcoin Mining Museum. And even though ...
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Mining 19/07/21 22:27 by Brenda Ngari
Bitcoin Network Posts Its Fourth Consecutive Downward Adjustment Of Mining Difficulty
It hasn’t been this easy to mine bitcoin and earn rewards since January 2020. Bitcoin’s mining difficulty, a measure that determines how hard it is to mine the flagship cryptocurrency, saw anothe...
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Crypto 16/07/21 18:11 by NewsBTC
Climate-Conscious Crypto: The Difference Between Real Change and Marketing
As cryptocurrency increasingly becomes part of the public consciousness, the discourse around the environmental impact of mining has become more intense. On the one hand, the singling out of cryptocur...
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Mining 14/07/21 21:52 by Brenda Ngari
Anhui Becomes The Sixth Chinese Province To Clamp Down On Bitcoin Mining
To say 2021 has been a rough year for Chinese crypto miners would be a big understatement. The country’s increased crackdown on crypto mining has essentially paralyzed an industry that accounts for...
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Mining 08/07/21 14:05 by Ruholamin Haqshanas
Bitcoin Miners Receive Major Boost In Revenue Following ‘Great Hashrate Migration’ – What’s Next For BTC Price?
Bitcoin price was trading slightly higher this past week, though still lower by around 50% compared to its peak around mid-April. Price mostly fluctuated between $32k to $37k levels, designating that...
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Mining 07/07/21 18:06 by Eduardo PrĂłspero
China Banned Bitcoin Mining. What Happens To Small Hydropower Stations Now?
This China Business News report about hydropower stations will blow your mind. It contains revelation after revelation and clears the situation up. Now that Bitcoin mining is prohibited, who’s c...
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Bitcoin 03/07/21 16:16 by Brenda Ngari
Enthusiasts Dare Elon Musk To Prove Bitcoin Is Bad For Environment Following Gas Pipeline Blaze In Gulf Of Mexico
A fire erupted on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico on Friday after a gas leak from an undersea pipeline, reports said. Videos of bright orange flames spewing out of the ocean like an apocalyptic mov...
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Mining 02/07/21 14:56 by Eduardo PrĂłspero
Controversial Bitcoin Mining Council Confirms “Sustainable Power Mix”
The Bitcoin Mining Council is back at it. The controversial initiative lead by Michael Saylor presented “the findings of its first quarterly survey focused on two important metrics: electricity ...
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Mining 30/06/21 18:54 by Ruholamin Haqshanas
What To Expect From Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Plunging 25% In Largest Downward Adjustment In History
Bitcoin mining difficulty, an attribute of Bitcoin that indicates how challenging it is to mine a new block, is poised to plunge by more than 25%. This historic drop comes as the out-turn of China...
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Bitcoin 28/06/21 18:31 by Brenda Ngari
Why China’s Oldest Crypto Exchange Has Shut Down Its Bitcoin Business
BTCChina, one of China’s oldest crypto exchanges, has reportedly exited the bitcoin business for good in response to the government’s recent crackdowns on the cryptocurrency industry.  ...
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Mining 25/06/21 12:41 by Eduardo PrĂłspero
Bitcoin Hash Rate Goes On Death Spiral Post China’s Crackdown On Miners
The great Bitcoin miners migration is well underway. And the network’s total hash rate is showing it in a big way. Currently, the number of terahashes per second is at its lowest level in the la...
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Bitcoin 22/06/21 18:45 by PR DESK
Flashcoin’s Solution to Tesla’s Bitcoin Environmental Issues
Earlier this year, Tesla announced its plans to accept Bitcoin as a payment method for its products. However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has reversed this decision, and Tesla has discontinued accepting Bitc...
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Bitcoin 22/06/21 14:55 by Adrian Klent
MicroStrategy’s Saylor Close To Being At A Net Loss With His Bitcoin Investments, ‘CryptoWhale’ Asserts
There has been speculation by Crypto analyst ‘CryptoWhale’, that the CEO of MicroStrategy, Micheal Saylor, is close to incurring a net loss from the company’s investment in Bitcoin,...
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Mining 21/06/21 21:56 by Bernice Nyambura
Exiting Crypto Mining Business In China Is Good For Bitcoin Hashrate Redistribution
Bitcoin has dropped 6.55% in the last 24 hours to trade at $33,068 and bringing the weekly low to 17.66% in an event directly related to the massive crackdown of bitcoin mining farms and trading in C...
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Mining 19/06/21 21:27 by Reynaldo Marquez
Bitcoin Mining In China To Usher Historic Moment, Will BTC Be Affected?
Sino Global Capital has been posting reports on Bitcoin, China, and the changes that are taking place within the Asian Giant. Today, most of the BTC miners in the Chinese province of Sichuan will turn...
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Mining 18/06/21 19:30 by Best Owie
Bitcoin Mining Council: We Need To Tackle Negative Media Narratives
The Bitcoin Mining Council has publicized its aim to tackle negative media narratives. In its inaugural meeting which was hosted on Twitter Spaces, the council discussed bad press that has been surrou...
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Altcoins 12/06/21 23:31 by David Kariuki
Jack Dorsey Not Having It With Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Negative Comment On Bitcoin
The debate on Bitcoin’s mining energy consumption doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon. Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts US senator has joined the conversation, saying that one of the ...
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Mining 10/06/21 16:32 by Bernice Nyambura
Bitcoin Mining Farms in El Salvador to Utilize Clean, Cheap, Renewable Volcanic Energy, President Bukele Declares
Bitcoin mining farms operating out of El Salvador will soon be able to access and utilize clean, affordable, and renewable energy from the country’s active volcanic activity. This latest develop...
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Mining 09/06/21 17:44 by NewsBTC
How Does Bitcoin Mining Work? Is It Profitable in 2021?
Bitcoin mining received a lot of attention when Bitcoin first made its appearance, and it remains a topical issue. Naturally, things have changed quite a bit since 2009, when Bitcoin first saw the lig...
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Mining 05/06/21 21:13 by Reynaldo Marquez
Square and Blockstream To Build U.S. Based Bitcoin Mine With Renewable Energy
Bitcoin mining is on the move. Around the world, more companies and initiatives are being brought to life. Blockstream and Square have announced a partnership to build one in the U.S. based on renewab...
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Bitcoin 04/06/21 21:02 by Nick James
President Of Top Russian Bank Tells Why They Don’t Like Bitcoin
The president of the second-largest bank in Russia, VTB Bank says the institution doesn’t like Bitcoin because it sees it as fake money. To Andrey Kostin, the fact that “someone sits somewhere mi...
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Bitcoin 03/06/21 22:05 by Olivia Brooke
New Findings Reveal Elon Musk’s Mind-Blowing “Game Plan” For Bitcoin
The reason behind Tesla’s suspension of Bitcoin payments can be traced to Musk’s tweets, in which he claims that the asset’s energy consumption levels are unsustainable. However, with a litt...
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Other 01/06/21 14:13 by Olivia Brooke
Binance CEO CZ Slams Tesla And Elon Musk, Bares It All Out
Elon Musk may continue to deal with a lot of heat from the Bitcoin community, at least until community members are tired of proving that Bitcoin’s level of energy consumption does not compare to th...
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Mining 26/05/21 19:46 by Olivia Brooke
Iran Government Blames Bitcoin Miners For Power Outages, Bans Crypto Mining For 4 Months
Bitcoin miners have been on the hot seat this year. The market recently reacted to the Chinese government cracking down on mining activities with investors rolling out cash from the Bitcoin market. T...
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Mining 25/05/21 17:19 by Lou Kavan Flavius
Crypto Miners In China Selling Their Bitcoin & Mining Machines After Government’s Action Sparks Fear
Chinese Bitcoin miners don’t appear keen on waiting around to find out what their fates will be in the wake of the government’s announcement over an inbound crackdown. In a joint statement publis...
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Mining 25/05/21 00:01 by Brenda Ngari
Elon Musk Says His Recent Meeting With North American Bitcoin Miners Was ‘Potentially Promising’
Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has announced that he had a meeting with leading bitcoin miners from North America. Musk indicated that they are dedicated to renewable energy usage and encouragin...
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Mining 24/05/21 23:53 by Reynaldo Marquez
Saylor: North American Bitcoin Miners To Form Coalition After Meeting With Elon Musk
Once again, Elon Musk has tweeted and pushed Bitcoin’s price beyond an important resistance area, for now. At the time of writing, BTC trades at $39,022 with a 15.5% profit in the daily chart. B...
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Mining 22/05/21 17:06 by Lou Kavan Flavius
MicroStrategy’s Saylor On Why China Banning Bitcoin Mining Completely Could Ignite The Most Bullish Cycle
The Chinese government has made its intention to crack down on Bitcoin mining public, with Premier Liu He announcing as much this Friday. The world’s most expensive digital currency has undergone a...
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Mining 30/04/21 14:05 by Reynaldo Marquez
Why The Chinese Government Started Mining Bitcoin (BTC)
Reporter Colin Wu shared news published by Chinese state media PengPai related to Bitcoin mining activities by the national government. At the very least, China’s view of cryptocurrencies is amb...
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Mining 30/04/21 01:42 by Reynaldo Marquez
Why The Chinese Government Started Mining Bitcoin (BTC)
Reporter Colin Wu shared news published by Chinese state media PengPai related to Bitcoin mining activities by the national government. At the very least, China’s view of cryptocurrencies is amb...
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