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Bitcoin 14/07/21 13:33 by Brenda Ngari
Banking Giant BNY Mellon To Assist Grayscale Upgrade GBTC To A Bitcoin ETF
Grayscale Investments has forged a partnership with New York-based banking giant Bank of New York Mellon that will see the investment firm act as an asset services provider for its flagship fund, the...
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Other 11/06/21 14:06 by NewsBTC
BNY Mellon’s James Taylor Takes Up New Role with Unizen Exchange
James Taylor, one of the leading lights at BNY Mellon, has quit his role at the global bank to take up a new position in crypto. All of Talyor’s business acumen accrued from years on the job wil...
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Crypto 27/04/21 14:00 by Samuel Wan
Charles Schwab Itching to Invest Trillions Into Cryptocurrency, Waiting For SEC Clarity
In 18 months, investment firm Charles Schwab has 180’ed on the idea of offering cryptocurrency to its clients. Previously, the firm warned that cryptocurrencies were a purely speculative instrum...
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Bitcoin 28/03/21 23:06 by Reynaldo Marquez
BNY Mellon values Bitcoin on par with gold, what’s their price target?
In February, one of the oldest financial institutions in the United States, Bank of New York Mellon, announced the launch of a custody service for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Claiming that BTC...
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Bitcoin 12/02/21 04:39 by Joseph Young
Real Adoption: How Will Mastercard’s Crypto Acceptance Affect Bitcoin Price?
Mastercard, the leading credit card conglomerate, will allow its users to utilize some cryptocurrencies on its payment network, becoming the latest to adopt crypto. The price of Bitcoin moved rapidly ...
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