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Other 10/06/20 17:27 by Livine Sanchez
Midaswms – What’s in it for a Reliable Broker?
Investing in financial assets can be the best decision any trader or investor can make in the financial market. In the same way, this single decision can become a nightmare for an investor if the pri...
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Bitcoin 06/06/20 18:00 by Tony Spilotro
Bitcoin Following Eerie Amazon Dot Com Fractal Would Lead To Retest of $20,000 Record
Bitcoin price has once again found itself trading just below its most important resistance: $10,000. If the first-ever cryptocurrency can break that level, according to an eerily similar fractal from ...
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Bitcoin 27/05/20 09:48 by John Kiguru
Macro Trader Cites Three Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Unlikely To Hit $1M In The Next Decade
Many in the crypto community have over the years made $1 million Bitcoin price predictions. A majority believe this will happen within the next decade. The prediction has been preposterous, but one o...
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Altcoins 18/04/20 09:47 by Brenda Ngari
Ripple’s Sales Of XRP Likely To Go On For The Next Two Decades
The release of XRP tokens locked in escrows is likely to continue for more than two decades. This is the observation of the escrow tracker at XRPArcade, a publication dedicated mainly to XRP. Ripp...
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Other 17/04/20 18:00 by Tony Spilotro
Gold Indicator Flips Green, Signaling Potential Decade of Uptrend
Gold, the original store of wealth and safe-haven asset, recently set a new seven-year high as the recession ramps up. But as the high was tapped, profit-taking began and a pullback ensued. However, o...
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Bitcoin 30/12/19 19:54 by Jide Idowu
Bitcoin Dubbed The Best Performing Asset Of The Decade
Interestingly, as the bitcoin cryptocurrency gained popularity, so did its value increase exponentially. According to a recent report by the Bank of America Securities, it was noted that a dollar ...
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Bitcoin 15/12/19 19:28 by Christine Vasileva
Global Debt to be Worth $12 Million per Bitcoin by Year End
Bitcoin has achieved market capitalization close to some of the biggest corporations, ranging between $100 and $300 billion. But taken in proportion to the size of the world’s financial system, BTC ...
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Bitcoin 14/12/19 14:05 by Christine Vasileva
Bitcoin is This Decade’s Best Investable Asset
Bitcoin has had its share of unnerving time periods – but over the last decade, it has been one of the best investable assets. Appearing as a “black swan”, BTC reached extraordinary valuatio...
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Crypto 08/12/19 16:01 by Kevin Helms
Deutsche Bank Strategist Predicts Crypto Could Replace Fiat Money
Deutsche Bank analysts have made some predictions regarding the future of cryptocurrency. Strategist Jim Reid explained why cryptocurrencies are inevitable and how the existing fiat money system could...
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Bitcoin 05/12/19 09:45 by Brenda Ngari
Bitcoin Is The Biggest Unicorn Of The Decade; Outshines Uber And Airbnb – Former Coinbase CTO
Since topping above $10k in late-October, bitcoin has dropped by roughly 25% to the current level at $7,475. Nonetheless, one angel investor believes it is the biggest unicorn of the decade. Unico...
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Bitcoin 28/11/19 16:17 by Christine Vasileva
Bitcoin Price Shows Striking Correlation to Distressed Global Markets
Bitcoin has widely been considered to be a macro hedge asset against failing global economies, but an exact figure showing this has remained a mystery. Recent findings by a Senior Research Analyst, ho...
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Bitcoin 26/11/19 07:46 by Brenda Ngari
Bitcoin Could Continue Languishing Below $8k If The Uncanny Correlation With Avocado Prices Persists
Bitcoin has long been touted as an asset that bears no correlation to the traditional financial markets, making it an ideal hedge. However, Bloomberg’s Executive Editor, Tracy Alloway, identified a...
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Other 20/11/19 09:37 by Christine Vasileva
Einstein Exchange Closes, Funds Disappear Into Thin Air
The Canadian Einstein exchange, which was put into receivership a few weeks ago, is now closed completely. What is more, there is no evidence of the funds held on the exchange, reportedly around CAD $...
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