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Bitcoin 08/05/21 01:00 by Anifowoshe Ibrahim
12K BTC Removed From Coinbase, Are Whales Relenting?
Coinbase, the largest exchange in the United States, has been the site of several big Bitcoin buy-ins this year. Recent reports show sudden transfers of more than 10,000 BTC to private wallets are not...
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Crypto 12/04/21 10:58 by Olivia Brooke
What Crypto Asset Class At $2 Trillion Says About The Market
Crypto assets have continued to flex their dominance as the total market valuation spirals up to new highs. According to data from CoinMarketCap, the overall crypto market capitalization has thumped ...
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Bitcoin 14/01/21 11:11 by Brenda Ngari
Bitcoin Has Apparently Sucked Away Only 2% Of Gold’s Market Capitalization So Far
Bitcoin has been on a parabolic bull run since late 2020. As the flagship crypto’s price hit all-time highs after all-time highs, bitcoin’s market cap has also been climbing the leaderboards. Bit...
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Altcoins 02/01/21 07:50 by Nick Chong
Dogecoin Price Shoots 50% Higher as Bitcoin Nears $30,000
Dogecoin is up 50% in the past 24 hours, making it the best-performing crypto asset of the top 100 by market capitalization. DOGE is seeing strong volume figures on this rally: per CoinGecko, there ha...
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Altcoins 29/12/20 11:00 by Nick Chong
XRP Loses Even More Exchange Support as Uncertainty Continues
XRP has continued to crash in the face of news that it will be listed from a new round of leading crypto asset exchanges. The altcoin is now down by over 20 percent in the past 24 hours, reaching mult...
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Bitcoin 22/11/20 06:00 by Nick Chong
Bitcoin Has a Higher Market Cap Than All Public Companies But 17
Bitcoin has seen a strong surge over recent weeks amid a muted background for the stock market. The price of the leading cryptocurrency has rocketed higher by approximately 70% in the past five weeks ...
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Bitcoin 27/10/20 19:59 by Adrian Klent
Over 50% Of Bitcoin’s Market Cap Consists Of Unrealized Profits
The market capitalization of a cryptocurrency asset may not be the most accurate metric for the calculation of the value of a digital currency, but its importance in serving as a tool for investors, ...
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Bitcoin 23/10/20 10:25 by Brenda Ngari
Oh The Irony: Bitcoin’s Market Capitalization Is Now Greater Than That Of PayPal
Bitcoin’s market cap has risen dramatically in recent months, recently clinching a spot among the top 25 largest companies and assets by market capitalization. Bitcoin has a valuation of $241,45...
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Bitcoin 08/10/20 19:00 by Tony Spilotro
Analyst: Sidelined Capital Enough To Push Bitcoin To $1 Trillion Market Cap
Bitcoin price is currently trading at just above $10,900, but it may not be doing so for much longer. As the cryptocurrency continues to build a bullish fundamental base, one crypto analyst claims the...
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Bitcoin 27/09/20 15:53 by Brenda Ngari
These 4 Key Market Opportunities Could Thrust Bitcoin’s Market Cap To $3 Trillion By 2025: New Research
Bitcoin has surged higher since falling under $10,000 two weeks ago. The world’s leading cryptocurrency has, however, been giving investors mixed signals as it fails to decisively take out the resi...
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Bitcoin 18/09/20 16:31 by Joseph Young
UBS Gold Price Prediction Buoys Mid-Term Bitcoin Bull Case
UBS, a top-two investment bank in Switzerland after Credit Suisse, has a bullish outlook on gold. In the medium term, the improving sentiment around the precious metal could buoy the bull case of Bitc...
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Other 27/08/20 23:00 by Cole Petersen
Margin Traders Go Short on Polkadot as Its Massive Ascent Continues
Polkadot has become a rising star within the crypto markets, with the layer one “Ethereum killer” seeing massive inflows of capital throughout the past few weeks that have allowed it to become one...
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Altcoins 19/07/20 17:08 by Erie Maxwell
‘Looking for the next Altcoin that will pump is a zero-sum game,’ Says Bitcoin Developer Jimmy Song
With Bitcoin and most of the top coins trading sideways for months, investors are looking at alternatives, especially low market capitalization coins that have huge potential. Bitcoin’s total domin...
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Altcoins 01/07/20 01:59 by Nick Chong
Crypto “Reserve Currency,” Tether (USDT) Hits a $10 Billion Market Cap
Weeks ago, NewsBTC reported that the market capitalization of leading crypto stablecoin Tether (USDT) was on track to $10 billion. This week, after a large minting of coins, the milestone was reached....
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Altcoins 19/06/20 00:15 by Adrian Klent
Data Shows Most XRP Investors Are ‘Deeply In The Red’ – Why The Worst May Be Yet To Come
The world’s fourth-most valuable cryptocurrency, XRP, has been stuck in the doldrums for the past two years. While a majority of the other major cryptocurrencies have been able to recoup a majority...
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Altcoins 09/06/20 16:29 by Priyeshu Garg
Tether’s Market Cap on Path to Reach $10 Billion: Here’s What it Means
The market cap of Tether’s dollar-pegged stablecoin USDT has been steadily increasing this year and could soon reach $10 billion. According to the company’s CTO Paolo Ardoino, Tether has minted $5...
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Altcoins 04/05/20 10:23 by PR DESK
Remitano Officially Lists 5 New Invest Altcoins
“Every improvement contributing to your outstanding experience is our daily motivation.” – Remitano According to our survey on Remitano about the demand for Altcoin investing in 202...
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Altcoins 22/04/20 16:00 by Yashu Gola
Tether Surpasses XRP to Become the Third-Largest Cryptocurrency
The market capitalization of Tether (USDT) surpassed that of XRP this week. The dollar-pegged stablecoin is now the third-largest cryptocurrency.  Macro factors led the demand for USDT higher, includ...
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Bitcoin 03/04/20 23:23 by Lorenzo Stroe
Bitcoin price at $100k – will it come off before the end of 2020?
In a recent and quite controversial tweet, Zac Prince, the founder of BlockFi has stated that one of the ‘smartest institutional market participants he knows told him that he is more confident than...
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Crypto 29/03/20 21:00 by Cole Petersen
Crypto Market Highly Bearish Beneath One Level; Here’s What Could Tip the Scales
The aggregated crypto market has been struggling throughout the past few weeks, with it incurring an insane selloff that was catalyzed by Bitcoin’s decline from its mid-February highs of $10,500 to ...
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