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Mining 07/07/21 18:06 by Eduardo Próspero
China Banned Bitcoin Mining. What Happens To Small Hydropower Stations Now?
This China Business News report about hydropower stations will blow your mind. It contains revelation after revelation and clears the situation up. Now that Bitcoin mining is prohibited, who’s c...
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Mining 30/06/21 19:55 by Hououin Kyouma
Poolin Reward Tokens Plummet In Response To China Bitcoin Mining Exodus
Following China’s bitcoin mining crackdowns, Poolin has suspended rewards for its tokenized hashrate contracts. The wBTC and wETH rewards are on pause until “less than 60 days”, as p...
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Mining 25/06/21 12:41 by Eduardo Próspero
Bitcoin Hash Rate Goes On Death Spiral Post China’s Crackdown On Miners
The great Bitcoin miners migration is well underway. And the network’s total hash rate is showing it in a big way. Currently, the number of terahashes per second is at its lowest level in the la...
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Altcoins 31/05/21 20:22 by Reynaldo Marquez
How Ethereum Could Power A CBDC, According To A Chinese Goverment Official
Yao Qian, a member of The China Securities Regulatory Commission, presented a case where a possible Digital U.S. dollar and the Digital Yuan run on top of Ethereum’s network. The government offi...
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Other 18/05/21 05:52 by NewsBTC
Best in the Business: Energy Efficiency Proving Major Drawcard for Fantom
One of the fastest-growing blockchain platforms utilized by crypto traders is leading the world in terms of energy efficiency, bringing some of the lowest kWh used per transaction available anywhere o...
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Other 02/05/21 22:50 by Reynaldo Marquez
China’s Central Bank To Work With Alibaba’s Ant On Digital Yuan
Per a report by VOA News, Alibaba Group’s affiliate Ant Group has signed a partnership with the People’s Bank of China. The partners will work to build a platform for the country’s c...
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Bitcoin 07/04/21 14:40 by Yashu Gola
Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Kiyosaki is Buying More Bitcoin Today, But Why?
People usually buy Bitcoin in hopes that they would be able to sell it to others for higher profits. But for a celebrated financial expert like Robert Kiyosaki, Bitcoin is an opportunity to break away...
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Crypto 16/12/19 16:20 by Kevin Helms
Regulatory Roundup: Crypto ‘Inevitable’ in India, China Rankings, NY Streamlines Policy
In this regulatory roundup, we cover a positive crypto story in India, China’s year-end rankings, and the European Central Bank entering the stablecoin race. We also cover the New York regulator...
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Other 12/12/19 05:30 by Lubomir Tassev
China’s Inflation Hits a Record 4.5% as Beijing Prepares to Test Digital Yuan
China has been confronted with multiple economic and financial problems this year amidst an ongoing trade war with the United States. Authorities in Beijing have been trying to overcome the challenges...
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Other 01/12/19 15:30 by Lubomir Tassev
‘In Small Steps’ China Cuts Benchmark Interest Rates
Careful not to rush too much with stimulus, the Chinese government nevertheless realizes that its behemoth economy is invariably slowing down. New loan interest rate cuts have been announced recently ...
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