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Altcoins 22/01/21 01:01 by Tony Spilotro
Altcoin Expert: Buy Crypto That Holds Up During Bitcoin Breakdown
Bitcoin has plummeted by more than $11,000 from its recent FOMO-driven peak. Normally, the bearish momentum in the top cryptocurrency is enough to drag down the rest of the market, but select altcoins...
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Other 21/01/21 13:50 by Adrian Klent
All the Reasons to Pay Close Attention to Chainlink
As Bitcoin consolidates, altcoins, especially DeFi coins are having a field day. Chainlink’s LINK which has been trailing new levels since the year began, is presenting itself as one of DeFi’s mo...
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Mining 20/01/21 22:37 by Nick James
Miners Have Already Earned Over $700 Million In Bitcoin Revenue This Month
While Bitcoin does well in terms of price, mining operations seem to be gaining traction as well. BTC miners have already brought in upwards of $700 million in revenue between January 1st and January...
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Bitcoin 20/01/21 17:18 by Thomas Delahunty
The Brilliant Minds Behind the BTC Ultimatum Project, and Their New CEO, Eric Ma
BTC Ultimatum (BTCU) has been created for the development of innovative blockchain solutions – Prof-it Blockchain Ltd. BTCU is led by globally recognised experts in blockchain and crypto, feat...
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Bitcoin 20/01/21 11:24 by Daniel. C.O
Bitcoin’s limited supply limits it from meeting the need of a growing economy – Steve Forbes
It is a popular opinion that bitcoin’s limited supply makes it more valuable and superior to other asset classes and fiat money. There are only about 18.58 million bitcoins currently in existence. ...
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Altcoins 19/01/21 13:05 by John Kiguru
Ethereum Takes Spotlight Away From Bitcoin As It Finds All-Time High, But Can It Double That?
Ethereum has in the last 24 hours made a stride that has left it an inch away from reaching its ATH. With the breakout looking stronger than ever, the coin is set to discover a new high with most ana...
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Altcoins 18/01/21 17:00 by Cole Petersen
Altcoins Fly as Bitcoin Ranges: What Analysts Think Comes Next for BTC
Bitcoin has seen some mixed price action as of late, with bulls and bears largely reaching an impasse as the cryptocurrency consolidates Where it trends next will undoubtedly depend largely on whethe...
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Bitcoin 16/01/21 06:10 by Nick Chong
Why This Analyst Expects Bitcoin Price Consolidation After the Recent 15% Drop
Bitcoin faced a strong drop into Friday. The cryptocurrency, after peaking at $40,000, fell as low as $34,000 in a flash drop on Friday morning. The drop was odd because the cryptocurrency was strongl...
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Altcoins 16/01/21 02:00 by Tony Spilotro
Proper Altcoin Season While Bitcoin Drops Has Traders “Cautious”
The recent “altcoin season” playing out over the last several days while Bitcoin downtrends, has traders “cautious” about what could be next. As for what could possibly lie ahe...
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Bitcoin 14/01/21 13:59 by Bernice Nyambura
Bitcoin Bull Run Far From Over – Weiss Crypto Ratings Gives Reasons Why
Bitcoin dropped by almost 20% to around $33,000 on the morning of 11th January from an all-time high of $41,000 achieved the previous day. The crypto market as well as bitcoin’s market caps slid be...
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Bitcoin 14/01/21 11:11 by Brenda Ngari
Bitcoin Has Apparently Sucked Away Only 2% Of Gold’s Market Capitalization So Far
Bitcoin has been on a parabolic bull run since late 2020. As the flagship crypto’s price hit all-time highs after all-time highs, bitcoin’s market cap has also been climbing the leaderboards. Bit...
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Bitcoin 13/01/21 14:15 by Adrian Klent
Market Data Reveals Whales Bought The Bitcoin Dip While Retail Traders Sold Off
The major Bitcoin sell-off that took the market by storm had been making rounds in the cryptocurrency community this week. Recall that one analyst had hinted before the event that the arrival of Asia...
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Other 12/01/21 16:52 by Thomas Delahunty
An Upcoming Public Sale on Polkastarter Follows e-Money’s Successful DEX Launch
e-Money introduces fast, frictionless swapping of currency backed tokens into the Cosmos ecosystem With the world’s largest funds pouring millions into Bitcoin, the eyes of the world are on cryp...
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Altcoins 12/01/21 14:29 by Yashu Gola
Stellar Leads Crypto Gains as XLM Rallies by 49%; Pullback Ahead?
Stellar Lumens’ native token XLM was among the biggest gainers in the cryptocurrency market in the previous 24 hours, rising by roughly 49 percent in the US dollar-pegged markets. The XLM/USD ex...
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Bitcoin 11/01/21 22:58 by Nick James
JPMorgan Strategists: A Crypto ETF Approval Would Cannibalize Bitcoin’s Price
Bitcoin’s price would take a serious hit in the event that an ETF were to be approved. That’s according to a team of analysts at JPMorgan Chase. The analysts, led by one Nikolaos Panigirtzoglo...
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Bitcoin 11/01/21 20:35 by Daniel. C.O
Decade-Old Idle Bitcoins Worth $40 million Moved In Recurring Pattern
Idle wallets and illiquid bitcoins are finally coming to life as the crypto markets continue to break new grounds. On January 3, 2021, an old miner spent 20 block rewards from a decade ago that summ...
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Bitcoin 11/01/21 15:17 by News BTC
“We Participate Directly in the Rising Bitcoin Price“ — Aroosh Thillainathan, Founder and CEO of Northern Data
Northern Data, the specialist in high-performance computing, is one of the world’s leading providers of infrastructure for Bitcoin mining and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (XETRA: NB2, ...
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Crypto 11/01/21 14:34 by Guest Author
Conversation with Norbert Goffa – Co-Founder of ILCOIN – About the Cryptocurrency Market, Trends and Vision
An interview by Alyona Karpinskaya Interviewing: Norbert Goffa Q: Currently, everybody is talking about the skyrocketing price of Bitcoin. Did you expect that Bitcoin would reach its all-time high by ...
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Bitcoin 11/01/21 12:05 by Nick James
Student Cashes Out $4 Million In Bitcoin After Finding Lost Keys To 127 BTC
There have been lots of emotional stories about people who lost their crypto holdings after forgetting their keys. Clearly, there has been a shortage of nice stories about people who have managed to ...
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Bitcoin 09/01/21 13:56 by Nick James
Bitcoin Breaks Into Top 10 Largest Assets, Overtakes Facebook And Alibaba – Is Tesla Next?
Bitcoin has now joined the top largest assets in the world after it experienced a sudden price surge, putting its price above the $40k mark. At the time of this writing, BTC is trading at around $40,...
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Altcoins 08/01/21 21:00 by Tony Spilotro
Unprecedented Bitcoin Rally Leads Altcoins Into “Uncharted Territory”
The shocking Bitcoin rally has resulted in the cryptocurrency reaching two times its previous all-time high. Meanwhile, most altcoins have yet to return to the high they set years ago. This strange oc...
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Bitcoin 06/01/21 21:00 by Tony Spilotro
Analyst: After A 50% Retrace Against Bitcoin, Chainlink Is “Ready” To Soar
All the way up until around mid-2020, Chainlink was the hottest crypto token around. But once Bitcoin broke above $10,000 months ago, the altcoin’s uptrend against the top cryptocurrency was bro...
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Bitcoin 06/01/21 13:54 by Daniel. C.O
Top Crypto Exchanges Record High Volume Bitcoin Withdrawals Amidst Bull Run
The crypto space has been buzzing with activity in the past few days because of the price surge of bitcoin and altcoins. One of these activities that have gone unnoticed is the movement of bulk bitco...
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Bitcoin 05/01/21 21:09 by Cole Petersen
Data Shows Institutions are Buying Bitcoin Above $30,000 Despite Turbulence
Bitcoin’s price action has been quite mixed as of late, with buyers and sellers both vying for control over the cryptocurrency’s trend Over a mid-term time frame, bulls are clearly in con...
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Altcoins 05/01/21 18:23 by Mr Oak
Dogecoin up by 120%. What’s in store for traders?
Dogecoin has been in the crypto market for some time now and whilst it hasn’t really tried to distance itself from its ”meme” status, it has previously shown glimpses of hope. As such, the digi...
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Altcoins 04/01/21 11:00 by Nick Chong
Two Key Reasons Why Dogecoin (DOGE) Just Dove 20% Under $0.01
Dogecoin (DOGE) is down 20% in the past 24 hours after a 100% rally on Friday. The “meme” cryptocurrency still has a market capitalization in excess of $1 billion and has registered $2 bil...
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Altcoins 02/01/21 23:06 by Mr Oak
Tether (USDT) Is Blowing Up On Tron And Here’s Why
2020 was a record-breaking year for the Tron decentralized network as the network saw a major expansion into Defi, amassing millions of new users alongside the journey. Tron saw a series of integrati...
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Other 01/01/21 22:00 by Cole Petersen
Yearn.finance (YFI) Could be Coiling Up for a Rally; Analysts Eye $27,000
Yearn.finance’s YFI governance token’s price has been stagnant as of late, hovering within the lower-$20,000 region without being able to gain any serious momentum. This comes as the entir...
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Altcoins 01/01/21 21:00 by Tony Spilotro
FUN and Games: Altcoin Drastically Pumps And Dumps Against Bitcoin
The Bitcoin bull market is here, the asset is trading at nearly $30,000, and an awful year just came to a close – investors are in their right to be celebrating and having a little bit of fun wi...
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Mining 31/12/20 22:00 by Cole Petersen
Data Shows New Investors Flooded into Chainlink in 2020; Upside Imminent?
Over the past few weeks, Chainlink’s price action has been nothing short of lackluster, with the cryptocurrency failing to gain any serious momentum as investors widely shift their focus away fr...
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