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Bitcoin 16/07/21 21:00 by Hououin Kyouma
A Rare Bullish Bitcoin Signal Has Finally Appeared
A rare bullish bitcoin signal, the difficulty ribbon compression, has started pumping up for the first time since the bull run started. The Bitcoin Difficulty Ribbon Compression Goes Up As pointed out...
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Altcoins 15/07/21 17:19 by Olivia Brooke
Cardano Is Outstripping Bitcoin In More Ways Than One
Recently, a decent part of the cryptocurrency market has been opining that Ethereum (ETH) has enough potential to knock off Bitcoin. Since the announcement of the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade and the develop...
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Bitcoin 14/07/21 19:50 by Bernice Nyambura
Disgruntled Bitcoin Traders Come Down On Binance Over Massive Losses Incurred In May Crash
Binance customers who claim to have suffered huge losses when binance froze on May 19 while BTC price was plunging are now going after the exchange for damages, the Wall Street Journal reports. BTC ...
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Altcoins 13/07/21 16:21 by David Kariuki
Elon Musk-Backed Dogecoin Spearheads $30 Billion Meme-Coin Market
Dogecoin, which shocked many after attaining a market capitalization of over $50 billion equaling with Barclays Bank, is still maintaining its position as a pilot to many other meme coins which toget...
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Other 08/07/21 12:22 by Livine Sanchez
Trader-oriented Yield Farming Protocol Pera Finance announces listing on Pancakeswap and Gate.io
Pera Finance is all braced up for its native token listings on leading exchange platforms including Pancakeswap and Gate.io. From what we call the IDO frenzy during the DeFi bull run, Pera Finance la...
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Other 07/07/21 18:19 by Bernice Nyambura
Binance CEO CZ Responds To High Hostility From Several Financial Regulators
Binance CEO has finally responded to the rising hostility of its operations by various financial regulators, resulting in a direct effect on fund deposits from its customers with accounts in traditio...
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Other 07/07/21 13:29 by Asad Gillani
Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao States “Compliance Is A Journey”
There has been a lot of developments in the crypto space since its inception. But it seems that the regulatory authorities are waking up to strengthen the system. Amid such concerns, Binance CEO, Chan...
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Other 02/07/21 19:18 by NewsBTC
PORT Network Creates a Decentralized Marketplace to Meet All the Computational Power Requirements
The advancement in science and technology has created the need for increased computing power in almost all industry segments. Few specialized sectors like pharmaceuticals, AI, 3D image processing, IoT...
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Other 02/07/21 10:21 by NewsBTC
OKExChain Introduces EVM Compatibility and a $50K Hackathon to Go Along with it
OKExChain, a transparent, open-source and truly decentralized ecosystem created by the leading crypto spot and derivatives trading platform OKEx has announced EVM compatibility. EVM, short for Ethereu...
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Altcoins 01/07/21 20:42 by PR DESK
Ethereum Data Purposes Green Ecological Revolution in Blockchain
Crypto miners are shifting from the conventional Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm to a greener alternative. Ethereum, for instance, is migrating from PoW 1.0 to Proof-of-stake (PoS) 2.0 to reduce its en...
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Mining 30/06/21 18:54 by Ruholamin Haqshanas
What To Expect From Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Plunging 25% In Largest Downward Adjustment In History
Bitcoin mining difficulty, an attribute of Bitcoin that indicates how challenging it is to mine a new block, is poised to plunge by more than 25%. This historic drop comes as the out-turn of China...
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Crypto 30/06/21 11:52 by Asad Gillani
Argo Blockchain Secures $20 Million Loan with Galaxy Digital LP
Argo Blockchain expresses joy as it announces a £14 million ($20 million) loan agreement on its website. The deal, spanning six months, was secured with Galaxy Digital LP using a porti...
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Other 28/06/21 15:06 by BitcoinPrbuzz
PORT Network Becomes First DApp to Harness Sustainable Processing Power for Both Cloud and Volunteer Computing
With an ever-increasing demand for computing power, PORT Network launches the first dApp to merge both Cloud and Volunteer computing on the blockchain. 28th June 2021, DĂźsseldorf, Germany –...
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Altcoins 23/06/21 11:49 by NewsBTC
How Wanchain’s Litecoin Integration Paves the Way for Mainstream Adoption of Decentralized Cross-chain Infrastructure
With so many blockchains on the market today, the demand for cross-chain operability grows ever louder. While there are some projects in development, Wanchain stands out among the pack. Having just in...
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Altcoins 16/06/21 17:59 by Livine Sanchez
Moonriver Crowdloan Aims To Bring Ethereum DApps And Services To Kusama
The ongoing evolution of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is accelerating. Polkadot, one of the most anticipated projects in the industry, will soon introduce its parachains to the public. ...
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Other 15/06/21 21:40 by PR DESK
Panther Protocol Releases Ambitious Whitepaper for an End-to-End DeFi Privacy Solution
Midtown, Gibraltar. Panther, a privacy-preserving protocol for digital assets focused on DeFi, has released its comprehensive whitepaper today. Formed in 2020 by leading entrepreneurs and technologis...
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Altcoins 08/06/21 15:22 by Lou Kavan Flavius
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse Isn’t Done Blasting The US Over Lack Of Regulation
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has suggested that the lack of regulatory law around cryptocurrencies is responsible for the company being in trouble with the SEC. XRP was trading under $0.90 cents on M...
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Bitcoin 07/06/21 18:33 by Brenda Ngari
Former US President Trump Still Doesn’t Like Bitcoin, Launches Fresh Attack On BTC
Former US President Donald Trump is once again taking aim at the world’s largest cryptocurrency. Speaking with Stuart Varney on Fox Business today, Trump described bitcoin as a “scam” and insin...
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Other 29/05/21 00:16 by Taylor Scott
SEC Sues Five People Over BitConnect Lending Program
A Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) civil lawsuit has been filed against five individuals allegedly involved in promoting BitConnect’s “lending program”. BitConnect shut down ...
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Other 26/05/21 16:18 by NewsBTC
EasyFi Looks To Bounce Back; Issues Reinstatement & Interim Compensation Plans
DeFi protocol EasyFi, a multichain layer 2 lending platform, is looking to bounce back in a major way. In public statements released in recent weeks, the company is showing commitment to the protocol,...
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Crypto 25/05/21 19:32 by PR DESK
Crypto Platform Currency.com Welcomes Steve Gregory to its Senior Leadership Team
European-based cryptocurrency trading platform Currency.com has announced the appointment of Steve Gregory as the head of its United States business. According to the firm, Gregory is a former Chief ...
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Crypto 25/05/21 00:27 by Guest Author
How Do Crypto Casino Tournaments Work?
Tournament gameplay is not all the rage at top cryptocurrency casinos like https://www.bitcoincasino.io. Unsurprisingly, there are plenty of different ways that you can get involved in cryptocurrency...
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Altcoins 08/05/21 03:45 by Reynaldo Marquez
VanEck Files For Ethereum ETF As ETH’s Price Staggers
According to a Form S-1 filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), asset manager VanEck Digital Assets has filed for an Ethereum Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). Called VanEck Ethereum T...
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Crypto 07/05/21 21:35 by Guest Author
Addressing the concerns of the Crypto trading industry through revolutionary products and prime brokerage services
As the activities in the crypto space heighten up, leading to a road of massive adoption, DeFi remains a critical driver for what we witness today. While Bitcoin has gained momentum and Ethereum is o...
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Bitcoin 06/05/21 17:18 by Olivia Brooke
MercadoLibre, The ‘Amazon of Latin America’ Has Bought $7.8 Million In Bitcoin
Argentine E-commerce platform MercadoLibre, which has been branded the “Amazon of Latin America” has stepped into the Bitcoin market. The company, which has several branches in the United...
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Altcoins 30/04/21 16:09 by Erie Maxwell
Why Binance’s Latest Stock Tokens May Land It In Trouble
World-leading cryptocurrency platform, Binance, could face fines from Germany and other European countries over an alleged violation of the E.U. laws regarding the listing of stock tokens and investm...
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Bitcoin 29/04/21 15:03 by Olivia Brooke
Crypto Space Goes Ballistic As Facebook’s Q1 Earnings Show No Bitcoin In Sight
If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s the fact that the cryptocurrency community is extremely opinionated. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that crypto Twitter is blowing hot ove...
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Crypto 28/04/21 12:13 by NewsBTC
BSCTrades: The Complete Trading Package with Real-time Data Analysis
BSCTrades launches comprehensive trading tools with real-time data analysis at the trader’s fingertips. These tools by BSCTrades are set to ramp up the BSC trading game. Traders can Chart, trade...
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Altcoins 23/04/21 22:32 by Reynaldo Marquez
Ethereum, SOL, BSC These Are The Winners Of The “Ecosystems Wars”
A report by Messari researcher Roberto Talamas explores the performance of the most important cryptocurrencies in the “ecosystem wars”. From Ethereum, Cosmos, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, ...
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Altcoins 21/04/21 18:39 by NewsBTC
Akita Inu: Is It the Next Dogecoin?
Released just 3 months ago, Akita Inu is a humble ERC 20 token with bold results so far.  Originally found on Uniswap, over the past week it has found itself added on multiple exchanges including...
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