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Other 17/07/21 18:55 by PR DESK
RareMall: Diversity is the Key to The Future of Digital Creation
The entire world turns towards the NFT marketplace because the future of digital collectibles exchange relies on the NFT marketplace. However, most marketplaces are still underutilized as they featur...
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Altcoins 14/07/21 17:21 by Ruholamin Haqshanas
TikTok Bars Crypto Ads — Why This Is Bad News For Dogecoin?
The Chinese short-form video-sharing app TikTok has recently updated its advertising policies, banning certain types of promotions. The now-verboten themes encompass plenty of financial services and ...
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Crypto 10/07/21 11:52 by Adrian Klent
TikTok Bans Crypto Ads, But There’s Reason To Believe It Won’t Last
TikTok, a popular video-sharing-focused social media platform, has banned all promotional content relating to cryptocurrencies on its platform. In a recent update to their branded content policy, ...
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Altcoins 06/07/21 22:50 by PR DESK
Nafty Adult Content Ecosystem Completes NAFTY Token Pre-Sale
Nafty, a DeFi ecosystem embedded in the $97 billion adult industry, has announced the conclusion of the pre-sale of its governance token, the NAFTY token. Tokens were purchased by over 400 investors ...
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Other 03/07/21 22:59 by Reynaldo Marquez
Why Terra (LUNA) Will Reward Users With New Community Bounty Program
Before the crash in the crypto market, Terra (LUNA) saw one of the strongest rallies of 2021. This platform’s native token traded under $1 early in the year and reached an all-time high of $22 b...
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Other 25/06/21 19:16 by PR DESK
How KELPIE Facilitate Free Flow of Data and Content Creation
The world is changing at a pace we have never seen before. We have new revolutionary technologies that are interrupting every aspect of our lives from healthcare, education, content creation, etc.  ...
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Other 23/06/21 16:16 by Livine Sanchez
Meme.com: The Home of Memes
Memes have been an extremely popular trend for years now, bringing fun and playful atmosphere to internet users all around the globe. Some memes like the “Success Kid” and “Disaster Girl” hav...
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Crypto 09/06/21 12:00 by NewsBTC
Are You a Blockster? If You’re Investing in Crypto Then You Certainly Are
The crypto space is in the midst of the biggest bull run in its history, with more attention being focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchain than ever before. Despite this, crypto projects often have...
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Other 02/06/21 11:54 by NewsBTC
Instagram’s Search for an NFT Marketplace Indicate the Era of Social Media Based NFT Platforms is Around the Corner
Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) has become the talk of the crypto town this bull season after it attracted the attention of several mainstream celebrities. This bull season has given rise to several crypto ...
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Crypto 19/05/21 14:14 by Livine Sanchez
Are These the Next Superstar Crypto Projects?
2021 has been an incredibly lucrative period for cryptocurrency investors with the average cryptocurrency more than doubling in value since the start of the year. But more than this, some of this ...
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Altcoins 17/05/21 12:00 by NewsBTC
Unlike Dogecoin, Catecoin Gives a New Meaning to Meme Coins with Real Use case
In the present-day connected world, memes have become an integral part of our pop culture. While one can’t put a monetary value on the entertainment they provide, its creators can definitely be ...
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Other 12/05/21 14:19 by BitcoinPrbuzz
Spring and Bondly NFT Partnership Unlocks New Wave Of Digital Potential For The Creator Economy
Bondly Finance, a platform built to power the next generation of digital collectibles, has announced a strategic partnership with Spring, a simple solution for creating and selling products digitally...
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Crypto 06/04/21 10:19 by NewsBTC
Coreto: A Social Platform for All Reliable Crypto-Related Information
Coreto, a reputation-based online social platform for crypto communities has announced the Alpha launch of its product. Set for release on April 12, 2021, the product will be initially tried and teste...
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Other 31/03/21 06:29 by Mark Hampton
AIOZ Tube Is Reimagining Content Streaming for the Digital Generation
You may have heard the murmurs about AIOZ Tube, the new streaming site backed by blockchain disruptors at Innovion and the PAID Network. If you’ve gone further, and had an opportunity to check o...
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Crypto 23/03/21 17:38 by Erie Maxwell
Snoop Dogg, Lionel Richie Now Selling NFTs On Crypto.com’s New Marketplace
NFTs have become immensely popular over the last few years and have been applied in everything from the gaming world to the sports industry. Following a record $69 million art sale of an NFT at Chris...
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Altcoins 22/03/21 16:23 by Livine Sanchez
TRON and MixMarvel Join Forces to Launch NFTs
Blockchain giant TRON and blockchain game publisher MixMarvel have joined forces to bring NFTs to TRON’s ever-increasing decentralized finance ecosystem. MixMarvel has launched several new p...
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Crypto 22/03/21 13:51 by NewsBTC
VR Content Platform Dvision Network to Auction Crypto Celebrity Avatar and Other Limited-Edition NFTs
Dvision Network, the blockchain-based virtual reality (VR) content ecosystem, has announced the introduction of five limited-edition NFT characters, to be auctioned later this month. These NFTs are th...
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Altcoins 18/03/21 16:03 by Livine Sanchez
Lindsay Lohan to Release NFT Collectibles on TRON
American actress, singer, and entrepreneur Lindsay Lohan is launching an exclusive NFT on the TRON blockchain. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) allow owners to hold unique assets digitally and simplifies t...
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Other 22/02/21 07:43 by Thomas Delahunty
An Internet Free of Ad Cookies Is Now Closer Than Ever
Fractal Protocol offers a better experience for users and a fairer market for content creators When you visit a website you will these days have to give consent for cookies, which are used to identify...
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Other 16/02/21 09:00 by Guest Author
How Verasity’s Proof of View (PoV) is Granted a US Patent and Stopping Fake Views
Considering the fact that we are in the internet age, there’s never been more content available and produced. So, whether it’s news updates or video, content is on an exponential increase ...
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Other 11/02/21 08:34 by Guest Author
Verasity’s Proof of View is Granted a US Patent
It’s no longer news that there has been a significant increase in the number of eSports viewers. In 2019, there were about 245 million casual viewers and 198 million enthusiasts – an audie...
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Crypto 04/02/21 09:00 by Guest Author
Meet the Influencers Bringing Blockchain To Mainstream Consumers
The next generation of influencers have arrived at the crypto scene and they are on a mission to oust outdated social media monetization practices and champion crypto-based content revenue models that...
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Crypto 10/01/21 14:01 by PR DESK
Crypto Broker Anycoin Direct Ready for International Growth
One of the biggest and most trusted crypto brokers in Europe has been getting a lot of attention lately because of their registration at the Dutch Central Bank. This might sound boring, but it actual...
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Altcoins 04/01/21 21:38 by BitcoinPrbuzz
KIM Dotcom Adopts Bitcoin Cash for its Content Monetization Platform, K.IM
KIM Dotcom is integrating Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in its new content monetization service, K.IM. This will allow users of monetized content to pay for such content using BCH. The service will allow online...
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Other 21/12/20 19:03 by Livine Sanchez
BitTorrent Integrates DLive With New Protocol for P2P Streaming
The BitTorrent family has gained a new member in the form of a video streaming platform DLive. The latter is to gain its own protocol after connecting with BitTorrent to provide a P2P network for liv...
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Altcoins 24/11/20 18:04 by PR DESK
TRONADZ – The First Decentralized AdNetwork
In the present economy, the role of decentralization is huge, and there comes the use of Smart Contract Technology, which not only is disrupting the traditional payment routes but is doing it in grea...
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Other 28/10/20 21:05 by PR DESK
ProBit Exchange lists Decentralized Streaming Monetization Platform POP Network
Pop Network has listed its token POP on ProBit Exchange October 6 with KRW and USDT markets for trading.  POP Network is the decentralized sector’s answer to the current chokehold across co...
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Altcoins 23/10/20 14:00 by Samuel Wan
Hoskinson Accuses Wikipedia of Censorship Following Refusal to List Cardano
IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson vents his disappointment over Wikipedia’s refusal to list a Cardano page. In a Periscope video, Hoskinson hits out following his discovery that the online encyclopedia...
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Other 22/10/20 18:16 by Ponvang Bulus
BitTorrent Acquires Live Streaming Service DLive, Launches BitTorrent X Ecosystem
Decentralized file-sharing protocol BitTorrent has announced its acquisition of live streaming platform DLive.tv. The acquisition will lead to the complete migration of the entire BitTorrent services...
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Crypto 18/09/20 11:42 by Guest Author
How Do Blockchain Projects Cultivate a Star-like Following?
Some crypto projects fail to lift off. Others generate enormous traction and turn into industry’s rock stars. How do they do it? Leading crypto start-ups don’t get into community-building for the ...
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