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Bitcoin 23/03/21 02:00 by Tony Spilotro
How Bitcoin Price Could Shed 50 To 70% If Momentum Turns Down
Bitcoin price is down nearly 10% from recent highs set earlier this month, but the underlying strength of the price action is beginning to fade ever so slightly. The weekly MACD is also turning , pote...
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Bitcoin 03/03/21 02:00 by Tony Spilotro
Bitcoin Shakes Off Dollar Rebound But Beware Of Coming Bear Phase
Bitcoin has barely flinched in the face of the dollar’s best attempt at a rebound in over a year. The greenback is trying to stage a comeback against the top cryptocurrency, which has left the g...
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Altcoins 23/12/20 02:00 by Tony Spilotro
Altcoin Season Delayed, Alt Crypto Market Cap Stuck In The Clouds
Bitcoin is trading a few thousand above its former peak at $20,000, but the spark of a new altcoin season hasn’t yet arrived in the crypto industry. One reason for the delay of the bullish advan...
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Altcoins 22/12/20 00:00 by Tony Spilotro
Bitcoin Dominance In December: Why The Future Of Altcoins Hinge On This Month’s Close
Bitcoin is well above its former all-time high, but the “alt season” where altcoins explode in value relative to the top-ranked cryptocurrency has yet to arrive. BTC dominance, a metric we...
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Bitcoin 14/10/20 15:00 by Yashu Gola
Bitcoin Fractals That Sent Price 30-50% Higher Flash Again
Just a day before Bitcoin breached $11,500, a psychological resistance level, the cryptocurrency painted one of the strongest bullish signals of its eleven-year history as a financial asset. On Octobe...
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Bitcoin 25/06/20 15:00 by Yashu Gola
A Chilling Bitcoin “Death Cross” Reappears With a Gloomy Stocks Correction
Bitcoin has formed a “Death Cross” pattern on its daily chart as price slips ahead of the New York opening bell. The cryptocurrency’s 50-day simple moving average today closed above...
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Bitcoin 23/06/20 13:00 by Yashu Gola
Bitcoin “Death Cross” Pattern that Last Crashed Price By 55% Appears Again
Bitcoin has come closer to forming a dreaded Wall Street chart pattern: the Death Cross. The bearish technical indicator materializes when an asset’s long-term moving average crosses above its ...
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Mining 19/06/20 15:03 by Yashu Gola
Bitcoin Braces for Record Rally as Golden Cross on S&P 500 Looks Imminent
Bitcoin could break above $10,000 in the next quarter. The upside sentiment matures as the S&P 500 hints at painting a super-bullish Golden Cross in July 2020. The U.S. benchmark’s growing ...
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Bitcoin 27/04/20 19:30 by Tony Spilotro
This Long-Term Momentum Indicator Is About to Flip Bullish on Bitcoin
Bitcoin price has been in a downtrend for nearly two years now, with only a short-lived rally in Q2 2019 giving crypto investors a break from the bear market. However, a long-term momentum indicator i...
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Bitcoin 19/11/19 06:24 by Nick Chong
Bitcoin Capitulation Near, Price to Plunge to $6,400 if History Rhymes
Last week, Crypto Twitter erupted with reports that “miners capitulated.” Indeed, the Bitcoin Hash Ribbons — an indicator tracking the health of the network’s hash rate — saw a b...
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