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Crypto 02/06/20 19:09 by Nick James
Nearly $1.4 Billion have been lost to crimes involving cryptocurrency in 2020, Analytics Firm Reveals
It’s true that the crypto space is awash with criminal masterminds looking to make a buck off the back of unsuspecting victims. Every year, multiple incidents are reported where fraudsters, hackers...
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Altcoins 25/05/20 23:00 by Cole Petersen
Active Ethereum Wallet Count Has Grown 350% Since 2018; What This Indicates
Ethereum’s price action has been incredibly week in the time following its parabolic movement to highs of $290 in February. It appears that there has been a divergence between the cryptocurrency’s...
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Bitcoin 08/05/20 18:00 by Cole Petersen
This CME Volume Trend Shows Paul Tudor Jones Isn’t the Only Big Investor Betting on Bitcoin
The crypto industry was thrilled to learn that legendary macro investor Paul Tudor Jones gave Bitcoin and honorable mention within one of this latest market outlook reports. In this report, he explain...
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Crypto 01/05/20 07:41 by PR DESK
Gambling for a good cause – CryptoSlots donates all proceeds from new slot to the fight against coronavirus
bitcoin casino, along with video poker and keno. All games are provably fair and mobile friendly. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash & Monero are all accepted payment methods. *Valid for deposits...
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Altcoins 28/04/20 20:02 by Lorenzo Stroe
Stellar Sees Exponential Rise In Social Dominance And Volume
Stellar (XLM) has been on a roll recently surging by more than 60% during the past 12 days outperforming most cryptos including Ethereum. According to a recent report by ‘Santiment’, Stellar has ...
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Crypto 21/04/20 15:16 by Nick James
Hacker Returns $25 Million Worth Of Cryptos They Stole From DForce
Over the weekend, something really severe happened to dForce, decentralized finance protocol. A hacker managed to gain unauthorized access to the network and drained its wallets dry. Following the ha...
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Mining 12/04/20 20:30 by Cole Petersen
This Top Crypto’s Grim Pattern Shows a Massive Decline May Be Imminent
Chainlink’s immense bullishness seen throughout 2019 spilled into 2020, with the market-wide uptrend in January and February sending the crypto to fresh all-time highs. Even in the face of intense b...
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Altcoins 06/04/20 20:29 by Nick James
Leaning In: Stellar Pledges To Donate 1.9 Million XLM To 6 Non-Profits This April
It’s not uncommon for Non-Profit organizations to accept donations, but it’s not very common for these donations to come in the form of cryptocurrencies. Stellar is one blockchain/crypto project ...
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Altcoins 31/03/20 22:00 by Cole Petersen
Data Shows Ethereum is Gearing Up for an Explosive Downside Movement
Ethereum has been closely tracking Bitcoin’s price action throughout the past several days and weeks, which has led ETH to once again enter a bout of sideways trading within the mid-$130 region. Des...
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Bitcoin 21/03/20 13:50 by Lorenzo Stroe
Bitcoin Still a Safe Haven and Did Not Crash Because of the Coronavirus: Binance CEO CZ
Bitcoin’s safe haven narrative was crashed recently when the digital asset plummeted below $4,000. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency critics are now more vocal than ever saying that digital assets like cr...
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Crypto 11/03/20 08:11 by Christopher Haruna Hamman
Why The Cryptocurrency Act of 2020 Impact On The Crypto Space Could Be Huge
The crypto space woke up this week to an interesting development. Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) had introduced the cryptocurrency act of 2020 to the US Congress. One fact about the submission was clear: ...
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Crypto 04/03/20 19:39 by Nick James
Coronavirus: WHO Warns Against Using Paper Money. Is This A Boom For Crypto?
During the previous financial crisis, cryptos especially Bitcoin gained a lot of recognition as one of the best ways to store value. In fact, Bitcoin’s value shot up by huge percentages during this...
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Bitcoin 27/02/20 22:52 by Nick James
Roger Ver Bashes Bitcoin Maximalists For Being Only Interested In Pumping Its Price
Cryptocurrencies have been proven effective in cutting the costs and all the hassle involved in dealing with traditional banks using fiat currencies. Besides that, cryptos like Bitcoin have come up a...
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Altcoins 19/02/20 18:48 by Nick James
Visa Is Teaming Up With Coinbase To Issue Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP Debit Cards
Crypto users have long yearned for a way to ease the use of cryptos. That prayer was answered in the form of the introduction of crypto ATMs, precisely Bitcoin ATMs. Other cryptos are yet to have suc...
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Altcoins 19/02/20 13:40 by Nick James
Ripple Co-founder Jed McCaleb Claims His XRP Sales Won’t Affect Its Price
XRP has been one of the most popular cryptos in the market, and also one of those with the largest market cap. However, the crypto’s price has been stunted for long, prompting some to complain abou...
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Crypto 16/12/19 12:59 by PR DESK
CryptoSlots Launches Epic New Slot Series with Increased Welcome Bonus
Leading crypto casino CryptoSlots launched Mega Matrix this month, a slot series that promises the exciting and unusual. Three new games were released this week: Big Heads, Candy Paradise, and Zooman...
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Altcoins 09/12/19 11:35 by Graham Smith
Weiss Ratings Downgrades EOS to ‘C-‘ Due to Centralization – How Other Coins Measure Up
Weiss Ratings has downgraded EOS once again, taking its ranking from a B to a C-. The group cites “failure to decentralize,” “misallocation of resources,” and a congested netwo...
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Crypto 06/12/19 17:12 by Osato Avan-Nomayo
BIS Fears Central Banks May Lose Relevance to Private Cryptos
For Agustin Carstens, head of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), central banks cannot concede their roles as gatekeepers of the global financial system to private cryptos. Meanwhile, authori...
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Altcoins 01/12/19 20:07 by Nick James
Did XRP Hit $3 ‘Based On Nothing’ Or ‘FOMO Pump’?
Prior to the crypto bull run of December 2017, the crypto market wasn’t exactly as exposed as it is today. A lot of people hadn’t even heard of Bitcoin before the bull run took the media by storm...
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Crypto 29/11/19 19:32 by BitcoinPrbuzz
Multichain Crypto Traders Crypto Gets Listed on Graviex Exchange
Traders’ Token, a leading crypto, and blockchain ecosystem has announced the listing of its native altcoin on Graviex exchange, with more listings to follow shortly. Traders Token is a robust mu...
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Bitcoin 28/11/19 21:49 by Anatol Antonovici
German Banks Could Store Bitcoin and Provide Crypto Services Soon
Cryptocurrencies might finally go hand in hand with traditional money services. Starting from 2020, it might be legal for German banks to sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and provide custody solutio...
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Bitcoin 27/11/19 22:00 by Cole Petersen
Bitcoin: All Eyes on Potential Inverse Head and Shoulders Pattern as Bulls Fight Back
Bitcoin’s position within the lower-$7,000 region has been ardently defended by the cryptocurrency’s bulls over the past several hours and days, with the crypto’s overnight drop into the upper-$...
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Bitcoin 26/11/19 11:30 by Osato Avan-Nomayo
3 Ways US Congress May Approach Bitcoin Taxation
With the U.S. Internal Revenue Service looking to enforce more stringent Bitcoin tax compliance, several stakeholders say Congress should step in to clarify the way virtual currencies should be treate...
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Altcoins 25/11/19 14:49 by Nick James
Ripple’s XRP plunges to 2-year low as intending long-term investors set sights On $0.20
Back in April, the crypto winter ended and many cryptos saw a positive price increase. The surge was mainly driven by Bitcoin, and as a market leader, the top coin has always affected the larger mark...
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Altcoins 23/11/19 21:18 by Kai Sedgwick
Localethereum Becomes Localcryptos and Adds BTC Trading
P2P trading site Localethereum has rebranded to Localcryptos, allowing users to buy and sell both ETH and BTC without KYC. The platform has been providing peer to peer trading services for ethereum si...
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Crypto 23/11/19 04:00 by Jamie Redman
Shift Cryptosecurity Reveals New Tamper-Evident Packaging
As digital assets have grown valuable over the last decade, hardware wallets have become a mainstay and there’s now a variety of choices on the market. However, people still worry about their de...
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Altcoins 21/11/19 11:29 by Nick James
XRP Offers ‘Much Better And Stronger Technology Than Ethereum’ – CoinField CEO Bob Ras Opines
While the price appears to be almost tanking, XRP continues to achieve greatness and favor in other aspects, especially where the XRPL (XRP Ledger) is concerned. Just recently, the originally Canada-...
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Altcoins 17/11/19 12:36 by Nick James
‘Beast Mode’ – Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Affirms ADA Is The Crypto To Watch In 2020
Cardano is about to go big this coming year. That’s according to the project’s founder, Charles Hoskinson. Charles sent out a tweet highlighting the recent roll-out of advanced protocols that, in ...
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