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Altcoins 03/09/20 05:00 by Nick Chong
It Took YFI’s Ethereum Vault One Day to Garner $75m in Investment
While Ethereum and the rest of the crypto market saw a strong pullback on Wednesday, the DeFi space has continued its ascent to the upside. What is fueling the recent growth in DeFi is a number of pro...
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Other 17/08/20 14:57 by Samuel Wan
Milestone Reached as Total Value Locked in DeFi Climbs to $6 billion
Decentralized finance reached a new milestone over the weekend as the Total Value Locked (TVL) in DeFi broke $6 billion for the first time. What’s more, the rate of DeFi growth is reflecting the...
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Altcoins 30/07/20 11:49 by Guest Author
Next Generation Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform, CryptoLocally Now Supports ETH, USDT (ERC-20), and DAI
CryptoLocally, a next-generation peer-to-peer (P2P) trading platform, has recently announced the support for Ethereum-based tokens. With this announcement, the first Ethereum-based digital assets to b...
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Crypto 14/06/20 22:31 by Jeff Fawkes
Stablecoins, DEX Volume Soars After March’s Sell-Off
Amid the markets bloodbath on March 12-13, the S&P500 index lost 12%, causing a global panic. Bitcoin dropped 50% in minutes, and many people considered stablecoins as a new type of safe haven. T...
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Altcoins 05/06/20 01:00 by Priyeshu Garg
Ethereum-Focused Hackathon Event Offers a Sneak Peek Into a DeFi Future
HackMoney Hackathon, a 30-day virtual Aave hackathon organized by Ethereum developer group ETHGlobal, has announced its three winning projects—Learn&Earn, a gamified online learning platform, Yi...
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Crypto 22/05/20 16:44 by Priyeshu Garg
Dai Sees Trading Volume in Latin America Quadruple During Pandemic
The economic crisis in Latin America, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has caused interest in Dai to skyrocket in the past couple of months. According to a report from local news outlet iProUP, t...
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Altcoins 30/04/20 19:14 by Mr Oak
Shining light on Chainlink, the token with a 200% growth so far this year
Chainlink has had a good year so far. The digital coin’s performance this year has been so immense that, many crypto experts have called it one of the most profitable assets in the cryptocurrency m...
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Altcoins 05/04/20 16:23 by Brenda Ngari
John McAfee Praises Ethereum, Monero, And DAI While Branding Bitcoin As ‘Worthless’
Famed computer programmer John McAfee believes the top cryptocurrency is basically worthless. He said this on Twitter a few hours ago while applauding ethereum, DAI, and Monero. As you may remembe...
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Crypto 14/12/19 06:00 by Martin Young
How Crypto is Evolving into a Trustless Banking System With DeFi and Dai
The primary pull of decentralized crypto assets is financial freedom from the flawed banking system. Bitcoin is one step but without greater adoption it is still just a speculative vehicle. DeFi and d...
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Crypto 06/12/19 20:55 by JP Buntinx
DAI is now a Supported Asset on the Coinbase Card
Coinbase continues to explore its options in the cryptocurrency space. That also includes adding support for digital assets in any way possible. As far as the Coinbase Card is concerned, it has now r...
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Altcoins 03/12/19 06:00 by Martin Young
Ethereum Network Activity, DeFi Still Growing, When Will ETH Prices Follow?
Fundamentally Ethereum is going from strength to strength. Network activity is up, development is on track, an upgrade is imminent, and DeFi is hitting record figures. Yet ETH prices have fallen again...
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Other 27/11/19 16:28 by Graham Smith
“I Designed Bitcoi… Gold” – The Many Facts Pointing to Nick Being Satoshi
Nick Szabo is something of a legend in the crypto space, and for a good many reasons. Not least of which are his contributions to the development of Bitcoin, his early communications as a cypherpunk, ...
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Crypto 18/11/19 15:09 by Christine Vasileva
Chinese Gov’t Reaffirms ‘Blockchain Not Crypto’ Stance
China’s CCTV1, a state-backed social media, ran another story on crypto assets, featuring a 60-minutes exposition with President Xi. But this time, the message was not as enthusiastic as in the past...
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Crypto 18/11/19 14:30 by Emilio Janus
MakerDAO Launches Multi-Collateral Dai, Coinbase Support Coming Soon
The MakerDAO project launches its upgraded multi-collateral Dai stablecoin today. To the relief of many, it will not include traditional assets as accepted forms of collateral just yet. Cryptocurrency...
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