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Altcoins 03/08/20 01:00 by Nick Chong
Dips to $350 Are for Buying: Analyst After Ethereum Drops 26% in 5 Minutes
Just around 12 hours ago, the Bitcoin and Ethereum market saw the biggest implosion since the March 13th “Black Thursday” crash. In the span of just about five minutes, the two leading cry...
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Bitcoin 29/07/20 14:58 by Adrian Klent
Can Bitcoin hold up against $10,000 for the third time in history? Analysts debate
The bull run that has kept Bitcoin trading above $10,000 has sparked discussions. In our last report, we noted that analysts are still very optimistic about Bitcoin hitting the $20,000 mark. Some ana...
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Bitcoin 07/07/20 14:30 by Ponvang Bulus
Crypto Analyst Claims Bitcoin Is Less Than 50 Days Away From Topping $10k “Forever”
There is an ongoing debate on where the price of Bitcoin may be going next after spending weeks consolidating at $9,000. While some analysts and traders expect the price to plunge to various levels l...
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Bitcoin 15/06/20 22:28 by Nick James
Data Shows Mammoth Whale Activity On Coinbase And Gemini Right Before Bitcoin Dipped
The Bitcoin market tumbled in the early hours of today, and some people were even worried that the top coin could plunge further into the $8k range if the dynamics don’t adjust soon enough. Pund...
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Altcoins 08/06/20 21:25 by Edwin Kinoti
Tether’s USDT Issuance Possibly Led to the Bitcoin Price Surge After March Dip, Data Suggests
Bitcoin (BTC) has recorded a sustained upward momentum over the past couple of months with the digital asset’s price even surpassing the $10,000 level at some point. The virtual currency’s perfor...
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Bitcoin 07/06/20 14:05 by Adrian Klent
Bitcoin could hit $10k as quickly as it could go down to $6k, here’s why
According to Kraken’s monthly Bitcoin volatility report, certain significant indicators show that Bitcoin could experience increased levels of volatility in the coming weeks. This could lead to...
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Altcoins 05/06/20 16:35 by John Kiguru
Breaking Past This Level May Spark a New Ethereum Bull Run
As lauded by a number of top analysts, Ethereum continues to be one of the best performers in the crypto market. Since the turn of the year, the largest altcoin has more than doubled in value. More s...
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Bitcoin 03/06/20 14:19 by Nick James
On-Chain Data Reveals What Happened Right Before Latest Bitcoin Price Dip
According to reports currently flowing within the crypto community, crypto whales were spotted shifting their coins to some popular exchanges like Binance and BitMex just hours before Bitcoin scaled ...
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Bitcoin 22/05/20 00:00 by Cole Petersen
Bitcoin Reaches an Inflection Point as Fresh Selling Pressure Emerges
Bitcoin has seen some immense selling pressure today that has led it down to its key support at $9,000. The crypto is now flashing some signs of growing weakness as it continues struggling to post any...
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Bitcoin 21/05/20 16:56 by Tony Spilotro
Bitcoin Price Briefly Dips Below $9,000 As Crypto Market Risks Test of Lows
After weeks of consolidation directly below critical resistance, Bitcoin price has failed to take out $10,000 and has instead for a brief moment broken below $9,000. Will the first-ever cryptocurrency...
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Bitcoin 12/05/20 03:00 by Cole Petersen
Bitcoin Halving is Met with Mixed Sentiment Amongst Traders
Bitcoin’s highly anticipated mining rewards halving took place earlier today. The benchmark cryptocurrency didn’t see any notable volatility in tandem with the event, and its hash rate has only de...
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Bitcoin 08/05/20 23:00 by Tony Spilotro
Crypto Analyst Highlights Last Ever Bitcoin Dip Using Elliott Wave Theory
Bitcoin price is trading just below the key level of $10,000, and a decisive break of resistance could kickstart the next crypto bull market. Any dips at this point in Bitcoin are likely meant for buy...
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Bitcoin 30/04/20 01:00 by Cole Petersen
Bitcoin Enters “Buy the Dip” Territory After Surmounting Critical Level
The uptrend that Bitcoin has been caught within in the time following its capitulatory decline to lows of $3,800 appears to have reached a boiling point earlier this morning when the benchmark crypto ...
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Crypto 23/03/20 17:33 by Guest Author
Explaining the Intense Crypto Volatility – Will it Recuperate?
The value of the crypto market fell by more than $26 billion USD on Monday. Bitcoin, the largest coin by market cap, alone fell 10% in 24 hours. Other big players like ETH, XRP, and BCH also made dou...
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Bitcoin 15/03/20 21:30 by Nick James
The Bitcoin Dip Is Here, But Who’s Buying It?
The last few days have been quite a rollercoaster for Bitcoin, with prices fluctuating rapidly. Before the flash crash a few days ago, Bitcoin had hit the highs of $10,500 and was all ready to cruise...
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Bitcoin 19/02/20 20:55 by Livine Sanchez
Moon on Margin: Profit From Bitcoin’s New Bull Market with PrimeXBT
All signs point to Bitcoin entering the early phase of what will ultimately become its greatest bull run yet, potentially reaching prices of $100,000 or higher as many analysts and growth models are ...
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Altcoins 16/12/19 12:01 by John Kiguru
XRP Accumulation Pattern Suggests A 50% Surge In Months To Come But Breakout Critical For The Short Run
Ripple’s XRP continues to suffer in the hands of bears. In recent weeks, the price movement has been predominantly negative. The most recent move saw XRP test the $0.20 bottom. Since falling to...
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Bitcoin 04/12/19 06:04 by Martin Young
Are Bitcoin Traders That Bought at $3-6k Starting to Sell BTC Now?
On-chain metrics can offer valuable insights into Bitcoin market movements and the latest data is showing that unrealized losses are mounting up. This could lead to a larger selloff as those that boug...
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Bitcoin 01/12/19 09:26 by Nick Chong
Despite 15% Bounce, Bitcoin Price Still Bearish on Weekly: Analyst
After hitting $6,600, Bitcoin (BTC) saw a strong price bounce, returning to $7,800 just yesterday. Though, analysts have asserted that the cryptocurrency market remains in a weak state, despite the ne...
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Bitcoin 16/11/19 09:56 by Nick Chong
Eerily Accurate Fractal Suggests Bitcoin (BTC) Price to Fall 25%
While Bitcoin’s price seemingly moves without rhyme or reason — collapsing by dozens of percent and embarking on face-melting rallies on a whim — the cryptocurrency market is filled to the bri...
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