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Bitcoin 23/06/20 18:00 by Tony Spilotro
21 Million BTC: How PayPal Active Users Underscores Bitcoin Digital Scarcity
An over 300 million active register accounts on PayPal highlights just how important digital scarcity is to Bitcoin’s value. The enormous installed userbase suddenly having access to cryptocurre...
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Mining 22/06/20 19:34 by PR DESK
Nominex set to launch next-gen system of token distribution
Nominex is about to launch a next-gen system of token distribution. On the 21st of April, traders will start getting tokens just for trading. Nominex is providing unparalleled service on all front...
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Other 16/05/20 10:29 by PR DESK
BitTok’s New Ecology Catches the Eye and Ignites Consensus: Distributed
Affected by COVID-19, the annual blockchain technology summit Consensus is held online from 11th to 15th May EDT. Consensus is hosted by the top blockchain media Coindesk. Since it was first held in ...
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Other 16/05/20 10:12 by PR DESK
BitCherry Introducing Distributed Business Model on Consensus: Distributed
The Consensus: Distributed 2020 has come to a successful end. In this year’s thought feast of global crypto scholars, blockchain practitioners, and digital economists, blockchain, and cryptocurrenc...
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Altcoins 11/12/19 09:18 by Brenda Ngari
XRP Adoption Boost: Bank Of America Applauds Ripple’s Innovative Cross-Border Solution
In a move that will undeniably excite the XRP Army, Bank of America (BOA) recently acknowledged that Ripple’s cross-border solution is innovative and praised it in a report. Bank of America is the ...
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