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Bitcoin 12/05/21 22:14 by Tony Spilotro
Double Bottom On The Dollar Could Be The End Of Bitcoin Rally
Bitcoin, Ethereum, and just about every other asset on the planet trades against the dollar on its most liquid trading pair, and the greenback is the base currency that all exchanges rates are based o...
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Bitcoin 03/03/21 02:00 by Tony Spilotro
Bitcoin Shakes Off Dollar Rebound But Beware Of Coming Bear Phase
Bitcoin has barely flinched in the face of the dollar’s best attempt at a rebound in over a year. The greenback is trying to stage a comeback against the top cryptocurrency, which has left the g...
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Bitcoin 28/12/20 16:27 by Yashu Gola
US Dollar Projected to Hit Cyclical Bottom in 2025—What Does It Mean for Bitcoin?
It is safe to assume that Bitcoin’s parabolic rally in 2020 has everything to do with the underperformance of its arch-nemesis, the US dollar. The charts tell the entire story. In March 2020, a ...
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Bitcoin 22/12/20 02:00 by Tony Spilotro
Dangerous Dollar Fractal Could Bring Return Of Bear Phase To Bitcoin
Bitcoin is trading at over $20,000, but the start of what might be the first real correction since the uptrend first began could be forming. However, looking more closely at the DXY Dollar Currency In...
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Bitcoin 01/12/20 21:00 by Tony Spilotro
The Dollar Losing A Decade Long Trendline Could Send Bitcoin Skyrocketing
The year was 2009 and the dollar had just recovered from The Great Recession. Bitcoin was born and grew up while the dollar regained its throne. After ten years of strengthening, the pandemic and asso...
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Bitcoin 25/11/20 13:48 by Yashu Gola
Bitcoin Price Rises Ahead of FOMC Minutes; What to Expect Next?
Bitcoin rose Wednesday, right ahead of the release of the Federal Open Market Committee’s minutes from their November meeting. The benchmark cryptocurrency climbed 0.13 percent to $19,198, with ...
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Altcoins 23/11/20 21:00 by Tony Spilotro
Bitcoin And Dollar Dominance: Five Factors Behind The Current Altcoin Season
Bitcoin price is nearly trading at its former all-time high, and at a price point that feels unreachable for many to own a full coin, interest has again turned toward altcoins. BTC dominance has sunk ...
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Bitcoin 22/10/20 15:00 by Yashu Gola
Bitcoin Deviates Further Away from Dow, S&P 500 as Price Hits $13K
Bitcoin has wholly sidelined its widely-covered correlation with the US stock market. On Thursday, the benchmark cryptocurrency sustained its weekly gains as its price surged by more than 1 percent. T...
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Bitcoin 19/10/20 15:00 by Yashu Gola
3 Reasons Why Bitcoin Rebounded, Dollar Slumped Ahead of Powell’s Speech
It is Monday. Bitcoin is holding above crucial technical support at $11,400. Meanwhile, its safe-haven rival, the US dollar, is experiencing a sharp decline. The inverse correlation between the two st...
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Bitcoin 09/10/20 22:00 by Tony Spilotro
Bizarre Correlation Between Bitcoin Dominance And The Dollar Discovered
Bitcoin just rocketed above $11,000 following the recent Square news, and DeFi tokens everywhere had a significant bounce. As well as Bitcoin has done, altcoins have outperformed the top crypto asset ...
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Altcoins 24/09/20 01:59 by Nick Chong
This US Dollar Fractal Predicts Bitcoin Is on the Verge of a Strong Surge
The common narrative shared over recent months is that Bitcoin is adversely affected by increases in the value of the U.S. dollar. Case in point: when the dollar began to spike in February and March, ...
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Bitcoin 21/09/20 19:42 by Tony Spilotro
How The Dollar (DXY) Index Is Responsible For Today’s Bitcoin Carnage
Bitcoin price is down $800 in just over 24 hours, and elsewhere in the finance space, there is pure carnage. Gold fell below $1900, and stocks are downward spiraling. And behind it all is the dollar. ...
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Bitcoin 11/09/20 02:03 by Nick Chong
The Dollar Is Poised to Gain Steam—and That’s Bad for Bitcoin
While Bitcoin is touted as uncorrelated, the cryptocurrency has been following the inverse of one asset over the past few months: the U.S. dollar. Like gold, BTC’s price action is partially dict...
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Bitcoin 01/09/20 22:00 by Tony Spilotro
Bitcoin, Metals, And Equities “Will Fly” If Dollar Downtend Deepens
The dollar’s impact on markets in 2020 cannot be overstated. Its weakness and decline in the face of the pandemic and a dwindling US economy, has allowed assets like Bitcoin, precious metals, an...
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Altcoins 31/08/20 22:00 by Tony Spilotro
This Signal Says Ethereum Could Lead Alts Off A Cliff
Few altcoins have performed better in 2020 than Ethereum. The second-ranked cryptocurrency is up well over 200% on the year, and from the Black Thursday bottom to the 2020 high, Ethereum rose over 400...
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Bitcoin 14/08/20 03:00 by Tony Spilotro
What Does The Dollar’s Do Or Die Moment Say About Bitcoin?
The dollar has been on a steady decline since the pandemic first struck. Weakness in the global reserve currency has allowed gold, Bitcoin, and other assets to shine. However, either a major rebound i...
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Bitcoin 06/08/20 19:00 by Tony Spilotro
Why The Dollar’s Coming Dead Cat Bounce Could Be Devastating For Bitcoin
The dollar is in sharp decline, and it has allowed other currencies to gain the upper hand. It has also let Bitcoin, gold, altcoins, and other hard assets shine. But will a coming dead cat bounce in t...
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