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Other 20/12/20 17:49 by Thomas Delahunty
Finance.vote Holds FVT Airdrop as DeFi Prediction Market Takes Off
Finance.vote, the governance layer for DeFi communities, is conducting a series of airdrops of its FVT token to onboard a new wave of users. Participants who claim their free tokens and use them to mi...
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Bitcoin 10/12/20 13:48 by Brenda Ngari
Why The Winklevoss Twins Are Doubling Down On Their $500,000 Bitcoin Price Prediction
Gemini crypto exchange co-founders Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss took to the stage on the first day of the Singapore FinTech Festival 2020 on December 7, telling the over 60,000 attendees that bitcoin...
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Bitcoin 29/11/20 23:32 by Ponvang Bulus
Tyler Winklevoss On Bitcoin at $18k, “This is not a FOMO rally. It’s steady hands.”
Tyler Winklevoss the Co-Founder and CEO of top cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, says the Bitcoin rally that took the price to over $18,000 is not yet a FOMO rally. Winklevoss in a tweet said the rally...
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Mining 16/11/20 00:00 by Nick Chong
Why New Highs May Be Imminent For Bitcoin if $16,150 is Reclaimed
Bitcoin has begun to slide lower over the past few days as selling pressure has tapered off at the $16,500 highs. The leading cryptocurrency currently trades for $15,900, a few percent below those hig...
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Bitcoin 15/11/20 03:21 by Nick Chong
Bitcoin Primed to Bounce as $16,000 Level Holds Multiple Times
Bitcoin has undergone a slight drop since the $16,400 highs. Though analysts think that the cryptocurrency remains bullish as the $16,000 support level holds. Related Reading: Here’s Why Ethereu...
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Bitcoin 09/11/20 20:36 by Nick James
Bitcoin’s Price Hike Has Made The Winklevoss Twins Billionaires Again
The Winklevoss twins are billionaires again. All thanks to the Bitcoin price rise over the last few days. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss were among the early Bitcoin investors, having bought about $11 ...
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Bitcoin 06/11/20 22:42 by Nick James
Cameron Winklevoss on Bitcoin – “fasten your seatbelts as we begin our ascent to the moon”
The Bitcoin market is booming, and in a big way. The top crypto has embarked on a progressive price increase that has seen it break the $14k barrier and proceed to surpass the $15k mark within day...
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Bitcoin 12/10/20 02:29 by Nick Chong
Tyler Winklevoss: A “Tsunami” of Capital Is Coming For Bitcoin
Last week, Square made mainstream headlines when it was revealed that the firm had bought Bitcoin — $50 million worth of the cryptocurrency. Square is a financial technology giant valued at arou...
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Other 23/09/20 17:21 by Samuel Wan
Winklevoss Rubbishes Similarities Between DeFi and the ICO Bubble
Many have drawn similarities between DeFi and the ICO craze of 2017, and it’s easy to see why as well. To begin with, both operate(d) primarily on the Ethereum network. However, it’s the f...
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Bitcoin 23/09/20 04:31 by Nick Chong
Winklevoss Twins, Bitcoin Billionaires, Think DeFi is a “Revolution”
Ethereum’s DeFi space has fallen off dramatically over recent weeks due to weakness in the markets. Top coins pertaining to the space have dropped by over 30-40% from their recent all-time highs...
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Bitcoin 18/09/20 16:31 by Joseph Young
UBS Gold Price Prediction Buoys Mid-Term Bitcoin Bull Case
UBS, a top-two investment bank in Switzerland after Credit Suisse, has a bullish outlook on gold. In the medium term, the improving sentiment around the precious metal could buoy the bull case of Bitc...
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Bitcoin 16/09/20 05:47 by Nick Chong
Kiss’ Gene Simmons Is Looking Into Bitcoin: Gone Mainstream
In quite the confusing turn of events, Gene Simmons of Kiss fame is looking into Bitcoin and crypto. On September 15th, Tyler Winklevoss of Gemini tweeted a thread about Bitcoin and the crypto space, ...
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Other 14/09/20 14:49 by Samuel Wan
Former AngelList CEO Claims The Next Big DeFi Wave is Coming
If you thought the DeFi phenomenon was big, bigger and better is yet to come. Well, that’s according to former AngelList CEO, Naval Ravikant, who said Wall Street money will fuel the next big wa...
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Altcoins 12/09/20 13:54 by Erie Maxwell
Cameron Winklevoss On Why Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Organic Forms Of Money
Although Bitcoin, Ether, and other digital assets are known as forms of crypto-currency, many inside and outside the field disagree about the “currency” part. Some call these digital assets a “...
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Altcoins 07/09/20 14:14 by Bernice Nyambura
Cardano’s Blockchain Technology Set To Usher In The Fourth Industrial Revolution In Georgia
The Former Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze recently equated the importance of blockchain technology in the fourth industrial revolution to the steam engine during the first industrial rev...
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Bitcoin 31/08/20 10:51 by Bernice Nyambura
Winklevoss Twins Explain Why ‘Bitcoin Is Better At Being Gold Than Gold’
Gemini’s Winklevoss Capital recently presented a report arguing a strong case for Bitcoin as the ultimate hedge against inflation, despite its current undervalued status. The report compared bit...
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Bitcoin 28/08/20 22:09 by Brenda Ngari
Winklevoss Twins: Undervalued Bitcoin Could Hit $500,000 As It’s The Only Long-Term Hedge Against Inflation
If you think you have missed out on Bitcoin’s massive 2020 gains, you might want to think again. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, crypto billionaires, and the co-founders of the Gemini crypto exchange...
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Bitcoin 24/08/20 01:19 by Bernice Nyambura
ICYMI: Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy Is Out Of Bitcoin – Here’s How It Went Down
Stool Presidente Dave Portnoy has called it quits on the crypto market, after losing 25K in recent corrections. “I currently own zero bitcoins. I will wait and watch. I lost 25K. Just like with ...
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Other 21/08/20 21:28 by Guest Author
1xBit’s New Live Casino Tournament: INSTANT ROULETTE
1xBit launches a new tournament with a prize fund of 1000 BTC to honor the announcement of the newest live casino game by Evolution Gaming. Leading crypto casino 1xBit has launched the most exhila...
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Other 20/08/20 20:10 by Guest Author
Evolve Markets Meets Community’s Wish, Adds USDT Accounts
Evolve Markets, the leading crypto-based margin trading platform delivering secure, direct, and easy access to global financial markets, has added yet another feather to its cap by introducing Tether ...
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Bitcoin 15/08/20 00:32 by Brenda Ngari
Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy Sees Bitcoin Price Reaching $12,000 Tomorrow
Bitcoin has been rejected several times by the key $12K resistance level in recent days, which was the only hurdle before surging higher. Nonetheless, investors have remained unequivocally bullish on...
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Bitcoin 13/08/20 19:16 by Nick James
Inflation Is About To Hit The Roof And Bitcoin Is The Only Long-Term Hedge, Says BTC Whale Tyler Winklevoss
The world economy is in shambles. Governments, especially the US government, are printing billions in fiat money every other month. With this going on, fiat currency is going to lose a significant fr...
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Bitcoin 07/08/20 22:07 by Brenda Ngari
Cameron Winklevoss Says US Dollar Has Become “Funny Money” And A Bitcoin Endorsement. Here’s Why
In a meeting on Thursday evening, White House and Democrats failed to come to a consensus regarding a suitable coronavirus stimulus package. According to Gemini co-founder Cameron Winklevoss, the fai...
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Bitcoin 06/08/20 20:49 by Erie Maxwell
Cameron Winklevoss On Why There Are Trillions Of More Reasons To Own Bitcoin
If you’re wondering when the best time to buy Bitcoin is, Cameron Winklevoss pretty much thinks any time is good. According to the co-founder of Gemini, BTC will continue its climb and the stimulus...
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Bitcoin 05/08/20 21:57 by Erie Maxwell
Winklevoss Twins Predict Big Week For Bitcoin As Battle For $12k Reignites
After a few days of sideways trading, it seems that Bitcoin bulls have roused and are pushing BTC towards $12,000 again. The current price of Bitcoin is around $11,697 with positive momentum. On t...
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Bitcoin 05/08/20 04:00 by Cole Petersen
Barstool’s Dave Portnoy Wants to Buy Bitcoin – Asks Winklevoss Twins to Teach Him
Barstool Sports president Dave Portnoy has been amassing a notable following throughout the past few weeks due to his stock trading live streams – and now he wants in on Bitcoin. Despite previously ...
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Bitcoin 02/08/20 19:00 by Erie Maxwell
How The Current World Crisis Is Accelerating Bitcoin’s Adoption Rate
The current COVID-19 pandemic has thrown much of the world into disarray. The health of millions and the personal lives of nearly everyone has been affected, and the world’s economy has been thrown...
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Bitcoin 02/08/20 05:00 by Nick Chong
These 2 Factors Are Behind Bitcoin’s 20% Eruption Higher: Industry Executive
As made abundantly clear by derivatives data, there were many market participants caught off guard by Bitcoin’s ongoing rally. In fact, in the past week alone, reports indicate that there was in...
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Bitcoin 30/07/20 14:40 by Samuel Wan
Billionaire Investor Believes Bitcoin Adoption Was Accelerated by The Pandemic
The co-founder of Gemini Exchange, Tyler Winklevoss, said the ongoing pandemic situation is helping to boost Bitcoin adoption. In a recent tweet, Winklevoss described how the pandemic had uprooted lif...
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Bitcoin 23/07/20 14:00 by Nick Chong
Gemini CEO on How the Federal Reserve Will Boost Bitcoin’s Next Bull Run
Bitcoin’s fundamental case continues to strengthen as developments regarding the next stimulus bill continue. Industry executives believe that this could act as a catalyst for this market moving...
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