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Crypto 19/07/21 19:36 by NewsBTC
Altrady — A Review of the Super-Fast Multi-Exchange Crypto Trading and Portfolio Management Software
The cryptocurrency market offers a plethora of opportunities for traders to make profit. It works the best only when these opportunities are leveraged at the right time, which calls for the use of spe...
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Other 16/07/21 15:00 by NewsBTC
$8m USD in NFT Sales, $38k price for an NFT?! What are Wicked Cranium NFTs?
According to data from NFT market analyst NonFungible, NFT sales have nearly tripled in value since Q3 2021, rising from a 7-day average of $16.8 million worth of sales, to just over $44.3 million. Th...
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Altcoins 15/07/21 16:26 by NewsBTC
Introducing Smart Doge Prepaid Card
Smart Doge is a new Doge token, but what separates Smart Doge from other Doge tokens is Smart Doge is the first and only Doge token with a virtual prepaid Visa card. Smart Doge users can get issued a ...
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Crypto 13/07/21 12:35 by Livine Sanchez
Turn Trading Fees Into Assets With VDollar
VDollar is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in Colorado as ‘VDollar Exchange LTD’. it is fully regulated under the jurisdiction of the United States, with the registration of MSB. The company...
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Altcoins 12/07/21 15:51 by PR DESK
Sanshu Inu, The Newest Member of the Dogecoin Family is Here!
The current cryptocurrency market is widely dominated by a variety of newly launched pet animals tokens. The exponential rise in Dogecoin price has paved the way for several other meme-based cryptocu...
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Altcoins 08/07/21 19:11 by NewsBTC
Ancient Greek Mythology and the Crypto Market; Olympus Token Seeks to Foster a Relation
Presently in a National Park, Mount Olympus, was at one time home to some of the most powerful Greek gods. According to ancient Greek legend, the mountain Olympus was built after the younger gods defe...
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Other 30/06/21 17:25 by PR DESK
Everything You Need To Know About TEZRO App
If you want to enhance productivity and efficiency in your business, you need to choose the right applications to use to accomplish various tasks. Such tasks include managing different crypto wallets...
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Altcoins 30/06/21 17:00 by Asad Gillani
CoinMarketCap Adds Token Swap Feature Through Uniswap Integration
The popular crypto-data aggregator CoinMarketCap launched a feature integrating Uniswap that facilitates Ethereum token swaps. The network integrated with Uniswap to achieve this feat, and according t...
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Other 23/06/21 10:00 by NewsBTC
Why Quppy Could Become the All-In One Superapp for The Post Covid-19 World
Digital financial solution Quppy has completed an investment round with a promising valuation of 25 million euros. Led by reputed investors in different sectors, the round and its result are evidence ...
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Crypto 23/06/21 05:35 by NewsBTC
Rollbit: The Most Rewarding Cryptocurrency Casino
Online gambling is one of the earliest applications of cryptocurrencies, with many of the frictions involved with many online betting platforms, have been eliminated by crypto casinos. For example, cr...
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Other 16/06/21 21:07 by Mark Hampton
BUGG INU – A Unique Model for the Future of Finance
About a decade ago, no one knew what DeFi was. More so, a good number of mortals did not envisage a $1 trillion market capitalization for the crypto space. Today though, a lot has changed and decentra...
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Crypto 09/06/21 12:00 by NewsBTC
Are You a Blockster? If You’re Investing in Crypto Then You Certainly Are
The crypto space is in the midst of the biggest bull run in its history, with more attention being focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchain than ever before. Despite this, crypto projects often have...
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Altcoins 08/06/21 17:07 by Brenda Ngari
Ripple Has Just Proposed A New Strategy That Will Strikingly Advance XRP As We Know It
San Francisco-based fintech firm Ripple has published a proposal to include federated sidechains that will be connected to the XRP Ledger (XRPL). The idea is that each sidechain would operate as its ...
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Other 03/06/21 14:13 by NewsBTC
Automata Secures $2.4 Million To Provide Privacy Middleware for The Web 3 Economy
Web3 has taken huge strides towards a fully self-sustaining ecosystem of peer-to-peer transactions and frictionless finance this year. In order to develop a healthy web3 economy, new services like Aut...
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Other 01/06/21 17:00 by NewsBTC
Marsis: Creating New Frontiers in NFTs Space
Blockchain technology, the underlying infrastructure enabling crypto transactions is constantly evolving. Form being a simple ledger recording all transactions, it has grown to create alternatives to ...
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Crypto 28/05/21 19:40 by Livine Sanchez
How VPNs Can Fix Crypto Security Hitches
Assumingly, by now everybody is conversant with the ubiquitous bitcoin. If you have never heard of it, don’t worry. We’ll explain to you what it means. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. You may still ...
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Crypto 28/05/21 13:08 by PR DESK
Multi blockchain dApp CryptoZen.NINJA shakes up Defi aggregator space
Blockchain offers a lot more than opportunities to mine and trade crypto. The innovation of decentralized applications is a perfect example. One of the most promising dApp is known as CryptoZen.NINJA...
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Other 20/05/21 05:15 by NewsBTC
Breaking: Limit Orders Are Now Available on PlasmaSwap
DeFi aggregator PlasmaFinance introduces an industry-first Limit Order functionality for its native DeFi DEX, PlasmaSwap, which allows users to swap at precise price points, opening the way for safer,...
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Altcoins 17/05/21 16:06 by frank
Everything You Need to Know About Allium Finance ALM Token!
This article covers details about what is ALM token and how to buy it.Check out the best features of Allium token and its use casesAllium has started working on its NFT protocol- AllyAlly NFT hosting...
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Other 13/05/21 13:11 by NewsBTC
Coreto Platform to Get a Makeover with Coreto Design Language
A month after its Alpha launch, the reputation based online social platform for crypto communities, Coreto has entered Phase II and is in the process of receiving a huge upgrade. As a part of this new...
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Crypto 12/05/21 10:00 by NewsBTC
RemiBit Gives Control Back to The Users, How Any Business Can Receive Crypto Payments
There is a misconception around Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies stopping new users from entering the crypto space: they are hard to use and require technical knowledge. Most users have their first contac...
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Altcoins 11/05/21 18:01 by NewsBTC
How Will the Rest of 2021 Look for Altcoins?
If you’ve paid any attention to the cryptocurrency industry this year, you’ll know that meme- and food-inspired altcoins have generated spectacular returns. Whether it’s Elon Musk&rs...
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Other 10/05/21 10:58 by NewsBTC
Sportsbet.io Continues Community Growth with New Club Talk Feature
Sports betting has always had an aspect of socializing, with debates, speculation, and discussion always commonplace. Regardless of the conversation, the social aspect of betting remains a core cog in...
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Crypto 05/05/21 07:40 by NewsBTC
Dtrade: A New Innovative Social Trading Platform Rivalling eToro’s Influence
The cryptocurrency market crossed the $2 trillion mark earlier in the month as FOMO, institutions, and stimulus money flowed into the industry at proportions never seen before. This sudden upsurge in ...
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Other 21/04/21 20:54 by Guest Author
Antares Features And Advantages
Antares is an investment platform that lets participants choose from an array of profitable products that suit them the most. Marketing programs differ in profitability and other conditions, with new...
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Other 13/04/21 09:29 by Guest Author
Defi Yield Protocol Integration with BSC For Ultimate Investment Convenience and Security
Defi Yield Protocol is a world-class decentralized finance project introduced to provide excellent incomes for its users. Launched just a few months ago, DYP has made great strides in the crypto worl...
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Crypto 11/04/21 21:50 by PR DESK
The Wunderbit Trading Platform Overview
Wunderbit is an automated trading platform that allows new traders to copy trade. The exchange is designed to make this process as smooth and easy as possible for new traders to learn trading and pro...
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Crypto 07/04/21 21:43 by Guest Author
Coinlife – The platform optimized for crypto trading
Coinlife is a cryptocurrency trading platform designed for those who want to get involved in Bitcoin and many other altcoins with confidence, by using ultimate trading tools. Via its personal approac...
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Other 31/03/21 17:00 by NewsBTC
PARSIQ Launches IQ Protocol, Introduces DeFi to SaaS
PARSIQ, an enterprise blockchain solutions provider has stepped into the DeFi space by announcing its IQ Protocol launch. Currently, on an Ethereum-based testnet, IQ Protocol is a DeFi solution for th...
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Altcoins 29/03/21 18:29 by Adrian Klent
EOS’s Leading DeFi Project Moves to the Binance Smart Chain
Amsterdam-based DeFi platform Effect Network, EOS’s most used decentralized app, has revealed plans of moving its entire network from the EOS Blockchain to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Eff...
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