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Other 07/07/21 18:19 by Bernice Nyambura
Binance CEO CZ Responds To High Hostility From Several Financial Regulators
Binance CEO has finally responded to the rising hostility of its operations by various financial regulators, resulting in a direct effect on fund deposits from its customers with accounts in traditio...
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Altcoins 08/06/21 15:22 by Lou Kavan Flavius
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse Isn’t Done Blasting The US Over Lack Of Regulation
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has suggested that the lack of regulatory law around cryptocurrencies is responsible for the company being in trouble with the SEC. XRP was trading under $0.90 cents on M...
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Crypto 29/10/20 18:26 by Guest Author
VAIOT Becomes the First Regulated Blockchain Project under Malta’s VFA Act
VAIOT, a novel blockchain and AI-based intelligent contracts platform, has created a milestone by becoming the first digital services business to register its whitepaper with the Maltese authorities u...
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Altcoins 29/10/20 14:57 by Samuel Wan
Ripple Move to UK or Singapore Possible After Garlinghouse Praises Both Regulatory Authorities
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse pays tribute to the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, as well as the Monetary Authority of Singapore. In a tweet, Garlinghouse spoke highly of the way each regulator...
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Crypto 14/09/20 21:56 by Livine Sanchez
Three Blockchain Infrastructure Projects You Should be Following
Since Bitcoin was first unveiled in 2008 and the first blockchain went live shortly after, the number of use cases for the technology has expanded immensely. As the potential for the technology wa...
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Bitcoin 04/09/20 16:22 by Nick James
Bank Of England Governor Praises Stablecoins And CBDCs, Throws Jab At Bitcoin
The popularity of Stablecoins and the talk of Central Bank Digital Currencies continue to increase as more mainstream players take notice. Now, these two types of digital assets seem to have won the ...
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Altcoins 22/05/20 18:00 by Guest Author
Binance and Eosfinex Join Equilibrium’s Decentralized Governance
Binance and eosfinex are participating in Equilibrium’s efforts to help bring enhanced decentralization to the DeFi project’s governance processes. Equilibrium is the interoperable DeFi hub best k...
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Other 27/03/20 12:09 by PR DESK
POS vs. Masternodes: What’s the Difference?
What is ‘POS’? Proof of stake is a sort of agreement flow by which a cryptocurrency block-chain nexus points to attain a disseminated agreement. In PoS-based cryptocurrencies, the maker of the...
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Altcoins 24/03/20 08:34 by PR DESK
Crown Platform releases “Emerald” In-house NFT Framework to tokenize assets on the Crown blockchain
KEY POINTS 1) Crown Core v0.14 “Emerald” brings the NFT Framework to mainnet. 2) The NFT Framework enables decentralized, non-fungible token issuance for the tokenization of assets ...
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Crypto 12/12/19 12:10 by Kevin Helms
NY Regulator Proposes Relaxing New Coin Listing Requirements
The New York State Department of Financial Services, the Bitlicense regulator, has published a proposed framework for licensed companies seeking to list new coins. This is the first time the regulator...
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