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Bitcoin 19/07/21 20:41 by Adrian Klent
Bitcoin Has Been One Of The Worse Performing Assets This Year – Goldman Sachs
According to a Bloomberg report on Monday, Bitcoin is one of the worst-performing assets if Goldman Sachs’ list of risk-adjusted returns by asset class is to be considered despite being up 16% ...
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Bitcoin 18/06/21 22:34 by Taylor Scott
Goldman Sachs Partners With Galaxy Digital For Bitcoin Futures
Goldman Sachs furthering investment into bitcoin, and even crypto more broadly, shouldn’t surprise anyone too much by now. The top-tier global investment and financial services firm has emphasiz...
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Bitcoin 18/06/21 20:55 by Brenda Ngari
Goldman Sachs Becomes First Major U.S. Bank To Begin Trading Bitcoin – Who’s Next?
Despite bitcoin’s apparent lull after plunging over 30% from its historic high in May, institutional interest in bitcoin is still rising. United States investment bank Goldman Sachs has launched a ...
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Crypto 24/05/21 21:06 by Brenda Ngari
Goldman Sachs Calls Crypto A ‘New Asset Class’, Marking Major Shift In Tone
Slowly but surely, renowned investment banks are creeping toward the reluctant acceptance that bitcoin is, in fact, a thing that is here to stay. A top executive at Wall Street megabank Goldman Sachs...
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Crypto 15/04/21 21:00 by Reynaldo Marquez
Coinbase Effect: Is Crypto Ready For The Incoming Herd?
If the pro-Bitcoin actions of titans Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have been insufficient, the traditional market seems to have given cryptocurrencies its blessing yesterday, with the debut of Coinbase ...
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Altcoins 07/04/21 21:00 by Reynaldo Marquez
How Ethereum has outperformed Bitcoin by 250% since inception
With a 3,7% loss in the last week and 2.7% in the last hour, Bitcoin’s price sits near critical support. On the other hand, Ethereum managed to climb to a new all-time high and sits on top of tw...
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Bitcoin 01/04/21 18:18 by Bernice Nyambura
Goldman Sachs Admits They Were Wrong About Bitcoin
America’s global leading investment banking, securities, and investments management giant Goldman Sachs yesterday announced that it will start offering Bitcoin and other digital assets investments ...
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Bitcoin 31/03/21 21:00 by Reynaldo Marquez
At the dawn of a new Internet, is Bitcoin on path to replace Gold?
After high demand from its customers, banking giant Goldman Sachs has made a 180-degree turn on its position towards Bitcoin. In the second quarter of this year, it will offer its wealthiest customers...
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Bitcoin 31/03/21 19:22 by Brenda Ngari
Goldman Sachs To Start Offering Bitcoin And Other Cryptoassets To Its Wealthy Clients In Q2
Bitcoin and other digital assets will soon be available to Goldman Sachs’ wealth management clients, per a report by CNBC. Mary Rich, Goldman Sachs’ head of digital assets of the private wealth m...
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Altcoins 03/03/21 12:16 by Yashu Gola
Ethereum Flips Strong Resistance Levels as Price Eyes $2,000-Retest
Key Ethereum Takeaways Ethereum (ETH/USD) looks poised to pursue a bull run towards $2,000 after flipping key resistance levels into interim supports. More tailwinds come from Citi and Goldman Sachs&...
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Bitcoin 19/12/20 17:56 by Bernice Nyambura
Goldman Sachs On Why Bitcoin And Gold Can Coexist
Leading global investment bank and financial services provider Goldman Sachs said that Bitcoin’s spectacular rally in 2020 will not affect major assets in the traditional market such as gold. In...
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Crypto 24/09/20 17:26 by Brenda Ngari
Former White House Senior Staffer Joins Top Blockchain Lobbying Group Alongside Visa, Goldman Sachs
Blockchain technology and digital assets lobbying group The Chamber of Digital Commerce has onboarded former acting White House Chief of Staff, Mike Mulvaney. Finance heavyweights Visa, Goldman Sachs...
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Altcoins 07/08/20 15:14 by Bernice Nyambura
Anti-Bitcoin Goldman Sachs is Ironically Preparing to Issue Its Own Fiat Digital Token
Multinational investment bank and financial services company Goldman Sachs has appointed a high blockchain and crypto-oriented Mathew McDermott, to be its new global head of digital assets. McDerm...
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Bitcoin 03/08/20 20:05 by Vincent Mislos
Goldman Sachs Recommends Gold But Applies Cases That Boosts Bitcoin As Well
With the United States on the verge of giving another fiscal stimulus to jolt the economy, Goldman Sachs is recommending to buy gold amidst inflation and “debasement” fears over the U.S. dollar. ...
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Altcoins 15/07/20 20:52 by John Kiguru
Bitcoin Critic Goldman Sachs Seeks Developer With Ethereum Experience
Reports have surfaced that Goldman Sachs is exploring for a developer with a potential experience in Ethereum. This has been a clear indication of the disruption brought by DeFi and Ethereum in parti...
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Bitcoin 14/07/20 13:00 by Yashu Gola
Troubles for Bitcoin as Goldman Issues Serious Stock Market Warning
Bitcoin price wavered on Tuesday as traders awaited second-quarter earnings from the most prominent American banks. The reports expect to provide more details about the status of the US economy, whic...
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Bitcoin 30/05/20 06:00 by Nick Chong
Crypto Tidbits: Bitcoin Nears $10k, Goldman Sachs Talks Cryptocurrency, Chinese Yuan Slumps
Another week, another round of Crypto Tidbits. It’s been a positive past week for the Bitcoin market. After falling as low as $8,600, the flagship crypto mounted a strong comeback over the past...
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Bitcoin 28/05/20 23:26 by Liza Mazurina
Bitcoin Price Hits $9.5K Despite Criticism Expressed By Mainstream Bank
On May 28, Bitcoin hit the $9.5K benchmark, being up by nearly 5% from the previous day. This comes right after an expression made by Goldman Sachs during its client call, where the topic was practic...
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Bitcoin 28/05/20 20:15 by Brenda Ngari
Wall Street Is Buying Vast Amounts Of Bitcoin Despite Goldman Sachs’ Anti-Crypto Attitude
Wall Street is accumulating bitcoin (BTC) at a rapid clip, disregarding what skeptics like Goldman Sachs have to say. A new report has revealed that institutional investors have bought a lot of BT...
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Altcoins 27/05/20 21:59 by Ponvang Bulus
“Good time for Bitcoiners to stack sats,” Says Blockstream’s Adam Back On Goldman Sachs Crypto Rebuff
Following the public declaration by Goldman Sachs that it does not support its customers to buy Bitcoin, Blockstream CEO Adam Back says this is a “good time to stack sats.” Goldman Sachs had earl...
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Bitcoin 27/05/20 18:48 by Judith Riseshine
Crypto Community Disagrees With Goldman Sachs’s Claim That Bitcoin Isn’t An Asset Class
A greater number of the crypto community members expressed their disagreement with the recent statement made by the American multinational investment bank and financial services company, Goldman Sach...
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Bitcoin 27/05/20 15:36 by Tony Spilotro
No, Goldman Sachs Doesn’t Think Bitcoin is the Next Big Thing
A call focusing on the future US economic outlook hosted by Goldman Sachs that mentioned Bitcoin alongside gold got the crypto market buzzing early this week. But as details leak out early regarding w...
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Bitcoin 27/05/20 15:00 by Yashu Gola
Bitcoin Jumps $9,100 as Dow Prepares For Massive 400-Point Open
Bitcoin breaks above $9,100 hours ahead of New York opening bell. The gains surfaced as the futures linked to Dow Jones suggested a 400-point rally after Wednesday’s open. Investors also felt bu...
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Bitcoin 13/04/20 16:42 by Nick Chong
Could Goldman Sachs’ Cheery S&P 500 Projections Boost Bitcoin Higher?
Since the lows that were in March, both Bitcoin and stocks across the world have mounted an objectively impressive comeback. The cryptocurrency managed to gain 100% from its $3,700 bottom last week, a...
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