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Crypto 21/10/20 20:23 by Guest Author
Your Wallet in 2030 Will Be Full of Free Money
Ten years ago, humanity wrestled with a generational crisis named COVID-19. In the wake of the pandemic and its cataclysmic fallout, seismic changes occurred and a wellspring of ideas burst forth. The...
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Other 13/10/20 20:30 by Bernice Nyambura
China Awards Shenzhen Residents with 200 RMB in its DCEP to Spend and Test Out Locally
China is forging ahead with the latest testing of its digital currency electronic payment (DCEP) that is awarding lottery winners tickets in Shenzhen with 200RMB (30 USD) in DCEP to test out and spen...
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Other 14/09/20 18:01 by Guest Author
eToro Launches GoodDollar And Begins Delivering Universal Basic Income
With enforced shutdowns driving governments to enact emergency stimulus measures and airdrop funds into citizens’ accounts, Universal Basic Income (UBI), also known as Basic Income has attracted ren...
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Mining 05/09/20 21:20 by Nick James
Samson Mow: Bitcoin Mining Will Become A Strategic Investment Sector For Many Nation-States
Cryptocurrencies are getting so attractive that they’re catching the attention of nation-states that are now trying their hands at them. For example, the Kazakh government is now a major crypto min...
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Bitcoin 13/08/20 11:27 by Nick James
The Russian Government Wants to De-Anonymize Bitcoin – Here’s How They Are Going About It
Very few people would expect actual government authorities to be trying to strangle the development of an already vibrant economic space like the crypto industry – especially the Bitcoin market. In...
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Bitcoin 05/07/20 00:19 by Steve Muchoki
VISA Head Of Crypto Deconstructs Issues Regarding CBDCs and Effects on Bitcoin Adoption
Through a series of tweets on his official twitter account published on July 4, VISA Head Of Crypto, Cuy Sheffield, shared his thoughts on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). According to him, C...
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Bitcoin 22/06/20 12:51 by Brenda Ngari
Bitcoin Price Will Tank To Zero, Says Famed American Investor Jim Rogers
Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto market have proved quite resilient over the last couple of months amid a global economic downturn due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although BTC has noticeably remain...
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Bitcoin 16/06/20 08:40 by Erie Maxwell
Bitcoin Price Reacts to the Fed’s Decision to Buy Individual Corporate Bonds
On Monday, the Federal Reserve announced that they will increase their spending to curtail corporate debt by purchasing secondary market bonds. The goal of the Fed is to create a portfolio filled wit...
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Bitcoin 12/06/20 17:47 by John Kiguru
Protests Rage In Lebanon Over Currency Collapse; Trust Gov’t, or Buy Bitcoin?
Buying Bitcoin is so far the best way to bet against the government in its handling of money. As Satoshi intended, it is where money and state separate. While it was born in the aftermath of the 2008...
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Bitcoin 22/05/20 09:18 by Brenda Ngari
Bitcoin Has Much More Meaningful Value Compared to the US Dollar, Tyler Winklevoss Asserts
Ongoing unprecedented monetary policy has led many to wonder whether the US dollar can survive unscathed. While some folks believe the implications might not come for years since the dollar still has...
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Bitcoin 17/05/20 23:00 by Cole Petersen
Growing Mistrust in Governments to Be Massive Catalyst for Bitcoin Growth
The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has had far-reaching implications that have impacted everyone in some way or another. It has sparked massive money printing, leading investors to grow increasingly kee...
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Bitcoin 08/05/20 03:00 by Cole Petersen
Here Are the Macro Factors Driving Bitcoin’s Explosive Uptrend
Bitcoin has been caught within the throes of an explosive uptrend throughout the past several days and weeks. Buyers have allowed the cryptocurrency to put some serious distance between its recent low...
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Bitcoin 08/04/20 14:39 by Brenda Ngari
Infinite Money Printing Bailouts Amid COVID-19 Are Insanely Bullish For Bitcoin: Tim Draper
We are currently in unchartered territory as the world financial system slowly comes to a halt due to COVID-19. Central banks have unveiled bailouts worth trillions of dollars to soften the brutal bl...
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Bitcoin 27/03/20 15:38 by Edwin Kinoti
As Central Banks Go On Printing Spree: Binance CEO Reminds ‘No Inflation In Bitcoin’
Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) took to Twitter to share his thoughts about the ongoing interventions by governments to stabilize their economies. CZ sent a cryptic tweet on March 26 proclaiming that...
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Bitcoin 24/03/20 20:28 by Nick James
Printing More Money: Is It Actually Good For Bitcoin?
As the world struggles to contain the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus, the world economy has taken a huge hit. Numerous governments have put their countries on lockdown to prevent further spread o...
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Bitcoin 24/03/20 17:52 by Edwin Kinoti
What’s Sending Bitcoin to a New All-Time High in 2020? – Hint: It’s Not Halving
Multiple governments have recently adopted various measures to contain the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic from quarantines, lockdowns, mass testing and travel bans among others. All these actions a...
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Bitcoin 17/03/20 12:38 by Brenda Ngari
Tim Draper Believes Bitcoin Will Save The Day When The World Returns To Normalcy, Not Governments Or Banks
Last week was undeniably one of bitcoin’s worst week characterized by a brutal sell-off and flash crashes as investors grappled with the coronavirus pandemic that has rocked the whole world. With s...
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Bitcoin 11/03/20 15:29 by Brenda Ngari
Bitcoin Falls 3% As Bank Of England’s Emergency Rate Cuts Fail To Dazzle
The Bank of England has announced an emergency rate cut to shore up the negative impact of the coronavirus epidemic. The BoE made the rate cut on Wednesday, slashing the rate by 50 basis points (bps)...
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Bitcoin 16/12/19 22:26 by Tolu
Is Bitcoin A Gigantic Pump and Dump Bubble That’s Bound To Pop?
The argument about Bitcoin and whether or not it has any real value that should be trusted has been raging for a long time and will likely continue raging. Recently, American TV personality John Stos...
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Crypto 05/12/19 18:09 by Mark
British Virgin Islands Government Turning to Blockchain?
Blockchain technology was first introduced through Bitcoin as a means to aid and empower global citizens. However, governments worldwide are increasingly looking into the nascent tech as a means of b...
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Bitcoin 21/11/19 11:30 by Martin Young
3 Bitcoin Transactions Worth $5.5B Show Why BTC Isn’t Going Anywhere
Bitcoin detractors seem to be spending more ways thinking of how it could be shut down. It is true that decentralized money is a huge threat to governments and the central banks that keep them in powe...
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Bitcoin 20/11/19 17:44 by Anatol Antonovici
Bitcoin-Friendly Governments Will Be Biggest Winners, Tim Draper Says
Billionaire Tim Draper has praised Bitcoin for breaking the world’s borders and acting as a global currency system. He told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that technologies like blockchain and artifi...
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Bitcoin 19/11/19 21:58 by Brenda Ngari
Governments Could Easily Stop Bitcoin By Crippling Its Price, Says Economist
If you happen to ask a bitcoin enthusiast whether they believe bitcoin can be annihilated, I’m almost certain the knee-jerk reaction would be, “bitcoin is unstoppable!” Naysayers, on the contrar...
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Bitcoin 19/11/19 12:29 by Christine Vasileva
Bitcoin Could Be Stopped By Governments ‘Pretty Simply’
Bitcoin (BTC) so far has built the reputation of “the honey badger of money”, rising even in unfavorable conditions. The network itself has resisted the censorship of multiple regimes, but could w...
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Other 18/11/19 12:30 by Avi Mizrahi
Crisis Fears Rise as Global Debt Hits a Record $250 Trillion
The world’s total liabilities continue to grow rapidly as a new report reveals global debt is now over a record $250 trillion. For many investors and market watchers this raises the specter of a...
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