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Crypto 03/07/21 21:12 by Livine Sanchez
How Crypto Startup Moon Rabbit Explores Immortality?
As humans, we desire to explore immortality and attain longevity. It doesn’t matter if it will be discovered through science or applied philosophy, human wants to attain longevity and immortali...
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Crypto 09/02/21 13:13 by Livine Sanchez
5 Powerful Cryptography Technologies Transforming Data Transmission Protection
There are several powerful cryptography technologies transforming data transmission protection. According to recent studies, the global cryptography industry is projected to exceed $1 billion by 2024...
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Other 10/09/20 15:10 by Yashu Gola
YFI Forms a ‘Golden Cross’ Pattern Following 38% Rally
As YFI trades 25 percent below its record high, there is an interesting bullish pattern for traders to consider. That is ‘Golden Cross,’ a telltale technical indicator that suggests that t...
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Bitcoin 19/08/20 03:00 by Tony Spilotro
Same Indicator That Called March Plunge Raises Chances For Big Bitcoin Drop
Bitcoin has been rocketing over the last several weeks, along with the rest of the cryptocurrency market. Most assets are up over 80% on average since the start of 2020. However, an unorthodox and unu...
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Other 18/08/20 00:30 by PR DESK
EpiK Protocol: The Mingzhi Protocol Was Officially Launched, Leading the New Trend of Knowledge Inheritance
The EpiK Protocol is committed to the construction of a decentralized ultra-large-scale knowledge graph through decentralized storage technology (IPFS), decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), a...
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Other 07/08/20 22:41 by Guest Author
Have Yourself a Hawaiian Summer with 1xBit’s New Slots Tournament
The actual shores of Hawaii are far away, but if you crave a tropical summer adventure, then look no further than 1xBit’s new slot tournament. The competition will feature the Live Casino section a...
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Crypto 30/07/20 19:00 by Tony Spilotro
Remembering The Kodak Crypto ICO As Stock Prices Soar
Bitcoin’s signature volatility is finally returning, but not even the crypto market has been pumping like Kodak stocks. The photography powerhouse surged Wednesday as high as 500% intraday follo...
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Other 20/04/20 14:08 by Yashu Gola
A Calm MATIC is Staging a Wild Bull Run Scenario; Here’s Why
MATIC is trending sideways after bottoming out in mid-March. The underperforming token is, nevertheless, flirting with key resistance area to pursue a breakout. Favorable fundamentals hint a near-term...
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Bitcoin 05/12/19 16:26 by Bitcoin PR Buzz
Leading Bitcoin PR Agency Bitcoin PR Buzz Expands its Distribution List to Include Cointelegraph, Bitcoin.com, NewsBTC and Investing with a $1000 Discount
Industry-first press release agency Bitcoin PR Buzz has once again expanded its resource distribution list to include top crypto-centric news outlets such as CoinTelegraph, Investing.com, Bitcoin.com...
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Bitcoin 02/12/19 11:40 by Graham Smith
How the Upcoming Bitcoin Halving Compares to Previous Cycles
For those standing very close to the crypto charts, it might be easy to get discouraged by the gloomy nature of recent markets. However, new comparisons of the current halving cycle to those in the pa...
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Bitcoin 26/11/19 11:03 by Bitcoin PR Buzz
Bitcoin PR Buzz Launches Guaranteed CoinTelegraph and Bitcoin.com Publication With $1000 Discount and Free Consultations
The world’s first blockchain PR service Bitcoin PR Buzz is pleased to announce CoinTelegraph, Bitcoin.com, Hackernoon, Bitcoinist, NewsBTC, and much more have been added to their portfolio.  Novem...
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Crypto 19/11/19 23:00 by Rick D.
Blockchain Tech Used as Part of Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition in New York
Blockchain technology has been given a somewhat unusual demonstration in New York City this week. Organisers of a traditional Chinese calligraphy exhibition have used the data sharing innovation to pr...
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Altcoins 16/11/19 02:00 by Jamie Redman
Royal Bank of Canada Patents Point to Crypto Exchange Launch
The largest bank in Canada by market capitalization, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), is reportedly opening a cryptocurrency exchange. Patents have been discovered that reveal some of the technology the RB...
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