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Bitcoin 24/05/21 16:12 by Collins K.O
No Bitcoin Plans For Europe’s Largest Bank – HSBC CEO Implies It ‘Messes Up Balance Sheet Of Clients’
The biggest bank in Europe just dealt another sordid blow to Bitcoin, as it joined the league of Crypto pessimistic financial institutions, declaring a general unwillingness to add the apex crypto co...
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Bitcoin 10/04/21 11:13 by Olivia Brooke
HSBC Allegedly Drops MicroStrategy’s Stocks Shortly After Banning Bitcoin Purchases
HSBC is the latest bank to give red lights to Bitcoin, as it recently stopped its customers from buying MicroStrategy’s (MSTR) stocks on HSBC InvestDirect (HIDC); its online trading channel. ...
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Other 04/12/19 13:30 by Kevin Helms
Banks Are Cutting 75,700 Jobs Worldwide
Banks worldwide have announced major job cuts this year. Globally, 75,700 jobs are reportedly being eliminated, with the most recent announcement coming from Italy’s largest bank. Unicredit has ...
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Altcoins 30/11/19 22:00 by Nick Chong
Crypto Tidbits: Bakkt’s Bitcoin Futures Surge, UpBit Hacked for $50 Million in Ethereum, US Arrests Blockchain Researcher
Another week, another round of Crypto Tidbits. Surprisingly, Bitcoin (BTC), saw some relatively strong performance over the past seven days, gaining 2% according to Coin360. This came after the leadi...
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Other 22/11/19 17:40 by Lubomir Tassev
HSBC Closes Account Used to Support Hong Kong Protesters
For months on end, Hong Kong has been the scene of intensive confrontation between pro-democracy activists and its Beijing-supported government. It now seems the financial establishment has taken a si...
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Bitcoin 19/11/19 18:17 by Nick James
HSBC Locks Hong Kong Protesters Bank Account – Bitcoin Gains Traction
A month ago, the HSBC, which is a British multinational bank, issued a one-month notice stating that it would be shutting down an account linked to the protesters in Hong Kong. On November 18, the Hon...
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