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Bitcoin 30/03/21 21:00 by Reynaldo Marquez
Bakkt and CME launch new products, Bitcoin’s price reacts accordingly
Two key entities that affect the crypto market dynamics have announced the launch of new Bitcoin products on the same day. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and Bakkt appear to be pursuing a commo...
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Bitcoin 21/02/21 12:32 by Joseph Young
On-Chain Data: The Last Time This Happened, Bitcoin Rose Another 2x
According to Glassnode’s Bitcoin MVRV Z-Score indicator, Bitcoin is about to cross the red zone. The last time BTC saw this trend, it rallied two times more from its current price. What is the B...
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Bitcoin 05/02/21 14:04 by Yashu Gola
Bitcoin Will Likely Reclaim $42,000, Asserts OKEx Investment Analyst
A recent downside correction in the Bitcoin market has done little to offset its long-term bullish bias, indicates Robbie Liu. The OKEx investment analyst listed a flurry of trading data readings that...
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Bitcoin 05/01/21 21:09 by Cole Petersen
Data Shows Institutions are Buying Bitcoin Above $30,000 Despite Turbulence
Bitcoin’s price action has been quite mixed as of late, with buyers and sellers both vying for control over the cryptocurrency’s trend Over a mid-term time frame, bulls are clearly in con...
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Bitcoin 23/09/20 04:00 by Cole Petersen
This On-Chain Indicator Signals Bitcoin May Soon Go Parabolic
Bitcoin’s price action has been largely favoring sellers throughout the past several days and weeks, with bulls unable to catalyze any strong momentum while the cryptocurrency continues facing inten...
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Bitcoin 17/09/20 01:56 by Nick Chong
Despite Pushing to $11,000, Here’s Why Bitcoin Could Soon Reverse
Bitcoin has been pressing higher despite weakness in the altcoin market. Seemingly rallying off strength in legacy markets, the leading cryptocurrency on Wednesday morning shot to a price just shy of ...
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Mining 03/09/20 16:40 by Bernice Nyambura
Miners Are Moving Unusually Large Amounts Of BTC – What This Means For Bitcoin Price
A high number of Mining pools are moving BTC from pool wallets to exchanges, according to on-chain data analysis platform CryptoQuant. CryptoQuant, which tracks Bitcoin Miner Flows data shows that...
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Bitcoin 22/07/20 12:00 by Nick Chong
On-Chain Metric Signals the Bitcoin Market Isn’t Overheated: Why This Is Bullish
Despite the recent stagnation, Bitcoin is still up by over 150% from the capitulation lows of March’s crash. By the standards, that means that BTC’s nascent market is at exuberant levels â...
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Bitcoin 19/05/20 15:24 by Lorenzo Stroe
Here’s the probability Bitcoin hits $20,000 by year-end, according to the options market
Bitcoin traders are clearly having a tough decision on whether to go long or short, Bitcoin’s price has been inert for the past 2 days and it’s bouncing back and forth between $9,464 and $9,950. ...
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Bitcoin 18/05/20 03:54 by Nick Chong
Millions Worth of BitMEX Shorts Liquidated as Bitcoin Surges Towards $10,000
Just minutes ago, Bitcoin made its latest attempt at rallying to $10,000, reaching $9,950 after the close of Sunday’s candle. The cryptocurrency fell short of the key $10,000 price point, since ...
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Bitcoin 18/05/20 03:00 by Nick Chong
If Bitcoin Crosses $10,500, a New Highs Would be “On the Horizon”: Analyst
Over the past eight weeks, Bitcoin has surged past resistance after resistance in its rally from $3,700 to $9,700 — the price as of the time of this article’s writing. This move has been undou...
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Bitcoin 17/05/20 21:00 by Nick Chong
There’s a Colossal $40M Sell Wall Preventing Bitcoin From Crossing $10,000
The price action over the past few days has undoubtedly been positive for Bitcoin. After bottoming at $8,180 on the day of the block reward halving, the cryptocurrency has shot higher, approaching $9...
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Bitcoin 27/04/20 15:00 by Yashu Gola
Bitcoin Indicator that Logged 5,378% Average Returns Flashes Again
A bullish technical indicator in the bitcoin market flashed for the first time since December 2019. The tool studies the behavior of bitcoin producers – the miners – to identify potential price to...
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Altcoins 24/04/20 20:00 by Ali Martinez
Ethereum Price Vulnerable to an Intense Correction: On-Chain Metrics
Ethereum is back in the spotlight after surging as high as $195 in the last 24 hours. The bullish impulse saw more than 220,000 addresses that had a balance in Ether go to zero, based on IntoTheBlockâ...
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Bitcoin 13/04/20 13:23 by Nick Chong
Here’s Why Traders Are Scared After Bitcoin’s 8% Drop to $6,600
After the weekly close at the end of Sunday, Bitcoin tanked. The cryptocurrency rapidly fell from the $7,200 weekend highs to a low of $6,580 — all over the course of an explosive three-hour drop. W...
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