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Bitcoin 20/07/21 18:36 by Olivia Brooke
The Risk Level Of Bitcoin’s Dependency On MicroStrategy Is Out The Roof
Microstrategy first stormed the Bitcoin market in August of 2020, when it made a purchase of 21,454 BTC at a total aggregate purchase price of $250 million. The market was thrilled to have the sof...
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Crypto 18/07/21 19:00 by Asad Gillani
Major Korean Bank Set To Provide Cryptocurrency Custody Services
Woori Bank, the South Korean financial institution, enters the DACS (cryptocurrency custody services) market. The Woori Financial Group will start offering its client cryptocurrency custody services. ...
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Bitcoin 16/07/21 14:33 by Brenda Ngari
CEO Of World’s Largest Money Manager Sees ‘Very Little’ Demand For Bitcoin From Long-Term Investors
BlackRock CEO Larry Fink said on Wednesday that long-term institutional investors are demonstrating a weak appetite for cryptocurrencies. Institutional Demand For Crypto Is Lackluster: Larry Fink ...
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Bitcoin 14/07/21 18:26 by Bernice Nyambura
$2.2 Trillion Asset Manager Buys Stake In MicroStrategy, Gains Indirect Exposure To Bitcoin
American financial services company Capital Group has bought a 12% stake in business intelligence software and related services provider MicroStrategy, according to a US SEC filing. The filing shows ...
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Altcoins 13/07/21 19:00 by Best Owie
Cardano (ADA) Demand Rises Amongst Retail And Institutional Investors, Why This Is Happening
Recently, both institutional and retail investors have shown an increasing interest in Cardano. It is fast becoming the coin of choice for investors who are in crypto for the long term. Good news trot...
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Crypto 13/07/21 18:03 by Newton Gitonga
Fidelity Digital Seeks Workforce Expansion By 70%, Says Demand For Crypto Services Has Grown Exponentially
Fidelity Digital Assets has announced plans to hire close to 100 employees in efforts to support its expanding business in some of its locations including New York Boston, Durham, and Salt Lake. ...
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Crypto 13/07/21 03:56 by Taylor Scott
Fidelity Digital Is Expanding Workforce By 70% Due To Crypto Demand
The institutional buy-in through major banks and adjacent firms continues this week. Fidelity Digital is the company’s enterprise-grade solution for digital assets. In a recent story first broke...
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Bitcoin 09/07/21 21:32 by Newton Gitonga
Why China’s Renewed Bitcoin Crackdown Isn’t Telling On Many Significant Levels
Even as Bitcoin attempts to gain a footing in the now downsized market owing to massive dumping witnessed in May following China’s ban on crypto-related activities, the PBOC seems not to be backing...
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Bitcoin 06/07/21 18:44 by Bernice Nyambura
Hellbent On Destroying Bitcoin: China Shuts Down More Companies Enabling ‘Crypto Trading Activities’
Two financial watchdogs in Beijing, the Beijing Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau and the Business Management Department of China’s Central Bank (PBoC) are shutting down firms t...
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Other 06/07/21 13:41 by Asad Gillani
Aave To Introduce Permissioned Deployment for Institutions Later In July
Aave declared a kick-off of its new project this month to meet the abruptly growing demand from different institutions. According to their announcement, Aave, one of the leading DeFi money markets, wi...
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Other 02/07/21 17:03 by Asad Gillani
Kraken Director Dan Held Tags Traditional Financial Institutions A “Cartel”
Kraken Director Dan Held recently posted a tweet that shows what he thinks of the traditional banking system. Are traditional banks truly a collision of government financial structures for monopoly? A...
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Altcoins 02/07/21 01:00 by Best Owie
Scaramucci’s Skybridge Capital Launches Ethereum Fund
The CEO of Skybridge Capital, Anthony Scaramucci, has announced that the firm will launch an Ethereum fund. The fund is planned to be a private fund. Alongside this, Skybridge Capital has filed for an...
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Bitcoin 01/07/21 21:30 by David Kariuki
Over 4,000 German Institutional Investment Funds With $2 Trillion In Assets Will Now Be Eligible To Invest Up To 20% In Bitcoin
A new law that allows German-based dominant investment funds to invest up to 20% of their portfolio each in cryptocurrency could booster investments in Bitcoin by up to $415 billion. The German Locat...
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Crypto 30/06/21 22:33 by Guest Author
Coins Driver: A DeFi Exchange Platform Announces Commencement of Public Sales
Coins Drivers, a power exchange decentralized finance platform that services retail and institutional investors has announced in a recent press release, the commencement of its public sale. With t...
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Bitcoin 30/06/21 00:00 by Tony Spilotro
Institutional Bitcoin Selloff Leaves Retail With Bloody Aftermath
Bitcoin price is trading at around 50% down from 2021 highs set around the Coinbase stock market debut. According to data, the rally fueled by institutions finally getting into crypto came to an end b...
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Bitcoin 29/06/21 23:16 by Bernice Nyambura
American Banking Giant Morgan Stanley Has Indirectly Invested In Bitcoin
Global investment bank and financial services provider Morgan Stanley has bought 28,289 shares of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) according to a filing with the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC...
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Bitcoin 29/06/21 21:01 by Olivia Brooke
The Bitcoin Bloodbath Gets Bloodier As Net Loss Hits $3.5 Billion, But Third Quarter Remains Promising
Bitcoin’s net loss has for the first time since last year reached an all-time low. The net unrealized loss hit $3.5 billion last week, highlighting the severity of the current bear market. As o...
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Bitcoin 25/06/21 16:09 by Olivia Brooke
Why Jack Dorsey And Elon Musk Bonding Over Bitcoin Is A Huge Deal For The Crypto Market
It may have seemed that the Bitcoin community would have one less problem to deal with, should Elon Musk steer clear of the community, but that is not the case today. Instead, all hands are on deck t...
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Bitcoin 21/06/21 15:57 by Brenda Ngari
Bitcoin Slips To $32K As China’s Central Bank Orders Banks To Block Cryptocurrency Transactions
People’s Bank of China (PBoC), the country’s central bank, has today directed local banks and payment institutions to stop providing cryptocurrency-related services such as account opening, tradi...
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Crypto 21/06/21 13:22 by Livine Sanchez
Why are Banks More Fragile Versus the Self-Managed Samecoin Ecosystem
In recent years, more and more people have been looking for a way to have complete control of their money. For a number of reasons, traditional financial institutions have taken a lot of flak. And on...
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Bitcoin 15/06/21 16:11 by Reynaldo Marquez
How CABEI Will Support Implementation Of Bitcoin Law In El Salvador
Dante Mossi, president of The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), confirmed in a press conference that the institution will support El Salvador’s efforts to enforce its Bitco...
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Bitcoin 14/06/21 21:36 by owiebest
MicroStrategy Sells $500 Million Notes To Buy Bitcoin
MicroStrategy has successfully sold off $500 million worth of notes (“the notes”) which it announced it was selling on June 8th in a press conference, to buy Bitcoin. The notes were sold t...
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Crypto 09/06/21 17:46 by David Kariuki
Major Cryptocurrency Exchanges Now Eying India Market Despite Stand-Off Between Crypto Businesses and Banks
Coinbase, Kraken, Hong Kong-based Bitfinex, and KuCoin are among exchanges eying the Indian crypto market despite unclear regulation hindering regulated banks and financial institutions from offering...
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Bitcoin 02/06/21 13:25 by Collins K.O
It’s Only Just Begun, The Dip Is Not Over – JPMorgan Analyst Goes ‘Glen Jones’ On Bitcoin
Just when Bitcoin investors began longing for a green-ray of hope at the end of the dip tunnel, JPMorgan knocked off the lights with the latest bearish prediction that BTC still has a lot of dipping ...
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Other 01/06/21 21:17 by PR DESK
Panther Protocol successfully completes its private sale, raises $8 Million
Panther Protocol is pleased to announce its new funding raised from over 140 investors. The Gibraltar-based protocol has successfully raised $8 million during its private sale funding round. The f...
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Bitcoin 28/05/21 15:55 by Brenda Ngari
Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary: Narratives About Institutional Investors Already Wading Into Bitcoin Are ‘BS’
Shark Tank co-judge and chairman of O’Shares ETFs, Kevin O’Leary, has personally invested in bitcoin but he doesn’t think institutional investors and other high-net-worth investors are getting ...
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Other 27/05/21 12:10 by NewsBTC
Privacy Protection: The Future of DeFi
On April 22, MakerDAO, known as the DeFi world’s ‘central bank’, in partnership with the financial supply chain project Centrifuge, completed the first real-world asset loan in DeFi ...
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Crypto 24/05/21 21:06 by Brenda Ngari
Goldman Sachs Calls Crypto A ‘New Asset Class’, Marking Major Shift In Tone
Slowly but surely, renowned investment banks are creeping toward the reluctant acceptance that bitcoin is, in fact, a thing that is here to stay. A top executive at Wall Street megabank Goldman Sachs...
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Crypto 20/05/21 21:30 by PR DESK
deFIRE announces partnership with live market data aggregator Coin360
deFIRE, a Decentralized Smart Order Routing engine built on Сardano, has announced a partnership with crypto metrics provider Coin360 to help with the delivery of crypto market data. As per the a...
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Crypto 20/05/21 15:31 by Olivia Brooke
Coinbase Sends Shock Waves to Investors After Offering A $1.25 Billion Convertible Bond Sale
Coinbase, the leading cryptocurrency platform has revealed its plans to offload a large chunk of convertible debt or senior notes. The new development came as a surprise to investors as Coinbase reve...
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