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Crypto 09/01/21 17:38 by Nick James
A Wider Range Of Institutional Investors Now Taking An Interest In Cryptocurrency – Grayscale CEO
There has been an increased interest from institutional investors in cryptocurrencies. That’s according to the new CEO of Grayscale, Michael Sonnenshein. Michael is replacing Barry Silbert as CE...
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Bitcoin 05/01/21 21:09 by Cole Petersen
Data Shows Institutions are Buying Bitcoin Above $30,000 Despite Turbulence
Bitcoin’s price action has been quite mixed as of late, with buyers and sellers both vying for control over the cryptocurrency’s trend Over a mid-term time frame, bulls are clearly in con...
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Bitcoin 04/01/21 18:13 by Jide Idowu
Institutions Are Driving Up The Price Of Bitcoin, Mike Novogratz Asserts
Bitcoin, the topmost cryptocurrency by market capitalization seems to have had a fantastic time since October 2020 and isn’t slowing down at its slightest bit. After finally shattering its a...
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Bitcoin 28/12/20 19:50 by Adrian Klent
Bitcoin Sees Significant Shift From Retail To Institutional Investors
The meteoric rise in Bitcoin investment by institutional investors has been as thrilling as it has been worrying. The fear of a new group of investors overtaking the market is as exciting as it is al...
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Crypto 25/12/20 15:55 by Bernice Nyambura
Binance Publishes 2020’s Top 5 Most Traded Cryptos By Big Movers
The world’s biggest crypto exchange Binance has published a report showing the most actively traded crypto assets by big movers on its exchange in 2020. The report, Crypto Trends 2020 on Binance...
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Bitcoin 25/12/20 02:00 by Tony Spilotro
Shark Tank Investor Slams Bitcoin, Crypto: “Not An Institutional Product”
Bitcoin in 2020 has finally attracted institutional investors with serious wealth and capital to throw around. And it is exactly why the leading cryptocurrency is trading well above its previous peak ...
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Bitcoin 24/12/20 14:38 by Adrian Klent
Bitcoin At $23,000: A Look At What Could Be Coming Next For BTC Price
Bitcoin has reclaimed its $23,000 price point after surpassing hurdles at previous support. The leading cryptocurrency at the time of this writing is now trading at $23,213, a price mark that could e...
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Bitcoin 18/12/20 21:00 by Tony Spilotro
Why Bitcoin Bull Market Shakeouts Are Healthy For Holders
At this point, no one can deny that Bitcoin has begun a new bull market. The 500% rally and new all-time high in 2020 is all the evidence that is needed. But that doesn’t mean that corrections w...
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Bitcoin 08/12/20 19:57 by Bernice Nyambura
Institutional FOMO By Big Bitcoin Investors Fueling Price Rally
The fear of missing out by institutional investors has played a key role in pushing and maintaining Bitcoin’s price way above the $18,000 price level. Bitcoin came closest to breaching the cruci...
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Bitcoin 25/11/20 22:33 by Brenda Ngari
Peter Schiff Believes Wealthy Investors And Institutions Won’t Buy Bitcoin When Inflation Finally Kicks In
The past couple of months have been remarkable for the bitcoin markets. The number one cryptocurrency which was trading at $3,800 just the other day, breached $19,000 for the first time since the 201...
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Mining 24/11/20 09:48 by Brenda Ngari
Max Keiser: Institutions Will Purchase Bitcoin Directly From Miners And Box Out The Public As Price Reaches $1M
Amid the COVID-19 crisis, economies worldwide have shuddered and governments have been forced to introduce drastic measures to resuscitate the ailing economy. As a result of this uncertainty, bitcoin...
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Bitcoin 20/11/20 13:33 by Samuel Wan
Chainalysis: 2020 Is The Year of The Institutional Bitcoin Investor
Chainalysis recently released an article titled “Why Bitcoin is Surging and How This Rally Is Different from 2017 (Hint: It’s Who’s Buying).” The blockchain analytics firm refe...
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Altcoins 19/11/20 17:23 by Cole Petersen
Why This “Whale” Thinks Ethereum Could Soon Be “Better Digital Gold” than Bitcoin
Bitcoin and Ethereum are rarely compared beyond when discussing market structures and price trends, with their underlying fundamental values being wildly different. While Bitcoin is seen as a store of...
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Bitcoin 19/11/20 16:48 by Joseph Young
New Bitcoin Institutional Rally? Why BTC Just Blasted Past $18k Again
The price of Bitcoin surged past $18,000 once again, marking a sharp recovery from its earlier intraday drop to around $17,355. Behind the ongoing rally is a noticeable spike in the open interest of C...
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Bitcoin 09/10/20 18:13 by Guest Author
BTC Whale Greyscale Amasses More BTC! October Is The Right Time To Invest
The world’s largest sovereign hedge fund, the Norwegian Government Pension Fund, is reported to add more Bitcoin into its investment holdings. It has garnered indirect BTC exposure of 577.6 BTC via...
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Altcoins 14/08/20 11:52 by Nick James
Ripple Is Re-Engineering Its Business Model To Find More Use Cases For XRP – CEO Brad Garlinghouse
Over its few years of existence in the market, Ripple has quickly grown into one of the most progressive blockchain-focused entities in the world. The company has become very popular in crypto circle...
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Bitcoin 03/08/20 18:00 by Cole Petersen
Institutional Traders on the CME are Still Bearish on Bitcoin; Here’s Why
Bitcoin has been caught within the throes of a firm and unwavering bull trend throughout the past few weeks. After hovering within the lower-$9,000 region for over a month, the crypto’s breakout ral...
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Bitcoin 07/07/20 23:00 by Cole Petersen
Bitcoin Futures Premium Shows That Institutions are Bullish on BTC
Bitcoin futures have seen a rising premium over spot BTC in recent months, which seems to indicate that traders are bullish on the benchmark cryptocurrency. This premium is particularly clear while lo...
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Crypto 25/06/20 10:35 by Steve Muchoki
USDC is Coming to the Algorand Blockchain
Algorand Foundation has announced that it has established an alliance with Circle to enable fiat-backed stablecoin on its blockchain. Algorand is a non-profit organization that has been in the blockc...
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Bitcoin 21/06/20 22:40 by Nick Chong
CME Futures: Institutions Are Still Short on Bitcoin as Price Stalls in $9ks
Bitcoin has found itself stuck in the $9,000s for weeks on end. Save for a few flashes of volatility, the cryptocurrency has traded within 10% of $9,000 for nearly two months now. Historical odds say ...
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Altcoins 16/06/20 21:53 by Erie Maxwell
RippleNet Cloud Breaks Through With Its First Bank Customer
Ripple is attempting to be the world leader in the blockchain payment field. Now they’ve taken an important step in the journey of transforming the financial world into more efficient, blockchain a...
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Bitcoin 14/06/20 00:00 by Nick Chong
Bitcoin Will Soon See the Exact Same Signal That Marked the Start of a 4,000% Rally
Bitcoin has failed multiple attempts at breaking past $10,500 over recent weeks, yet analysts say that the cryptocurrency is still on track to erupt into a new bull run in the coming months. Related R...
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Bitcoin 10/06/20 02:00 by Nick Chong
3 Trends Are Drawing Wall Street to Bitcoin and Crypto: Fidelity Survey
Over the past few months, we’ve seen a strong uptick in institutions adopting Bitcoin and crypto-assets. Nothing shows this as well as Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust, a leading way that institu...
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Bitcoin 03/06/20 00:45 by Priyeshu Garg
Bitcoin Spot Market Could Exceed Daily Volume of All U.S. Equities in 4 Years At Current Growth Rate
According to the latest CoinMetrics report, if Bitcoin’s current growth rate can be maintained, its current daily volume from spot markets would need less than 4 years of growth to exceed the daily ...
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Altcoins 20/05/20 14:48 by Nick James
Ripple Exec: Continuous utility will foster ‘liquidity depth and market health’ around XRP
Ripple is no doubt one of the biggest players in the advancement of blockchain technology especially in regard to the development of payment solutions that have significantly driven down the cost of ...
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Bitcoin 18/05/20 20:39 by Steve Muchoki
Unlocking Bitcoin for Institutional Investors; Bakkt Making Progress on Groundbreaking App
Bakkt, a subsidiary of the Intercontinental Exchange that was formed to leverage on Microsoft online servers to manage digital assets, has announced that it is working towards launching its app to co...
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Altcoins 18/05/20 19:39 by Brenda Ngari
US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Sings The Praises of Ripple’s XRP-Powered Remittance Transfers
Ripple’s core selling point is cheap and near-instant cross-border remittances with its suite of products. Over 300 customers have now signed up for RippleNet while more than a dozen other financia...
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Bitcoin 14/05/20 17:03 by Samuel Wan
Wall Street is Coming to Bitcoin: Here’s Why Crypto’s Institutional Market Just Saw a Massive Turning Point
Things ramped up a gear today as Bitcoin derivatives platform, Deribit announced full integration of the ClearLoop custody and settlement solution for institutions. ClearLoop is the brainchild of Lond...
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Bitcoin 22/04/20 12:05 by Joseph Young
Bitcoin Bottomed Every Time GBTC Premium Plunged to New Lows; It’s Done it Again
At a macro level, the Bitcoin price bottomed every time the premium of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) fell substantially to a local low. After showing a 30 percent premium in March, GBTC markups fell ...
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Altcoins 09/04/20 19:36 by Edwin Kinoti
Ripple Payments Solutions Commended By Bank of America Executive
A leading executive at the Bank of America sprinkled some new enlightenment about the institution’s rumored partnership with Ripple. The executive praised Ripple as a partner in regard to their abi...
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