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Bitcoin 06/07/21 18:00 by Best Owie
‘Bitcoin King’ Arrested For Allegedly Embezzling $300 Million
A report from Coindesk has revealed that Brazil’s ‘Bitcoin King’ Claudio Oliveira was arrested for allegedly embezzling $300 million. An official press release showed that the rest h...
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Crypto 02/07/21 20:21 by Brenda Ngari
Iran To Ban The Use Of Crypto In Payment Transactions
In what might be yet another door slamming shut to the use of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin for payments in mainstream commerce, Iranian lawmakers have drafted a bill dubbed “Support for Crypt...
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Crypto 18/06/21 15:18 by NewsBTC
Pirate Chain – a Blockchain That Keeps the Pirates Away from What You Treasure the Most
In the current digital world, privacy is a truly rare commodity, thanks to the sheer amount of data gathered by every website one visits or applications they use. While businesses continue to monetize...
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Crypto 17/06/21 19:31 by Hououin Kyouma
Iran Minister Proposes Kish Island As Crypto Exchange Hub
Iran’s ICT minister has made a proposal that the Persian Gulf island of Kish should be transformed into a crypto exchange hub. Kish is an island off the Persian Gulf coast in Southern Iran, and ...
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Other 29/05/21 20:43 by Collins K.O
Will Nigeria Lead The Digital Currency Movement In Africa?
Nigeria’s apex regulatory bank, The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), earlier this week hinted at its plans to create a digital Naira. Godwin Emefiele, the nation’s CBN Governor, made this disclo...
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Mining 26/05/21 19:46 by Olivia Brooke
Iran Government Blames Bitcoin Miners For Power Outages, Bans Crypto Mining For 4 Months
Bitcoin miners have been on the hot seat this year. The market recently reacted to the Chinese government cracking down on mining activities with investors rolling out cash from the Bitcoin market. T...
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Mining 18/05/21 20:14 by Nick James
Iranian Government Places New Ban On Mining Bitcoin Within Households
Iran has become the latest country to ban Bitcoin mining, albeit for select people. Apparently, the Iranian government has decided to stop its citizens from mining Bitcoin in their homes. Accordin...
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Crypto 07/05/21 15:13 by NewsBTC
With Cryptocurrencies Going Mainstream, How Is Purchasing Digital Currencies Becoming Simplified?
It is common knowledge that Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency. It was developed in the year 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. However, today, there are a wealth of digital currencies in place...
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Crypto 24/04/21 14:17 by Brenda Ngari
Turkey Crypto Investors Suffer Another Fatal Blow After Second Exchange Suddenly Goes Offline With Customers’ Funds Locked
Turkish cryptocurrency exchange Vebitcoin has unexpectedly closed down, raising alarm bells among customers. This is the second crypto trading platform in Turkey to suddenly shut down all trading and...
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Bitcoin 22/04/21 02:00 by Samuel Wan
Reports That Bitcoin Creator is an International Drug and Arms Dealer Resurface
Evan Ratliff, the author of the book The Mastermind, shares his research on Paul Le Roux, who he believes could be the man behind Bitcoin. Ratliff has pieced together the evidence but admits he fits a...
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Bitcoin 28/03/21 17:12 by Bernice Nyambura
‘I Was Wrong About Bitcoin’: Billionaire Crypto Critic Invests in Norway’s Biggest BTC Exchange
Norwegian billionaire and investor Øystein Stray Spetalen has secretly purchased bitcoin and bought into Norway’s largest Bitcoin exchange to become a shareholder in an unexpected twist of events....
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Bitcoin 26/03/21 21:41 by Adrian Klent
Why You May Not Be Seeing Bitcoin Below $50k Anytime Soon
Bitcoin has been trading above $50,000 since the 9th of March. Prior to this, the asset had dipped below that price severally, and a day before it finally corrected above $50,000 and maintained that ...
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Bitcoin 22/03/21 18:20 by Adrian Klent
Google Searches For Bitcoin Explodes In Turkey After Lira Crash
Google searches for “Bitcoin” have soared in Turkey following the drop of the Lira against the US Dollar on Monday. Analytics has revealed that searches for “Bitcoin” on th...
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Bitcoin 15/02/21 16:46 by Olivia Brooke
Nigerians bounce back with a defiant response to the government’s Bitcoin ban
It’s been over a week since the Nigerian government restricted banks and crypto-trading platforms from engaging in crypto-related activities. Now, in tandem with the general public speculations, th...
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Crypto 22/01/21 15:46 by Livine Sanchez
Meet the Startups Merging Blockchain and Real-World Assets
One of the holy grails of blockchain technology has always been the potential for it to support the tokenization of real-world assets, allowing users to send, receive, and exchange the ownership righ...
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Altcoins 09/11/20 18:17 by Brenda Ngari
Ripple Sets Up Regional Headquarters In Dubai As Company Considers Abandoning The US
Blockchain payments firm Ripple has opened regional headquarters in Dubai, underscoring the San Francisco-based decacorn’s intent to move away from the US due to the hostile regulatory environment....
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Crypto 28/09/20 18:46 by PR DESK
Transfer Money in Nigeria Instantly with Cryptocurrencies using Cryptofully.com
Cryptofully.com is offering Nigerian investors from around the world to transfer money to Nigeria in a simple two-step process through Bitcoin. 12 September 2020, Lagos. Cryptocurrency owners can ...
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Altcoins 16/09/20 14:49 by Guest Author
iTrustCapital Gains Investors Trust as Alternative Crypto and Gold IRA Platform, Registers Strong Growth
As the post-pandemic financial markets stand on shaky ground, further worsened by the economic slowdown faced by almost all the nations has driven people to rethink their investment choices. As people...
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Mining 03/09/20 19:00 by Tony Spilotro
Why Are Bitcoin Miners Moving An “Unusually” Large Amount of BTC?
Bitcoin is an asset unlike any other. Not only are prices impacted by normal market participants buying and selling, but miners powering the underlining network with massive BTC reserves can also have...
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Bitcoin 18/08/20 22:00 by Tony Spilotro
How Rising Bitcoin Fees May Have Prevented Post-Halving Death Spiral
Bitcoin price has grown over 40% since the asset’s halving this past May. The market braced for the miner “death spiral” caused by the sudden doubling of the cost of producing each B...
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Bitcoin 07/08/20 19:21 by Erie Maxwell
FBI and German Authorities Team Up To Seize $30 Million In Bitcoin
From 2008 until 2013, Movie2K.to hosted hundreds of thousands of illegal pirated streams. They also engaged in unsavory practices such as “subscription traps,” where they lured paying customers i...
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Bitcoin 17/07/20 03:00 by Tony Spilotro
Bitcoin Searches Spike On Google After Twitter Scam Goes Viral
As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. That old phrase is once again proving true, as search queries for Bitcoin spike following news of a Twitter scam going viral. Could th...
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Altcoins 11/07/20 03:00 by Tony Spilotro
TikTok Dogecoin Pump Purveyors Experience Their First Crypto Dump
This week, the altcoin named after an internet meme, Dogecoin, went viral on social platform TikTok. Users of the platform tried to get a hashtag challenge trending in order to pump the coin. However,...
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Altcoins 10/07/20 03:00 by Tony Spilotro
Sell Signals On Ethereum and Others Could Mean Altcoin Season Is Finished
Chainlink set a new all-time high and has gone parabolic. Dogecoin has gone viral. Even XRP is pumping. The crypto space is clamoring that altcoin season is finally here. However, sell signals appeari...
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Crypto 08/07/20 03:00 by Tony Spilotro
Crypto Asset Goes Viral, As TikTok Users Plan Coordinated Pump
One particular “practically worthless” crypto asset is going viral on TikTok. Users are attempting to pump the price of the altcoin to $1 or more, through the power of the social media app. The al...
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Mining 08/07/20 02:00 by Nick Chong
What Death Spiral? Bitcoin Hash Rate Surges to Fresh All-Time High
After the block reward halving, many analysts in the Bitcoin space expected a “death spiral.” The term is one created by a professor who, in 2018 speculated that BTC could fall to $0 due t...
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Mining 30/06/20 20:02 by Brenda Ngari
Bitcoin May Hit $400K Driven By A Hash Rate War Between The US And Iran, Says Max Keiser
Bitcoin has been trading in a tight range for around two months now against the backdrop of an anemic global economy. Despite the monotony in the crypto markets in recent months, an outspoken bitcoin...
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Bitcoin 23/06/20 23:00 by Cole Petersen
Here’s Why Bitcoin is Likely to See Historic Volatility in the Next Few Days
Bitcoin’s price action has been incredibly lackluster in recent times. Its consolidation channel was at risk of breaking yesterday, buy sellers ardently defended against BTC shattering the resistanc...
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Bitcoin 19/05/20 09:00 by Nick Chong
Turkey’s Economic Tumoil Shows Bitcoin Is a Better Bet Than Emerging Markets
Bitcoin and the S&P 500 may have strongly recovered from their March lows, but it’s been a dismal quarter for the world’s economies. Unemployment has skyrocketed, consumer confidence i...
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Crypto 19/05/20 02:10 by PR DESK
Remitano Adds Nigerian Naira Wallet with Instant Trade Feature
Remitano, one of the most popular peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplaces in Nigeria, has added a fiat wallet for Naira (NGN). This brand-new Naira fiat wallet will allow users (of Level 2 and ab...
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