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Bitcoin 18/03/21 14:00 by Yashu Gola
Why Bitcoin Traders Shouldn’t Rule Out $40,000-Retest
Bitcoin has walked away from pursuing a lengthy downside correction repeatedly this year. The cryptocurrency’s run-up to $58,367 in February attracted a modest selling pressure as the price dipp...
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Crypto 07/02/21 23:28 by Livine Sanchez
The Changing Face of Cryptocurrency Projects
In the earliest days of the cryptocurrency industry, communities were a crucial element in the success (or failure) of projects — as projects with a vibrant, passionate community tended to flourish...
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Bitcoin 19/01/21 21:00 by Cole Petersen
Latest CME Report Reveals Growing Appetite for Bitcoin Amongst Institutions
Bitcoin has been consolidating within the $30,000 region throughout the past few days and weeks Bulls and bears have largely reached an impasse, with buyers and sellers both being unable to spark any...
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Altcoins 18/01/21 17:00 by Cole Petersen
Altcoins Fly as Bitcoin Ranges: What Analysts Think Comes Next for BTC
Bitcoin has seen some mixed price action as of late, with bulls and bears largely reaching an impasse as the cryptocurrency consolidates Where it trends next will undoubtedly depend largely on whethe...
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Altcoins 16/01/21 23:00 by Cole Petersen
Ethereum is On the Brink of Setting Fresh All-Time Highs as Bulls Take Control
Ethereum has seen some intensely bullish price action throughout the past couple of days, with bulls sparking a massive upside movement as the cryptocurrency rallies against BTC Where it trends in th...
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Bitcoin 15/01/21 22:00 by Cole Petersen
Bitcoin’s Bear Case Suggests Move to $28,000 is a Possibility in the Near-Term
Bitcoin’s price action as of late has been quite ambiguous, with buyers and sellers largely reaching an impasse as BTC struggles to gain any decisive momentum The crypto did make an attempt to ...
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Other 18/12/20 22:00 by Cole Petersen
Here’s Why Yearn.finance’s YFI Could Soon Gain Some Explosive Momentum
Yearn.finance’s YFI token has seen massive gains from its multi-month lows of $7,500 set just a few weeks ago. The strength it has expressed since it drifted towards these lows has been impressi...
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Altcoins 26/11/20 00:00 by Cole Petersen
Analyst: XRP Posts Failed Breakout as It Loses Its “Coil Power”
XRP has been caught in the throes of volatility as of late, with much of this greatly favoring bulls The crypto saw a parabolic upswing earlier this week that caused its price to multiply over the pa...
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Altcoins 26/09/20 01:00 by Cole Petersen
XRP Enters Key Accumulation Zone as Analysts Eye Move to $0.28
XRP’s price action has been rather lackluster as of late, with both buyers and sellers being unable to garner clear control over its near-term trend as it hovers within the mid-$0.20 region. This co...
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Altcoins 25/05/20 23:00 by Cole Petersen
Active Ethereum Wallet Count Has Grown 350% Since 2018; What This Indicates
Ethereum’s price action has been incredibly week in the time following its parabolic movement to highs of $290 in February. It appears that there has been a divergence between the cryptocurrency’s...
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Bitcoin 23/05/20 09:00 by Nick Chong
The $90 Million Bitcoin Pizza Story Has an Unexpected Silver Lining
Ten years ago yesterday, programmer Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 Bitcoin for two Papa John’s pizzas in a trade that took place publicly on the Bitcoin Talk forum.  Bitcoin Pizza ad from 2010 | S...
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Bitcoin 15/05/20 23:00 by Cole Petersen
Bitcoin Open Interest Recovers Following Yesterday’s $30m Liquidation Spree
Bitcoin has seen some immense volatility throughout the past several days and weeks, with its multiple bids to break through the $10,000 region all proving to be unsuccessful as it continues hovering ...
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Bitcoin 12/04/20 22:00 by Steve Muchoki
Bitcoin Halving Searches Are Soaring. How Bullish For BTC Price?
The days have clocked down to a month for the Bitcoin halving to take place. As a result, the online search for BTC halving has skyrocketed globally in the past few weeks, according to Google trends....
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