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Bitcoin 10/06/21 16:55 by David Kariuki
Coinbase’s Bitcoin-Collateralized Loans Now Available in 20 States in the U.S
Coinbase announced today that it has increased the number of U.S. states in which residents are eligible for Bitcoin-collateralized loans from the exchange. The company has also increased the percent...
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Altcoins 14/04/21 19:15 by NewsBTC
EasyFi Introduces Tokenized Stocks and Commodities in Partnership with Mirror Protocol
EasyFi, the popular DeFi lending protocol that recently made news by integrating support for Binance Smart Chain has announced a partnership with Mirror Protocol – another DeFi powerhouse that i...
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Other 01/04/21 00:42 by PR DESK
Rising Freeliquid Lending Protocol for Liquidity Pool Collateralization Integrates with Swop.Fi and Waves Exchanges
By this point in time, Freeliquid has established itself as one of the market leaders in decentralized lending, even more so with its stablecoin loans funded through liquidity pool collateral. As the...
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Altcoins 12/03/21 15:55 by PR DESK
STC Token: The Most Awaited ICO Of The Year Is Set To Debut
After 12 years of existence, it was about time for crypto to be recognized as it deserves. Step by step, blockchain technology made its way to public institutions after it conquered vendors and busin...
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Crypto 11/03/21 11:00 by Guest Author
Crypto Loans Continues to Evolve with DeFi as Lendefi makes Undercollateralized Borrowing Possible
The cryptocurrency industry has evolved gradually over time, giving rise to a whole new industry segment, better known as DeFi – short for Decentralized Finance. With the implementation of smart...
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Other 08/03/21 11:34 by Livine Sanchez
EasyFi Brings Decentralized Lending to Binance Smart Chain
EasyFi Protocol, the layer two decentralized lending-focused platform is expanding to new blockchains. Aligning with the development team’s Q1 goal of expanding EasyFi into more networks, EasyFi wi...
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Other 11/02/21 10:28 by Thomas Delahunty
TrueFi’s Reveals Comprehensive New Roadmap as $50 million TVL Milestone Approaches
The TrueFi protocol has only been around for a couple of months and its arrival is already being felt across the DeFi landscape. Since the beginning of January, the platform has steadily been climbing...
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Other 29/01/21 14:27 by Guest Author
How A Little Bird Is Delivering Trust
Oracles are necessary to bring off-chain data and information into the blockchain Money’s Oracle blockchain technology is building the mechanisms used in the legacy financial system for the cry...
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Crypto 25/12/20 15:55 by Bernice Nyambura
Binance Publishes 2020’s Top 5 Most Traded Cryptos By Big Movers
The world’s biggest crypto exchange Binance has published a report showing the most actively traded crypto assets by big movers on its exchange in 2020. The report, Crypto Trends 2020 on Binance...
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Other 23/12/20 16:11 by PR DESK
ProBit Exchange Cements Partnership with EasyFi to Bridge the Gap Between CeFi and DeFi
Layer 2 lending protocol EasyFi is the latest entrant to secure a partnership with top 25 ranked ProBit Exchange to onboard their listing and liquidity infrastructure while providing its 800,000 user...
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Other 17/11/20 13:22 by Thomas Delahunty
Exploring Flash Loans in DeFi
The dream of every borrower is to get loans without collateral and Flash loans in DeFi allow you to fulfill that dream. If you’ve been denied a loan application for lack of security, you’l...
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Crypto 25/10/20 17:00 by Guest Author
InfinityDefi: A Flexible, Low-Risk Crypto Collateral Lending DeFi Platform
The cryptocurrency industry has come a long way since its inception, as the underlying technology undergoes constant evolution. The latest advancement in such development is the concept of Decentraliz...
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Other 19/10/20 16:00 by Joseph Young
UMA, Maker, Uniswap Surge Up to 22%: What’s Causing the DeFi Recovery?
Major DeFi tokens, including UMA, Maker, and Uniswap have surged up to 22% in the past 24 hours. The decentralized finance (DeFi) market has generally rebounded following a sustained pullback. There a...
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Altcoins 09/10/20 18:04 by Brenda Ngari
Ripple Unveils New XRP-Based Loan Product To Finance Instant Cross-Border Payments
Blockchain firm Ripple, which has recently threatened to leave the United States if the regulatory climate does not improve, has launched a new XRP-based loan product dubbed “Line of Credit”. ...
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Bitcoin 13/08/20 19:00 by Tony Spilotro
How Coinbase Bitcoin Collateral Loans Could Promote Long-Term Holding
It was recently revealed that Coinbase would soon introduce collateral-based loans taken out against Bitcoin holdings in exchange for instant cash. The product is a great move by the crypto exchange, ...
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Other 27/07/20 13:09 by Guest Author
OKEx C2C Loans Now Available Against OKB as Collateral
The leading crypto spot and derivatives exchange platform OKEx has now started to accept the OK Blockchain Foundation’s global utility token OKB as collateral for C2C Loans. Apart from OKB, the plat...
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Crypto 14/07/20 22:22 by Erie Maxwell
Did this Texan falsely file for PPP loans only to buy crypto with the funds?
A 29-year-old Houston man is facing charges of falsifying applications for a PPP loan and attempting to buy cryptocurrency with the funds. Joshua Thomas Argires is being accused of taking more tha...
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Altcoins 13/05/20 19:07 by Brenda Ngari
From Cross-Border Payments To Loans: Ripple Is Expanding Into Working Capital Lending For Its RippleNet Customers
Ripple, the company behind the XRP cryptocurrency, is better known for its cross-border payments services to banks and payment providers. The blockchain payments startup is now branching out to worki...
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Other 28/04/20 15:34 by Brenda Ngari
DeFi Protocol dForce Successfully Compensates All Users After Last Week’s $24.95 Million Hack
Chinese decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, dForce was hacked last week but the startup promised to make users whole again. The platform announced that it has fully compensated the victims through...
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Crypto 19/02/20 09:30 by Guest Author
KuCoin’s USD 50M FCoin Market Maker Support to Provide Some Relief to the Affected
The reputed cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform, KuCoin has emerged as the champion of market makers on the now troubled FCoin crypto platform by launching the Market Maker Support Program. ďż˝...
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Crypto 16/12/19 04:09 by Avi Mizrahi
Uphold Users Gain Access to Salt’s Crypto-Backed Loans
Uphold users have gained access to loans from Salt Lending using crypto holdings such as bitcoin cash (BCH) as collateral. The digital money platform has more than 1.5 million users globally and has p...
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Crypto 05/12/19 18:00 by Kevin Helms
Crypto-Focused Lender Blockfi Launches Trading Platform
Crypto financial services company Blockfi has launched a trading platform supporting three cryptocurrencies. The new offering adds to the company’s existing services: interest-bearing accounts a...
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Other 05/12/19 14:27 by bitcoinist.com
Repo Markets Gain Another $70 Billion, USD Continues to Weaken
The New York Fed provided another massive cash injection into the repo market, this time adding over $70 billion. According to recent reports, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York injected yet anothe...
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Altcoins 22/11/19 06:24 by Martin Young
How Does The Ethereum Dump Affect DeFi Markets?
It has been a grim end to the week for Ethereum. The world’s number two crypto asset has held up resiliently for most of this month while Bitcoin has been eroded. That resilience ended a few hours a...
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