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Bitcoin 21/06/21 21:30 by Lou Kavan Flavius
Jim Cramer Fears China May Kill Bitcoin, Dumps Almost All Of His BTC Holdings
CNBC’s James Cramer, also known as Jim Cramer, has fessed up to selling nearly all of his Bitcoin amid fears of China possibly killing the world’s largest cryptocurrency following the nation havi...
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Bitcoin 14/06/21 18:39 by owiebest
Why Bitcoin Is Actually “Bad For Crime” Contrary To Belief
Bitwise Management CEO Hunter Horsley was on Yahoo Finance Live to talk about why Bitcoin is bad for crime. The technology which Bitcoin runs on, Blockchain, basically has a public ledger. Transaction...
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Crypto 08/06/21 14:00 by Samuel Wan
Questions Linger As FBI Recovers Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Crypto Funds
U.S agencies claim they have recovered most of the $4.4 million in crypto paid out to hackers of the Colonial Pipeline. But hazy details around the case leave more questions than answers. Crypto Funds...
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Bitcoin 08/06/21 09:50 by Brenda Ngari
US Federal Officials Recover $2.3M Bitcoin Ransom Paid To Colonial Pipeline Hacker Gang
Federal officials with a United States government task force have managed to recover over $2 million in crypto paid by Colonial Pipeline to the DarkSide Hacking Group that choreographed a devastating...
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Bitcoin 24/01/21 18:09 by J. Mac Ghlionn
Bitcoin: Would Nietzsche Approve?
Welcome to the age of corporate socialism, where “we” socialize losses but privatize gains. In the words of David Cay Jonson, “Companies that have failed in the marketplace stick the taxpayers ...
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