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Bitcoin 11/05/21 15:43 by NewsBTC
What Makes Bitcoin Such a Popular Payment Provider?
Bitcoin has been making headlines nearly every week this year. It started with the digital currency’s bullish run in January and February 2021 that culminated in an all-time high of $60,000. It&...
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Bitcoin 02/04/21 20:13 by Adrian Klent
MicroStrategy’s Saylor Doesn’t Seem To Be A Fan Of PayPal’s Bitcoin Payment system
American entrepreneur and CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, has vetoed the recent crypto payment method introduced by PayPal, highlighting major blemishes in the background. Taking to Twitter,...
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Bitcoin 30/03/21 17:06 by Tokoni Uti
PayPal to Allow U.S. Consumers Pay With Bitcoin at Millions of its Online Merchants Globally
One of the biggest stories in the cryptocurrency industry in 2020 was the announcement from PayPal that they would be facilitating cryptocurrency-related transactions on their platform. PayPal is...
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Other 11/03/21 19:11 by Guest Author
Introducing Trace Network: NFT based Enterprise DeFi Protocol
Unique Merchandise Identification Solution to unlock billions of dollars worth of business potential Trace Network has announced the launch of its enterprise-grade decentralized finance protocol harne...
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Crypto 11/02/21 16:42 by Brenda Ngari
MasterCard To Support Cryptocurrency Payments Across Its Consumer And Merchant Network In 2021
MasterCard has entered the cryptocurrency market, announcing that its close to one billion users will be able to spend cryptocurrencies using their MasterCard accounts. These digital currencies could...
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Other 04/02/21 15:50 by Guest Author
Collectibles marketplace MerchDAO successfully closes a $105k seed round
MerchDAO is a blockchain-enabled marketplace where token holders can propose their own merchandise designs and buy physical limited-edition collectibles designed by other users. The project has just ...
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Bitcoin 04/02/21 00:02 by BitcoinPrbuzz
Sweet Launches Broad-Scale NFT Solution for Leading Entertainment and Consumer Brands in Partnership with Bitcoin.com
As global interest in blockchain-authenticated digital collectibles accelerates, Sweet has built the NFT solution for broad-scale distribution and market adoption. February 4, 2021 – New Yor...
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Other 23/12/20 15:57 by Guest Author
Who Are High-Risk Merchants?
High-risk merchants are businesses or people who are unable to access high-risk merchant accounts and payment gateways for some reasons. With banking restrictions, high-risk merchant processing may b...
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Crypto 02/12/20 20:49 by Brenda Ngari
‘Time Is Now’, PayPal CEO Dan Schulman Says On Cryptocurrencies Entering The Mainstream
PayPal CEO Dan Schulman was a keynote speaker during a Web Summit event today where he told the 100,000 attendees that cryptocurrency’s time to go mainstream is now. PayPal has grabbed the headl...
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Crypto 23/09/20 19:46 by Brenda Ngari
The People’s Bank Of China Just Delivered A Death Blow To Local Crypto OTC Dealers
Cryptocurrency over-the-counter (OTC) merchants in China have an existential challenge ahead. The central bank of China, the People’s Bank of China, is blacklisting the accounts of OTC traders in t...
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Crypto 28/03/20 07:45 by Marco Tulio
Coinbase Commerce Exceeds 2-year Record – Processing More Than $200 Million In Payments
In its last tweet, Coinbase commerce announced that it processed over $200,000,000 in payments in less than a year, showing how it has grown in such a short time thanking the confidence that users ha...
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Crypto 26/03/20 22:51 by Brenda Ngari
Binance Launches Binance Card That Lets Users Shop And Pay With Crypto Around The World
The world’s largest exchange has unveiled the Binance Card which is basically a Visa-issued debit card that will allow users to shop online or make payments with crypto from anywhere in the world. ...
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Altcoins 10/12/19 05:30 by Avi Mizrahi
UP Alliance Members to Lock Mega-Utility Tokens for a Year
Universal Protocol Token is a mega-utility token offering attractive interest rates when lending and borrowing, lower exchange fees, cashback and discounts on trading. The large holders of UPT in the ...
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Altcoins 08/12/19 07:50 by Jamie Redman
Bitcoin Cash Represents 93% of November’s Crypto Spending in Australia
News.Bitcoin.com recently reported on web portal Bitcoinbch.com’s in-depth report, which detailed BCH outshining BTC retail spending in Australia by a wide margin during the month of September. ...
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Altcoins 06/12/19 22:30 by Jamie Redman
Bitcoin Cash 2019: Year in Review
2019 is coming to an end and the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem has matured a great deal. BCH has successfully upgraded twice this year, adding Schnorr signatures capabilities and most transactions on t...
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Altcoins 25/11/19 13:12 by Avi Mizrahi
Gocrypto SLP Token Starts Trading on Bitcoin.com Exchange
On 25 November 2019, the Gocrypto (GOC) token will start trading on Bitcoin.com Exchange. The new SLP token enables merchants with physical or online stores to accept instant crypto payments from diff...
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Bitcoin 22/11/19 20:40 by Avi Mizrahi
Bitcoin.com Accelerates Cryptocurrency Adoption With Racer Endorsement
Luke Vanna and the Bitcoin.com car are competing for top honors in the Australian Toyota 86 Racing Series. Sports partnerships like this can introduce cryptocurrency to new audiences as well as attrac...
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Crypto 16/11/19 21:21 by Guest Author
Cryptocurrency with A Conscience for Local Communities
1st Time Ever – You can earn 500% Guaranteed Profit with Nexxus Rewards. The fundraising continues automatically in the background forever from shoppers who never stop shopping. This organically gro...
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