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Altcoins 23/01/21 19:38 by Cole Petersen
Here’s the Key Demand Zone Ethereum Might Test Before Surging Higher
Ethereum has seen some notable strength today despite Bitcoin’s lackluster price action This has allowed it to gain some serious ground on its BTC trading pair, and the crypto is on the cusp of...
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Altcoins 08/01/21 23:38 by Cole Petersen
Analyst: Ethereum Forming Extremely Bullish Pattern as Bulls Target New Highs
Ethereum and the entire crypto market is consolidating today following some recent turbulence Bulls stepped up after the entire market saw a massive selloff yesterday and absorbed the influx of selli...
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Bitcoin 05/01/21 21:09 by Cole Petersen
Data Shows Institutions are Buying Bitcoin Above $30,000 Despite Turbulence
Bitcoin’s price action has been quite mixed as of late, with buyers and sellers both vying for control over the cryptocurrency’s trend Over a mid-term time frame, bulls are clearly in con...
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Altcoins 19/12/20 23:07 by Cole Petersen
Things are “Getting Serious” for Ethereum as Analysts Eye Continuation
Ethereum is currently in a precarious position due to it flashing some immense weakness against its Bitcoin trading pair in recent weeks This has created some headwinds for its USD pair as well, lead...
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Other 19/12/20 00:00 by Cole Petersen
Chainlink Could Rocket Higher if It Breaks Above One Key Level
Chainlink has been underperforming Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto market as of late, with its price action largely mirroring that of the rest of the altcoin market. While Bitcoin captures investors...
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Other 14/12/20 22:00 by Cole Petersen
Chainlink Could Soon Rally Higher as Bulls Defend Key Trendline
Chainlink has seen some mixed price action over the past few days, with buyers and sellers both struggling to gain control of its mid-term trend as its price hovers within the mid-$12.00 region. This ...
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Other 11/12/20 00:00 by Cole Petersen
It’s “Bounce or Die” for Yearn.finance’s YFI as Selling Pressure Ramps Up
Yearn.finance’s YFI token has seen some volatility over the past few days and weeks, which has mainly derived from that seen across the entire market. It has been closely mirroring the price act...
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Bitcoin 09/12/20 17:10 by Cole Petersen
Bitcoin has Yet to Enter Its “Key Buy Zone” — According to This Indicator
Bitcoin has been struggling to find any strong momentum throughout the past few days, with bears rapidly gaining control over its price action This trend has not yet been enough to invalidate the cry...
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Bitcoin 01/10/20 18:00 by Cole Petersen
Here’s Why Bitcoin’s Latest Monthly Close Has Struck a Blow to Its Bear Case
Bitcoin had a major macro candle close yesterday, posting both its monthly and quarterly candle. Although BTC saw little volatility heading into this close, the cryptocurrency was able to hold well-ab...
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Other 01/09/20 23:00 by Cole Petersen
These Factors Suggest Chainlink is About to Make a Massive Push Higher
Chainlink has been flashing some mixed signs to investors in recent weeks, with the cryptocurrency rallying as high as $18.00 earlier this week before plunging to lows of $15.00 earlier today. Bulls a...
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Other 27/08/20 01:00 by Cole Petersen
Tezos is “Flirting with Doom” as It Trades Above Critical Support Level
Tezos is currently in a precarious situation, as it is trading just a hair above a crucial trendline that has been supporting its price and guiding its recent mid-term uptrend. This level was briefly ...
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Bitcoin 30/07/20 01:00 by Cole Petersen
Nearly 93% of the Bitcoin Supply is Profitable; Why This Could be Bad for BTC
Bitcoin’s intense uptrend throughout the past week led its price to highs of $11,400 before it lost some momentum and declined slightly. This latest uptrend has made it so that BTC is less than 45% ...
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Bitcoin 09/12/19 23:00 by Cole Petersen
Bitcoin’s Response to its 89-Day EMA May Set the Tone for How it Trends in 2020
Bitcoin has once again found itself stuck within a boring period of sideways trading as it finds stability around $7,500. This sideways trading has come about concurrently with BTC hovering just above...
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